Do Window Shutters Block Out Light

Do Window Shutters Block Out Light?

Sun rays entering the room can be a problem for many people who like sleeping longer and enjoy spending mornings in total darkness. Plus, those who work night shifts require a pinch black environment to sleep after a long working night. Therefore, they look for a perfect solution to block out light. The market is …

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Can You Tan Through a Window

Can You Tan Through a Window?

Many people enjoy sitting in front of windows during winter and feeling the warm sun that glows through them. If you are one of them, you probably hope to get some tan that way but are not sure – Can you tan through a window? The second question is whether the glass window can protect …

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Can Lightning Strike Through a Window

Can Lightning Strike Through a Window?

Thunderstorms and lightning strikes following them terrify most people and animals. There is a saying that when thunder roars, you should go indoors. Unfortunately, going inside sometimes is not enough to protect yourself from lightning. A flash can still hit your house, cause significant damage to your property, and even harm you. Let’s discuss can …

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Can Window Tint Go on the Outside?

Can Window Tint Go on the Outside? (Exterior vs. Interior)

Most owners install window films inside to protect them from physical damage. However, the question is can window tint go on the outside because this option has numerous benefits, including accessibility, flexibility, and hard-wearing. Plus, it rejects heat more efficiently than the interior film type and provides additional privacy. Nowadays, tint manufacturers give their best …

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Skylight Replacement Costs: 11 Money Saving Tips

Skylights can be wonderful additions to a home, allowing in natural sunlight and making the place feel larger, airier, more welcoming and less gloomy. The only problem is they don’t last forever, and sometimes they need repairing or even replacing, which can be expensive. Fortunately, when the time comes to have your skylight changed, there …

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