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  1. Mary hall says:

    We have a houseboat that has hardwood floors including hardwood doors on the floor. How do we keep them from swelling shut?

  2. I have an oak cupboard which has a sliding door covering two sliding cutlery drawers. I have tried candle wax without success•. Does anybody have a solution to this problem? I don.t want to buy new cutlery?

  3. Remove 1/8” from hinge mount,either door or frame

  4. So upset we have French door in living room and due to the extreme humidity the wood separated from glass and split ☹️Worried how much a new door would cost l

  5. janice okelley says:

    our front solid wooden door is dragging 0n the bottom, against the threshhold plate. my husband wants to cut an 1/8 inch off the bottom of the door. i am afraid it will the start sticking at the top or we will get daylight thru the sides and bottom of door. he says cutting the bootom wont affect the top but looks to me like if would drop the top down. should we wait till cooler weather.this problem started since we have had such hot weather here in texas. Suggestions please

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