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19 Easy Homemade Barn Door Hardware Plans

19 Easy Homemade Barn Door Hardware Plans

Having a barn door fitted can be expensive – and one of the costliest aspects is the hardware. Some mounting gear can even cost as much as $500 – which means for anyone willing to DIY it, there are huge savings to be made.

For those willing to give it a go, we scoured the internet to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our top 19 DIY barn door hardware plans that you can construct at home.

1.DIY Barn Door Hardware for $20

DIY Barn Door Hardware for $20

When it comes to plans for making stuff for less, Shanty 2 Chic is one of our favorite resources. As you may guess from the name of the blog, they specialize in creating classy-looking items from old stuff they find lying around the place, and in this plan, they show you how to make barn door hardware for only $20! This means if you want to install a barn door in your home but don’t want to spend the cash, this is a site that’s well worth checking out.

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2.DIY Rustic Barn Door Hardware – Under $10 – No bending or Welding

This YouTube video plan has two advantages. First, it’s super cheap so you can easily copy it without spending more than around $10, and second, you also won’t need to do any bending or welding. This might be important for some people since a lot of the plans we’ve seen involve welding, and this is not something every can do. And if that sounds like you, this could be a great alternative.


3.Barn Door Hardware DIY

Barn Door Hardware DIY

Here’s another budget-friendly plan for barn door hardware, but this time it’s for cabinet doors. We love the photos in this blog – they really give you an idea of the kind of things you can create if you put your mind to it. There are also some clear instructions to follow and even a video, meaning this is a plan that should be easy to replicate at home.

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4.How-To Make DIY Sliding Barn-Door Hardware

This is a highly professional plan that will appeal to the more advanced woodworkers and DIY aficionados out there. If you have the skills, the tools and the knowhow to follow this plan, you will be able to produce some quality barn door hardware for a lot less than it would cost you to buy it in a store.


5.DIY Barn Door Track

DIY Barn Door Track

The materials required for this plan are a little bit more expensive – although not too much. It will also require a certain level of DIY skill, but because the explanations are so clear, most people will be able to have a good go at it. As you can see from the pictures, the result looks sturdy enough to hold a large, heavy door. And as they point out, it’s a lot cheaper than buying the hardware ready-made.

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6.Hanging Door, Cheap Version

We like the no-nonsense title to this video. Sometimes we don’t need to beat about the bush and instead, sometimes it’s just best to be honest about what we want. Do you need a plan to make a cheap hanging door, including the hardware? Then check out this one and see if it fits the bill.


7.Inexpensive Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Inexpensive Sliding Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors are extremely popular nowadays, but they can be more complicated to fit than regular doors. However, if you want to have a go at making the hardware yourself, you just need some basic materials, some simple tools and a good plan to follow – and if you’re in search of the latter, this blog would be a great place to look.

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8.$20 DIY Barn Door Hardware

If you’re longing for that rustic farmyard feel but can’t afford the price tag of a barn door and the accompanying hardware, watch this video for information on how you can make your own for far less. It teaches you how to make barn door hardware for only $20 – and who could say no to that?


9.DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track that won’t Break the Bank

DIY Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track that won’t Break the Bank

As this blogger explains, barn doors are an attractive and practical solution, but sometimes the cost of buying the door and hardware and then having it fitted can be prohibitive, especially if you don’t have lots of cash to spare. However, if you have the right tutorial, fitting your own barn door can be a challenging yet achievable DIY project, and this plan will tell you how to do it.

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10.How to Build a Barn Door Hardware Easily

In this brisk-paced video, YouTuber DIY FixMan demonstrates in only two and a half minutes how to make inexpensive barn door hardware. It’s easy to follow and simple to copy, making it a great way to save you a whole lot of money that you would otherwise need to spend on barn door mounting gear.


11.DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Tutorial

DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Tutorial

In this plan, the blogger explains how she wanted to find a plan for an inexpensive barn door, so she went online to have a look – and then modified what she found to suit her needs. Perhaps the best thing about this plan is the high-quality and useful photos that show what she did at each step – and show you what you need to do if you want to try it at home. Another great plan and a big thumbs-up from us.

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12.DIY Barn Door with Hardware

Here’s a useful YouTube video. It doesn’t only show you how to make the hardware – it shows you how to make the door too. If you want to know how to save money on the mounting equipment and you are also interested in the whole process of hanging a barn door, this is a recommended watch.


13.DIY Door Track Hardware

DIY Door Track Hardware

Perhaps the thing we like the most about this plan is the blogger’s sense of humor. You might want to know how to build the hardware for a barn door for less – but there’s nothing wrong with being entertained at the same time. A great blog with lots of photos that are sure to inspire you – definitely another one that’s worth a look.

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14.Barn Door

Don’t be put off by the Russian title on this video. There’s no speaking, so there’s nothing you won’t understand. It just shows a highly skilled DIYer constructing a compete barn door – including the hardware – from scratch. Another useful video for anyone who wants to know about all the steps for fitting a barn door.


15.DIY Affordable Barn Door Hardware

DIY Affordable Barn Door Hardware

If you’ve already investigated buying barn door hardware, you’ll know how expensive it can be – this blogger mentions prices of $300-$500. But if you want to make your own and save yourself lots of cash, you just need to find the right plan that shows you how to do it. And if that sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for, this blog may be able to provide the answers you require.

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16.Barn Door Rollers How-To

If you prefer a no-frills kind of video that just gives you the info you need, you will do well to check this one out. This YouTuber takes you through everything you need to know, explaining clearly and in detail. He also demonstrates how to do it, making it easy to copy if you want to try yourself.


17.Cheap and Easy DIY Barn Door Hardware

Cheap and Easy DIY Barn Door Hardware

This plan shows you how to DIY the hardware for a cabinet, potentially saving yourself a lot of cash. You’ll find a list of all the supplies this blogger used along with instructions and useful photos – so in short, everything you need to have a go at recreating this project at home.

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18.Making Some Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The guy in this video has access to some tools that not everyone will own, so it might be a little difficult for some people to copy. However, even if you can’t do this yourself, it’s interesting to see what’s possible if you have the right equipment. Highly professional results, and still worth checking out.


19.Rolling Barn-Style Doors – Inexpensive Hardware for Under $60

Rolling Barn-Style Doors – Inexpensive Hardware for Under $60

As this DIYer explains, she managed to complete this project – or at least this part of it – in one long day. She gives you a list of all the items she needed to buy, which she estimates cost her only around $60, and then goes on to give you the details you need to finish the rest of the project. We like the useful illustrations – as well as the helpful hints and tips she gives you in the explanations – so all in all, this is another plan for DIY barn door hardware that should be of interest.

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Lots of creative options

As you can see, there are many ways you can make DIY barn door hardware, and we love all the creativity and ingenuity we discovered while searching for these plans.

We hope you enjoyed reading and watching these projects as much as we enjoyed finding them for you. And most of all, we hope we’ve helped you get inspired to try making barn door hardware for yourself.