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  1. Pauline Kehoe says:

    I have found a treasure of information here. To follow the guidelines suggested would be fantastic if one had the means & room! A saw horse is not an option for me!

    1. Susan Marshall says:

      Well you need is two chairs.

  2. What is the ideal nap size for painting a door in a level position with a mohair roller to get a smooth (no stipple) finish. Thanks

    1. Thin roller thin paint fast thin coats. Sanding between coats

  3. Karen miller says:

    I’m on my 5 or 6th coat of paint trying to paint my f exterior door fiberglass – so unhappy. Tried on my own – I painted several interior doors no problem- so discouraged- can I fix it?

    1. That is too many coats, it won’t be smooth. Two coats is ideal, maybe 3 but any more is going to just make it worse.

  4. Hey, You explained so well. Now, painting a door is so easy for me to start working !

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