Standard Sliding Glass Door Size: Average Width & Height

Sliding doors are an excellent idea when you want to open the space, connect your room with patio, and bring more light to your house. While a sliding glass door was a luxury a few decades ago, nowadays they are affordable with much better functionality.

Although it is easier to apply the standard sliding glass door size, these dimensions can vary, depending on your preferences and available space. You can use this convenient type of doors in the interior of your home since they are practical, useful, and save a lot of valuable space.

Patio Sliding Door Size

When you decide to purchase a sliding patio door, be mindful that the size will impact the price. So, you should try to match them with the exterior design of your house, research the best material for the frame, and finish the necessary measurements. Your goal is to get the flexibility of your patio door opening.

Double panel sliding doors

Double panel sliding doors

The height of this type of door is standard, while the width can vary significantly. You have three height options available:

The door 79.5 inches (2,019 mm) high can be:

  • 58.5 inches (1,486 mm) wide
  • 59.5 inches (1,511 mm) wide
  • 70.5 inches (1,791 mm) wide
  • 71.5 inches (1,816 mm) wide
  • 95.5 inches (2,299 mm) wide

The door 81.5 inches (2,070 mm) or 95.5 inches (2,299 mm) high can be:

  • 59.5 inches (1,511 mm) wide
  • 71.5 inches (1,816 mm) wide
  • 95.5 inches (2,299 mm) wide

Triple panel sliding doors

Triple panel sliding doors

In this case, the sliding panel is the one in the center, and you can choose between two options – the left and right side to slide. Although the opening space is the same, the visibility will be better.

Three panel door standard height:

  • 5 inches (2,019 mm)
  • 5 inches (2,070 mm)
  • 5 inches (2,299 mm)

Three panel door standard width:

  • 75 inches (2,254 mm)
  • 75 inches (2,711 mm)
  • 75 inches (3,626 mm)

Four-panel sliding doors

Four-panel sliding doors

Here, the two inner panels can move towards the outer ones. One goes left, and another one goes right.

Four panel door standard height:

  • 5 inches (2,019 mm)
  • 5 inches (2,070 mm)
  • 5 inches (2,299 mm)

Four panel door standard width:

  • 12 inches (2,975 mm)
  • 12 inches (3,585 mm)
  • 12 inches (4,804 mm)

Bi-Fold Patio Glass Doors

Bi-Fold Patio Glass Doors

In most cases, this type of door consists of more panels that you can push and fold on the one side of the wall. If you pick out this flexible model with large glass panels, they will provide you with a lot of daylight.

Minimum height of bi-fold panels is:

  • 60 to 70 inches (1,524 – 1,778 mm).

Maximum height of bi-fold panels is:

  • 120 to 145 inches (3,048 – 3,683 mm).

Minimum width for bi-fold panels is:

  • 16 inches (0,406 mm) for an odd number of doors
  • 28 inches (0,711 mm) for even number of doors

Maximum width for bi-fold panels is:

  • 420 to 780 inches (10,668 to 19,812 mm)

Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

These doors slide into the gap in the wall. They are very convenient when you don’t have much space inside your home. When the pocket door has a glass panel, you can protect privacy by using frosted glass.

The standard width of the pocket door is 22 to 32 inches (559 mm – 813 mm) while the height of a rough opening is:

  • 85 inches (2,159 mm)
  • 84 to 88 inches (2,134 mm – 2,235 mm)

Ensure that you have the exact length of the ‘pocket’ in the wall so that the door can slide in entirely. Also, take care of the sliding tracks properly because they are a bit complicated to repair.

Keep in mind that the double pocket door requires the same space on the other side of the wall. The opening is from the center to the left and right.

Stacking Doors

Stacking Doors

This kind of door has at least two sliding panels, and the way that they slide towards the fixed panel is specific. The first panel slides towards the second, and then together, they slide to the fixed one. The panels are smaller than at the sliding door so that you can choose the level of opening.

