How Much Does an Interior Door Cost?

Most people don’t overthink about the look of the interior door, which is a shame. These doors divide rooms, provide privacy for each member of the family, and reduce noise and fire hazards. An attractive and well-placed model can entirely transform the interior of your home and turn an ordinary room into a luxurious space.

The additional advantage is low maintenance and quick installation. So, you should pay attention to various options available on the market, check how much an interior door cost, and purchase the right type that fits your home decor.

The Average Cost of Interior Doors

When deciding to buy interior doors, you will have a huge selection of models, styles, and qualities at your disposal. All of these factors affect the price of the door. You can get some models of a pre-hung door for only $150, while you need to set aside a few thousand dollars for a luxury sliding glass door.

Before making a purchase, remember to add installation, labor cost, and hardware such as hinges, knobs, and locks in the final bill. On average, a standard size door up to 80 by 36 inches (2 x 0.9 m) costs between $500 and $1,200. When you want to choose a non-standard pattern, size, or style, that price will be higher for a customized door.

Door Prices by Room

Door Prices by Room

Although you can choose the same door for all the rooms in the house, it is not always a good idea. The manufacturer can recommend a heavy, solid wood door for the bedroom because it blocks noise more effectively than a hollow door. On the other hand, a sliding barn door is much more practical for a dining room.

Interior door replacement cost by room

Door type

Installation cost

$150 to $700

Double Bedroom

$250 to $1,000

$150 to $700

Basic Closet

$150 to $450
Sliding Closet

$300 to $1,700


$300 to $800

$200 to $700

Consequently, the price of interior doors will depend on the room you intend to mount them. Some common recommendations for the type of door related to the room are:

Always keep in mind that the price of interior doors for a specific room depends on your choice.

Different Styles Prices

Different Styles Prices

There are considerable differences in the price of many doors. Some require a particular type of installation, such as a pocket door. For others, like a sliding door, the cost will depend on the material. Let’ see.

Interior door replacement cost by the door type

Pre-hung door

$50 to $300
Double pre-hung door

$140 to $600

Slab door

$30 to $300
Bi-fold door

$35 to $70

Saloon door

$100 to $500
Pocket door

$150 to $1,000

Barn door

$150 to $4,000
French door

$200 to $4,000

Sliding door

$450 to $4,500
Murphy door

$750 to $2,500

  • Pre-hung door – Also known as door unit, this model comes with the door frame and hardware already attached. Typically, it costs up to $300.
  • Slab door – A door without frame or hardware is less expensive than the pre-hung door. However, you will have additional costs for missing parts.
  • Bi-fold door – When you open it, the bi-fold door fold in half. It is an excellent choice for closets or a laundry room as it consists of two or more panels that don’t take up much space. It is a very affordable model.
  • Saloon door – This type of swinging door is among the most affordable models available. If you want to customize it with carving or iron, you need to pay about $500. At the same time, you can buy the standard model for half the money or less.
  • Pocket door – When opened, the pocket door slides into a hollow space in the wall and saves a lot of space. You can buy it for $100 but also for $1,000, depending on the model.
  • Barn door – With this model, you need to mount the barn door on the rail placed on the exterior of the wall. Depending on the material and type, you should pay from $150 to $ 4000 for it.
  • French door – A French door has windows in two or more panels. This door type can be pricey because it consists mostly of glass, but you can also find a simple model for only $200.
  • Sliding door – Most homeowners pick a sliding door for deck or patio. However, you can use it to separate two rooms while maintaining visibility between them physically. An average sliding glass door will cost from $450 to $4,500. Price primarily depends on the type and quality of glass.
  • Murphy door – A solid core bookcase that hides the entrance to the room costs a minimum of $750. However, you can pay up to $2,000 depending on the size and type of wood of your Murphy door.

Interior Door Material

Interior Door Material

The manufacturers use different materials for interior doors, depending on their purpose, visual appearance, and properties, such as noise reduction or thermal insulation.

The door material has a significant impact on price. While you can get an aluminum door for only $40, you need to plan up to $1,300 to buy a frosted glass door.

Interior door replacement cost by material


$150 to $850

$40 to $500

Clear glass

$170 to $700
Frosted glass

$200 to $1,300

Mirrored Sliding

$250 to $850

Prices by Wood Type

Prices by Wood Type

Nowadays, you can find different types of wooden doors on the market. For example, poplar is one of the cheapest types of wood. On the other hand, exotic wood such as mahogany or cedar can cost a lot. The price also depends on whether you go for a solid wood door.

Solid wood interior door cost by wood type


$150 to $350

$250 to $500

Ash, pine, red oak

$250 to $800

$350 to $1,000

Mahogany, cypress, walnut, birch, cedar, cherry

$350 to $1,200

  • Poplar – The manufacturers of poplar doors call it ‘affordable cherry’ since you can get it for as little as $150. You can quickly repaint this door in any shade you want.
  • Maple – The disadvantage of a maple door is that it fades quickly in the sun. Still, it is a popular choice due to its durability and strength. The maximum price for this door is $500.
  • Pine – Although you can pay up to $800, the pine door ages well. Plus, it looks great with light finishes.
  • Alder – People pay up to $1,000 for the rustic appearance of the alder door. It has a grain pattern and gets a dark texture over time.
  • Walnut – One of the most expensive choices, the walnut door, comes in different shades from brown to black. This solid wood door also has a high density.

Labor Cost to Install Interior Door

Labor Cost To Install Interior Door

If you have a limited budget when you decide to buy a door, you need to pay attention to labor costs, as well. Professionals charge an average of $30 to $80 per hour, but the price goes up if you need complicated installation or additional work.

Labor cost to install interior door


$100 to $250

$150 to $250


$170 to $500

$200 to $450


$200 to $600

$100 to $250

For example, you can expect to pay more for the installation of the pocket door if the contractor needs to make a hollow space in the wall.

On the other hand, the installation cost will be low for the pre-hung door that a skilled worker can install in less than half an hour. A potential repair or replacement of the hinges and the damaged door frame can mean an even more significant blow to the budget.

Interior Door Hardware Cost

Interior Door Hardware Cost

Although door hinges can cost a negligible $10, the total amount you need to set aside for door hardware can be several hundred dollars. For instance, you can buy an ordinary handle for $80, but the price will jump up to $350 if you choose a more luxurious model.

Interior door hardware cost


$10 to $60

$30 to $60


$40 to $180

$40 to $350

Levers and handles

$50 to $350
Knob and locksets

$80 to $350

How much money you need to spend on the interior doors will depend on their quality, the appeal of the hardware, and your desires. Don’t forget that you can get the complete pre-hung door with hardware if you pick out this model.


Many factors affect the price of interior doors, including material, door quality, and model you want. If you go shopping with a pre-determined budget, it will be wise to prepare yourself and limit your choices in advance. Be prepared that you can find the interior door for $150 but also for thousands of dollars.

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