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19 Easy Homemade Interior Door Plans

19 Easy Homemade Interior Door Plans

Choosing internal doors is an important part of how you decorate your home, but it’s something that often gets overlooked. Furthermore, if you already have doors in your house, you might not want to spend lots of money to update or upgrade them.

However, for those who enjoy DIY projects, there are so many options when it comes to internal doors. To help you get inspired, we had a look online to see what other people have been trying, and here are the top 19 DIY interior doors plans that we found.

1. How to Build DIY Interior Doors

How To Build DIY Interior Doors

If you’re looking for plans that will show you how to build a range of DIY interior doors, this blog could be the perfect place to start. Along with the explanations, you’ll find a wealth of photos as well as some useful illustrations to show you what you need to do. You’ll also find a list of the tools and materials you need to prepare before you begin – so in short, everything you need to get your project started.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


2. How to build an interior door – DIY woodworking project

In this video, you can see how this YouTuber built a DIY office door from scratch. As he explains in the introduction, this project was a challenge, but he was very pleased with the result – and we’re sure you’ll agree that he should be. A fun video to watch and highly informative.


3.Interior Door Projects-DIY Your Way to Rustic or Classic Charm

Interior Door Projects-DIY Your Way to Rustic or Classic Charm

For anyone who wants to give their home a makeover but who’s a bit short on ideas, this site is worth checking out. It has several suggestions for ways you can spruce up your interior doors, and none of these projects will cost you a lot to complete. Whether it’s giving an old door a lick of paint or installing a DIY sliding barn door, this site will show you how.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


4.How to Hang an Interior Door

For anyone who already has a door but needs to know how to go about hanging it, this video is for you. Hanging a door can be a lot more difficult than you realize if you don’t know how, but this YouTuber gives you all the tips and tricks to make sure it goes smoothly.


5.Building an Interior Door: Part One – The Frame

Building an Interior Door Part One – The Frame

This blog walks you through the process of building an interior door from scratch, something that can save you a lot of money while at the same time giving you plenty of scope for being as creative as you want. This is only the first part of the plan – the part that shows you how to build the frame. But if you enjoy this, you can easily find the rest of the plan on the blog.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


6.Making a Wooden Door

Here’s a YouTube video that’s low on explanations – it’s mostly just a time-lapse shot of the DIYer making the door. However, that’s all you really need when it’s as clear and simple as this, and for anyone who wants to try, it should be easy enough to copy. This is part two of two videos, which we chose for our list so you get to see the project being completed. However, if you want to see how it starts off, you can easily find part one on this YouTuber’s channel.


7.DIY Interior Door Makeover

DIY Interior Door Makeover

If you want to brighten up an old room or space in your home, sometimes, there’s no need for major building work or redecoration. For example, as you can see in this DIY plan, all it takes is a makeover for a door to give the whole interior a fresh new look. This is a simple project that will cost you very little – but the results are highly impressive.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


8.How to Build Easy and Economical Custom Interior Doors

At the start of this video, the YouTuber explains that he built this custom door using only cheap materials and simple tools – so in short, things that any part-time DIY hobbyist will have readily available. And if you want to see how to put those tools and materials to good use, check out this plan to watch what he does.


9.How to Make Your Hollow-Core Doors Look Expensive When You’re on a Budget

How to Make Your Hollow-Core Doors Look Expensive When You're on a Budget

If you have hollow-core doors, sometimes they can look just like what they are – cheap. But if you want doors that look a little less low-budget, you don’t have to pay loads of money for expensive new ones, you can simply give the old ones a makeover that makes them look like they’re worth more. Cheating? Maybe, but if you can achieve the desired effect without spending a fortune, then why not?

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


10.$66 Custom Door Anyone Can Do!!

Here we have a DIY video from YouTube couple Evan and Katlyn, and if you’ve ever seen any of their videos before, you’ll know they’re always fun to watch, full of energy and also extremely informative. Here they show us how to make a simple custom door, and all it cost them was $66! And of course, “the supervisor” has to make an appearance at the end to give the all-important sniff of approval.


11.How to Make a Door

How to Make a Door

Most people probably prefer to just buy a new door, but if you want to save some cash or fill an irregular sized doorway, you can make one instead. It’s not particularly hard to do, and if you want to know how, this plan on WikiHow will give you all the info you need. We love this site because of the high-quality instructions and accompanying illustrations, and if you need to make your own door, this is the place to look.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


12.’On the Fly…DIY’ Faux Paneled Door

Of course, it’s always impressive to watch the kind of detail-oriented DIYers who can draw up an meticulous plan and then execute it to perfection. But “On the Fly DIY” sounds more exciting, right? In this project, Vicki shows you how to make an aesthetically-pleasing yet budget-friendly faux paneled door that will liven up your home without costing you a fortune.


13.DIY Paneled Interior Door

DIY Paneled Interior Door

This blogger makes the valid point that doors are an often-overlooked aspect of any home interior but that they can have such a profound effect on a room. The problem is, buying attractive ready-made doors can be expensive, so these DIYers decided to make their own paneled interior door for much less. We love what they produced, and if you want to see how they did it, check out their site.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


14.Building a Door

This video is a little dated now – and so are the clothes and the hairstyles – but the DIY techniques are still sound, so if you want some tips from the pros about how to build a door, this video is the place to look.


15.How to Make a Plywood Door

How to Make a Plywood Door

If you need a new interior door for your home but you don’t want to spend money on anything too fancy, you can easily DIY one from plywood. All you’ll need are a few simple tools and a little basic DIY knowledge, and you will easily be able to complete this project. And if you’re looking for a plan to learn how, this could be just what you need.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


16.How to Replace an Interior Door

How to Replace an Interior Door

Sometimes you might not need to rebuild the whole door – you might only need to replace it. However, even this isn’t as simple as you might think, and if you’re not sure how to go about it, this plan has all the information and tips you need to make sure you do it right.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


17.How to Build A Door (A Simple DIY Project)

In this video, you will see a quick and easy way to build a unique door while spending only the minimum amount of money. They estimate it should cost you only around $50, but for us, the finished product looks like it’s worth way more than that. Another great video that’s well worth taking the time to watch. (Ok, the door in the video is actually an external one, but the techniques can be used for internal doors too, so we decided to include it anyway!)


18.DIY Interior Door Hacks

DIY Interior Door Hacks

Here’s another blog that will give you some ideas for how to give your doors a striking new look without needing to spend lots of money on them. We love the way there are plenty of photos, so even if you don’t know exactly what you plan to do, these images should fire your imagination and get you thinking.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


19.How to Dress Up a Hollow-Core Door

How to Dress Up a Hollow-Core Door

This is a super-easy and relatively inexpensive plan that will allow you to transform your cheap hollow-core door into something much grander. We like the way they include lots of useful diagrams that help you understand the project, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, meaning just about anybody should be able to manage this project without too many difficulties.

Check this Interior Door DIY plan


Loads of great ideas

When it comes to doors, there are so many options. You can embellish existing doors, you can give them various kinds of makeovers or you can simply build a whole replacement.

Whichever route you choose to go, we hope the plans we found for you have given you a few ideas, and we hope some of these plans can be the source of inspiration you needed for your next DIY project.