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5 Easy Ways to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

5 Easy Ways to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

As a homeowner, there is a high chance that you will have a squeaky door at some point in time. Usually, this annoying issue occurs due to the door hinges rubbing against each other.

Luckily, you can fix this problem with a few easy steps. If you know how to fix squeaky door hinges yourself, this will save you some money since you won’t have to call a professional.

So, to make things easy for you, we will give a few techniques on how to fix squeaky door hinges.

Easy Ways to Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

There are various ways and lubricants you can use to fix and prevent your door from making a squeaky sound. But you will need to take precaution when removing and putting back the hinge pin, so you don’t injure yourself.

1. Apply Lubricant to the Squeaky Hinges

Apply Lubricant to the Squeaky Hinges

One of the ways of tackling noisy hinges is by using lubricating oil like the WD-40. Using the steps below, you can learn how to use this substance to reduce the noise from your pins.

Step 1. Take Out the Hinge Pins from the Door

Shut the squeaky door and locate the hinge pin. When you find it, tap the base of the bolt with a hammer and nail. Before hitting the nail, ensure it stays on the hinge. If the pin becomes free, pry it out with the claw of the hammer.

With the hinge pins out, the door becomes free from the frame. To avoid any accidents, place the door on the wall. If the door feels too heavy, you can get a friend to offer a helping hand.

Step 2: Coat the Removed Pins with Lubricant

Head to any local home improvement store and get WD-40. This oil works great to lubricate the squeaky hinges and it stays on the surface for a long time. For this reason, it is the best lubricant for squeaky door hinges. To use WD-40, spray it on the pins while cleaning the excess liquid that dripping off.

Step 3: Fix the Pin back into the Hinge

At this point on learning how to fix squeaky door hinges, you will have to put back the pins. Begin by wiggling the pins into the hinges. When it feels steady enough, tap it with a nail and hammer.

Test for squeaks by opening and shutting the door multiple times. If the door still squeaks, you need to apply extra WD- 40. So, take out the hinge pins again and apply the lubricant more on it.

This Lubricant drips easily. Therefore, if you don’t control the drips, it can stain the door and spoil its appearance. You can avoid this problem by checking for drips and wiping them with a clean cloth.


2.  Coat the Hinge Pins with Wax

 Coat the Hinge Pins with Wax

Step 1. Get Paraffin Wax

Buy some paraffin wax in the raw form or as a candle from your local craft store.

If you prefer using the raw form for door hinge, ensure that the paraffin wax is white, does not smell, and comes in a cube or slab. As for the candle form, look for brands that boldly display “Paraffin Wax” on their labels.

Some stores might not have paraffin wax on their shelves. If you find it hard to get one, use beeswax in place of paraffin wax. You can also try old paraffin candles – scented or unscented.

Step 2. Heat Up and Apply the Melted Wax

Place the paraffin wax over an electric stove and heat it up until it melts completely. Do not use gas stoves as they are unsafe for melting wax. If you use a gas stove, it tends to ignite with any vapor produced by the melted wax.

Instead of using a gas stove, melt the wax in a microwave oven. Remember to adjust the time using 1:30-2:00 minute until the wax melts totally.

Remove the hinge pins using the technique mentioned in the first technique in step 1. When you take it out, dunk the pins into the heated wax. ensure the wax covers the pin entirely. Compared to oil, hot wax does not gather dust.

Step 3. Return the Pins into their Hinges

Allow the wax to cool as this step will stop any potential drips from the pins. 5-10 minutes is enough to keep the hot liquid dried. After replacing the hinge pins, move the door to check for any noise.

Do you still notice any squeaks? If you do, cover the hinge pins in extra wax. Sometimes a single coat of wax might not get the job done. Hence, you will have to coat the hinge pins multiple times until the noise stops. If there is excess wax on the pins, do not bother wiping them off.


3. Remove Dirt and Rust with Steel Wool

Remove Dirt and Rust with Steel Wool

Sometimes, oil and wax might not work great enough to stop the noise. Squeaky door hinges might be as result to dirt and rust. Since lubricants cannot remove rust or dust on hinges, you will need to try something else entirely.

Examine the hinges if it is covered within gunk. If it is, then using steel wool is the best option

Step 1. Take Out and Scrub the Hinge Pins

After taking out the pins, keep the door steady on the wall. Then place the pins over the sink. You should have a steel wool pad handy to clean the pins.

By using small circular motions, scrub out any dirt, rust, or paint with the steel wool. But keep this in mind that how to fix squeaky door hinge that is rusty or dirty will involve using super fine steel wool.

To make it perfectly clean, add some diluted household cleaner to the pad. Thanks to this liquid, the dirt should come off quickly.

Step 2. Apply Lubricant to the Hinge Pins

At this stage, your pins should be clean. Next, cover them in melted wax or oil. You can also use dish soap or grease.

After coating the pins, put them back into the hinge and test the door for squeaks. Round up by wiping any excess oil, soap, and grease.


4.Fix Squeaky Door Hinges With Vaseline

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges With Vaseline

Applying Vaseline on door hinges is another quick way of solving noisy door hinges. After rubbing the pins with the substance, check the door for noise by opening and shutting it. As you might Vaseline around, it is one of the cheapest ways to deal with unwanted noise.

As you remove the hinge pins, leave one behind. If you take off all the pins, the door will end up on the floor and get damaged.


5. Fix Squeaky Door Hinges with Bar Soap

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges with Bar Soap

Soap is another excellent option for dealing with squeaks from doors. To use this substance, avoid soaps that contain glycerine. The reason is that these soaps attract moisture to the hinge and cause it to rust. As time goes on, the hinge will make the door difficult to open.

Rub and cover the hinges with soap. With this substance, your door hinges will have less friction and remain noiseless. Besides, it is a simple and affordable idea to handle noisy doors.

When Should I Call a Professional?

Although you have used the guides above and how to fix squeaky door hinges YouTube video, yet you still hear a squeaky sound. At this point, you should call a professional to help with the problem. If the door hinges still squeak after DIY fixes, experts are needed to replace the hinge and the door frame or find other solutions.


Knowing how to fix squeaky door hinges is an essential skill for all homeowners. Asides you fixing your old or new door hinges creaking or squeaking, learning the process prevents you from spending money hiring an expert.

So, what is the best way to stop squeaky door hinges? Well, each of the earlier mentioned methods ensures noiseless movement of your door. To summarize the following steps to make things easier, take the following steps.

  • Remove the pins from the door.
  • Prop the door against the wall
  • Clean or oil the hinges
  • Wipeout excess lubricant
  • Replace the door hinges
  • Swing the door to check for creaks

If you have any questions about this article, please feel free to comment in the space below.