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  1. Anna Getrude Nathan says:

    My irritating neighbour doesn’t know how how to open and close the door gently and quietly. He’s very rough with the keys and the noise travels to the end of the bedroom . After entering the house there are loud footsteps thudding the floor from he his wife and his 2 kid unruly kids. It’s very irritating and there is no peace and quiet.

  2. Jamillah Cooper says:

    I live in dormont in this apartment building and I hate it but I am trying to move out and be happy but I have nosey ass neighbors and they make a lot of noise on purpose and they are all grown as hell stomping around like kids and banging on walls I want to move out

    1. Same here ! A mother and two collage aged kids , the younger acts like she’s six years old… ugh

    2. the man with no name says:

      try placing liquid crazy glue into the key locks of their door…it can be dissolved with acetone = fingernail remover.

  3. Jamillah Cooper says:

    My neighbors ain’t shit they don’t know how to be respectful and stop banging on walls and shit and as for my landlord he doesn’t know how to stop lying about shit stop being a slumlord and fix shit

  4. I moved b caus of loud music early hours of morning and now I have got it again . Let me sleep !!!!

  5. steve marino says:

    Low frequency sounds like door slamming are difficult to mitigate, as they travel through the walls and doors. You’re dealing with structural sound transmission, not air borne sound transmission. I have a door slammer in my new apt building, and know from past experience that talking to them, in all likelihood, wouldn’t do a thing. When the door is slammed (which is down the hall from me), it means that not only is my door vibrating, but the door, and the area around it (ceiling and walls) are vibrating in my apt. Vibrations throughout the building’s structure are being transmitted through the hall and ceiling into my apt.

    For now, I’ve made my apt livable by putting a good seal around my door and a door sweep on the bottom. Since this did little to address the issue, I basically have moved into the bedroom w/ the door shut and a fan to generate white noise. The kitchen and living room spaces are now absorbing much of the airborne and structural, vibration issue. It’s like using that space as a sound/noise pond or trap, and allowing the sound and vibrations to dissipate. It’s just a workaround, but it’s made living in my apt possible. Over time I’ll work on a better fix, but this has given me some peace for only $35 and a little bit of work. Not bad, and thank goodness this is working, it was driving me crazy before.

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