8 Easy Ways to Get Scratches Out of Glass Door

Glass doors are both decorative and functional, and they don’t require too much maintenance. However, you need to wipe them regularly to clean fingerprints and stains. Unfortunately, there is one more problem you need to solve, such as scratches on the glass surface you can’t wipe off.

Whether your glass door suffers the scratches from your pet or children, there is no need to panic and calculate the replacement glass costs. It is enough to learn how to get scratches out of the glass door and repair it.

How Deep Are the Scratches?

The first thing you need to do when you spot the scratches on the glass surface is to determine how deep they are. Place a finger on the damaged area and see if you can feel them. Removing the minor lines that you can’t touch is an easy task.

The slight marks will probably obstruct the view and get on your nerves, but there are several ways to restore your glass door to the previous condition. On the other hand, if the scratches you feel under your finger are too deep, you need to ask for professional service to solve them.

Avoid solving the deep scratches on your own to prevent more damage. You can distort the glass to the point it becomes irreparable. In that case, the only solution is to replace the entire glass door.

Ways to Get Scratches Out of Glass Door

1. Toothpaste


The first trick you need to try to save your glass door is to remove the scratches by using toothpaste and a soft cloth. Always pick out the whitening toothpaste since it is more abrasive than the regular kind.

Apply the paste on the dry cloth and buff the scratches on the glass in a circular motion. By using this method, you will remove a fine layer of glass from the damaged spot and make it equal to the surrounding surface.

Rinse the glass to see if you can spot any improvement. In most cases, the light scratches will disappear from the glass without traces. If you can still see them, repeat the action one more time.

If no improvement is visible, you can conclude that the damage is more severe. Therefore, you need to try some other method to repair the damage.

2. Liquid pumice soap

Liquid pumice soap

You can try to use the pumice soap for more severe scratches on the glass door. This powerful cleaner is highly abrasive. Therefore, you can remove most of the scratches if you combine it with a dry cloth and apply it on the glass surface.

3. Steel wool

Steel wool

The fine grade steel wool can buff the glass and remove some scratches from the surface layer. Consequently, the scraps will fade away. Still, you need to be careful and use the new, #0000 steel wool to prevent any rust from damaging the surface and creating even more scratches.

4. Buffers or sanders

Buffers or sanders

Nowadays, you can buy cerium oxide, which is a commercial buffing compound. This product serves to remove the scratches from the glass. You can put it on a circular sander or cotton cloth.

There are several categories of cerium oxide available on the market. The optical grade is 90%, but you can try more effective and abrasive, 99.9% cerium oxide, as well. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves and protective glasses while using these chemicals.

Moist the area you want to repair to prevent drying of the compound since it can scratch the glass and create new marks. Then, polish it for several minutes.

When you are done, remove the dust and debris. Clean the glass with a soft brush and liquid dish soap and inspect it in the end. Repeat the process if the result is unsatisfying.

5. Nail polish

Nail polish

You can probably find a clear nail polish in your cosmetic bag. Believe it or not, it can save your glass and conceal tiny scratches on it. Use the polish brush to apply a thin layer over scratches and let it dry for at least an hour.

Among other ingredients, the nail polish contains silicone. It can diminish the glass’s flaws without fading or damaging it and fill existing grooves. Use some polish remover and the cotton pads to remove the excess polish, and then clean the door as usual.

6. Baking soda

Baking soda

Another method to avoid expenses and save your glass door is to use multifunctional baking soda. Make your own glass polish by mixing equal parts of baking soda and water until getting the pudding-liked paste.

Many housewives recommend adding some toothpaste in the mix, as well. Before you apply the polish, clean the glass surface thoroughly since you don’t want any debris particles that can further damage the glass.

Apply the paste over the marks in a circular motion. Always use a microfiber cloth for the best results. Then, let the solution sit for several minutes and rinse the residue with a soft cloth and warm water.

7. Window repair kit

Window repair kit

Nowadays, there are various windows repair kits you can order online or purchase in the local market. You will get all you need to repair your door glass in one package, including a metal polish solution specially designed to remove the scratches.

Choose a trustworthy brand with positive reviews. Most of them provide an instruction manual that is simple to follow. Stick to it when you apply chemicals on the glass door to avoid new flaws and distortions.

8. Ammonia


Be careful when deciding to use ammonia to get scratches out. Since it is highly effective, most of the cleaning products have some percentage of this chemical. Nevertheless, try not to inhale it to prevent damaging your health.

Get the protective glasses, rubber gloves, and a facemask. Measure out 2 ounces (59 ml) of ammonia in a measuring cup, and mix it with 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of water. Use the soft sponge to wash the glass, and then dry it with a lint-free towel.

Check the improvement on the entirely dry glass door. If the scratches are still there, repeat the process one more time. If ammonia can’t remove them, your glass door is probably too damaged for DIY repair.

Repair Instead of Replace

As I have already mentioned, you can quickly remove shallow scratches on the glass with something you can find in your kitchen. In that case, the repair won’t cost you anything. However, even if you need to call professionals and pay for the repair, it will cost you much less than replacing the glass door.

Since it is not a cheap product, you likely need to set aside a few hundred dollars for a new glass panel, depending on its size. The prices are even higher if you have tempered glass.

Fortunately, an experienced craftsman can restore the glass to perfection, and you won’t find any trace of scratches once the job is done. The process of glass repair starts with removing the glass of the frame. Then, it is time for grinding the glass, polishing the damaged area, and final touches.

Always make sure to check the references for the particular service. If someone with no experience tries to repair your glass door, you may end up with the distorted glass, which is almost impossible to restore.

Prevent Glass from Scratching

There are several things you can do to avoid the occurrence of scratches on your glass door. Keep in mind that regular maintenance can prevent damage on the glass surface on both new and repaired glass.

Therefore, consider using less abrasive cleaner and soft cloths for your next cleaning. For instance, napkins and rough paper towels can cause microdamage, making the glass door more vulnerable to scratches over time.

Instead, get a lint-free microfiber cloth. You can use it to clean mirrors, your phone, and glass tables, as well. Select the cleaning products labeled as glass safe or make your own cleaning solution.

The recipe for a DIY cleaner is not complicated. You should mix 0.5 cups white vinegar, 0.5 cups rubbing alcohol, 4 cups lukewarm water, and two tablespoon cornstarch. These ingredients are safe and non-abrasive. Therefore, you should combine them with the microfiber to ensure your glass door won’t be scratched during the cleaning.

However, most of the scratches appear as a result of children or pet’s play. Try to monitor them while playing near the door glass to prevent both an accident and damage to the glass surface.

Consider making the alternative exit door for your pet. For example, you can install a pet door on the front entrance and move furniture around the room to prevent access to the glass door.


Scratches on the glass door don’t necessarily mean you need to replace the glass. If the marks are shallow and you can’t feel them under your fingernails, there are several ways to fix the glass. Use some products from your kitchen or buy a window repair kit to solve the problem. If nothing else helps, a professional service can repair your glass door as if the scratches have never existed.

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