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Fiberglass vs Wood Door: Which is Better for You?

Fiberglass vs Wood Door: Which is Better for You?

Choosing between fiberglass and wood door can be quite challenging when buying a new door. Over the years, most homeowners prefer to use fiberglass doors for their home entry, but some still prefer installing a wood door.

Well, before buying any of these doors, it is essential to know their benefits and downsides. That way, you can decide which one will best suit your needs.

So, are you confused about which one to install in your home? Read on, as we offer you great insight and clear comparison between fiberglass vs wood door.

What is Fiberglass and Wood Doors

What are Fiberglass Doors?

What are Fiberglass Doors

As a homeowner, installing fiberglass doors will offer you a lot more benefits. First, these doors can withstand extreme weather conditions due to its two large molded sides and polyurethane foam features. Not only that, but these materials also enable the door to last long and make your home comfortable.

What are Wood Doors?

What are Wood Doors

Over the years, most homeowners use wood doors. These doors have a classic design that makes your home entry look attractive. They also consist of natural materials that make them energy efficient.

Drawbacks: Fiberglass and Wood Doors

Wood doors are week in conserving energy and withstanding frequent use. Unlike fiberglass door for home entry, wood exterior doors easily get deformed and fade out when exposed to extreme weather, heat, other elements. To prevent this from happening, you will need to carry out frequent maintenance.

Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, do not have such issues. One of the disadvantages of fiberglass door is that they aren’t aesthetically pleasing compare to wood types.

However, there are fiberglass doors that look like wood typesSome Makers tend to cover this door with a synthetic that has a wood-like designBut no matter the looks, most buyers still prefer to go with real wood doors.

Durability: How Long Do They Last?

Durability How Long Do They Last

Most people want their doors to last for many years. If you go for a durable option, it can serve your home for many decades. But between fiberglass vs wood door, which door will last longer?

In extreme weather conditions, fiberglass doors will do well compared to the wood type. It also doesn’t warp or rot when exposed to moisture, and it is free from dents and dings.

But for wood doors, it can get deformed and losses its elegant appearance if exposed to heat, humidity, and other elements. Luckily, installing a storm door can help prevent wood door problems such as warping and rotting.

Maintenance – Which of the Doors Requires Excess Care?

You can use elegant exterior doors to impress your guests. But you need to maintain it to keep it in good shape. For this reason, ensure you choose a door made with material that doesn’t require excess maintenance.

Wood types might look great, but they need regular care. You will have to repaint and stain the door to retain its appearance. With that said, it requires you to spend more money to keep it in good shape.

If you want something that needs less care, then consider going for fiberglass doors. First, they don’t rot or warp, so you won’t need to spend more money repainting them over time.

Energy Efficiency – Which of the Doors Provides Comfort?

Energy Efficiency - Which of the Doors Provides Comfort

When choosing a door, consider its energy efficiency. Doors that possess this feature will work great to keep your home comfortable in summer and conserve heat in cold months. Also, energy-efficient doors will help reduce your energy bills, since you won’t be using your heating and cooling system often.

Doors with fiberglass or wood can make your home comfortable all year long. But if we are to compare the fiberglass vs wood door, the first-come as the best option in this contest.

So why does fiberglass work better than wood? As mentioned earlier, fiberglass doors have cores that block out heat or cold. Thanks to this feature, your living space is safe from outdoor temperatures.

Security: Which is Safer?

Security Which is Safer

Apart from making your home comfortable, doors can also prevent intruders and pests from entering. With that said, you should install a durable door at your entry. You can use a wood door or a fiberglass door.

Wood doors are heavy, making it difficult to open. So, it will be hard for intruders to get into your home. Trying to break in will be going against the law and attracting the neighbors.

Even though fiberglass weighs, the material used to make the doors offer an incredible level of security. They also consist of hardwood components that are solid enough to withstand impact from intruders. Besides, these doors have cores filled with polyurethane foam to increase its strength.

In this contest, both the wood and fiberglass offer the same benefits. However, you enhance your home security by installing a good lock on the door.

Door Makeover: Can I Decorate Both Doors?

Door Makeover Can I Decorate Both Doors

The look of your front door can create a lasting impression. So, it is always best to give it more aesthetic by customizing the surface. However, all types of doors do not offer similar options for customization.

For instance, wood doors serve as an elegant fixture to install in your home. However, you can enhance its look with either decorative glass or few finishes. With that said, they don’t give more customizable option.

If you want more freedom to decorate your door, stick with the fiberglass. Unlike wood, fiberglass allows you to try various hardware, colors, and even decorative glass styles. Users can also make the fiberglass door look like the wood types by applying wood finishes.

Price – Which Door is Budget-Friendly?

In this section of our fiberglass vs wood door comparison, we will look into the cost of these two home fixtures. Now, which door is ideal for homeowners on a tight budget.

Fiberglass entry doors prices are lower than the cost of wood doors. Apart from providing incredible features than wood types, fiberglass doors can give the same look like any wood door.

Asides the affordable price, using the best fiberglass doors will save you some money by reducing your utility bills. Besides, it requires less maintenance to keep them in good condition.


Fiberglass and wood door are popular doors used in homes. These two fixtures have their benefits, features, and drawbacks.

Wood doors have classic design, but they require regular maintenance, and come with a hefty price tag. They are also prone to warp and rot when expose to extreme weather condition.

Fiberglass doors, on the other hand, cost less than wood and can keep your home comfortable. It is also sturdy enough to prevent pests and burglars from entering.

What’s more, they can last for years with minimal maintenance. One of the disadvantages of fiberglass door is that they are less appealing compare to the wood door types.

That bring us to end of the comparison between Fiber glass vs wood door. If you have anything you like to share or ask, you can kindly use the comment section. Do have wonderful purchase when getting a new door.

Shammy Peterson

Friday 2nd of July 2021

You got my attention when you said that fiberglass doors could block out heat or cold because they have cores that do the job. My husband and I will then consider having fiberglass entry doors installed for us at home to replace our damaged doors. We have been having problems with our spilling energy bills since May. Our family is growing and so our expenses, so we are looking to find ways to save money in the long run.