One panel of stacker doors can be 59 inches (1,499 mm) wide. Since they can consist of 3 to 6 panels, they can provide up to 354 inches (8,992 mm) wide. Keep in mind that the total opening space in such a case is 295 inches (7,493 mm).

Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Doors

French doors usually don’t slide, but swing to open. Its aesthetic with grids in the glass panels make this model desirable since it has a classy and elegant look.

Since swinging doors need more space than sliding models, manufacturers have started to offer the sliding French models. They look exactly the same but provide more space. The average width is 30 to 72 inches (762 – 1,829 mm), with a standard height of 82 inches (2,083 mm).

Sliding Glass Doors in the Bathroom

Sliding Glass Doors In The Bathroom

One of the most common uses of sliding glass doors inside the house is in the shower. They are functional, simple to use, easy to maintain, and give a contemporary look to your bathroom. Thanks to all these advantages, the sliding shower door will add some value to your home.

This option is particularly convenient for people with special needs or in a wheelchair. You should also install them if you have children to prevent ending up with water all over the floor because they often forget to pull the curtains.

The standard thickness of the glass for these doors is 0.38 to 0.5 inches (9.5 – 12.7 mm). There are three variations of these doors you can pick out for your bathroom. Let’s see.

Bypass shower doors

It is the common name for a bathroom sliding glass door with two or three panels. They can be with or without a frame. The size of your shower door will depend on how much space you have and how high your ceiling is.

The shower door average width is from 22 to 36 inches (559 – 914 mm). The height can vary from 72 to 76 inches (1,829 – 1,930 mm).

Bi-folding shower doors

Bi-folding shower doors come in 23 to 37 inches (584 mm – 940 mm) width and 72 to 76 inches (1,829 mm – 1,930 mm) height. It is possible to additionally adjust them up to 2 inches (51 mm) when necessary.

Curved shower doors

This type of door is convenient when you have a shower cabin placed in the corner. When it features a sliding door panel that opens from the center to each side, the door opening dimension is 20.4 inches (518 mm). The standard width is 34 inches (864 mm), and the height is 72 inches (1,829 mm).

If the door opens only from one side to another, the door opening reaches 23 inches (584 mm). This type of door is 36 inches (914 mm) wide and 72 inches (1,829 mm) high.

Sliding Glass Room Divider

Sliding Glass Room Divider

If you want to divide a space in your home without building-up a wall, sliding glass dividers can be an excellent solution. When you choose the frosted or stained glass, it will offer a necessary sense of separation.

However, you can use a clear glass door in the office, for example. It will successfully protect staff from unwanted noise. Plus, this solution creates a contemporary look of space with a traditional touch if you add grids.

The dimensions of these doors are not standard, and they depend on the width and height of your room. If you want to enhance your home or office in this way, the most critical part is to set up a sturdy frame at the bottom. Take care to do it correctly since this part will carry the weight of the doors.

You can also install a pocket or bi-folding door for this purpose. These options are highly useful for a small studio or ‘secret’ wardrobe. If the space is vast and high, you can add transoms on the top to enable light to go through.

Sliding Door Maintenance

You should maintain the door by cleaning the track and rollers at least once a month. Make sure that the seal doesn’t break since it will lessen the insulating power. The rule is the same for the interior sliding doors because most of the dirt can fall into the tracks and disable them to move correctly.

In the case of exterior sliding doors, most companies will offer a lifetime warranty against distortion, peeling, corrosion, cracks, and damages on the glass seal. Keep in mind that it doesn’t include the influence of sunlight or air pollution on the frame, the wrong installation, and misuse of the door.


Most of the sliding door owners are proud of the possibility of ‘bringing the outdoor in.’ Enjoying the daylight and close connection to your patio and garden are just some of the sliding door benefits. Luckily, the available door choice is vast, so you can effortlessly beautify your home and enjoy it.

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