DIY Sauna Door

6 Simple Steps to Build a Sauna Door

A DIY sauna door must meet specific criteria so that your sauna space retains heat while simultaneously allowing for adequate air ventilation- a somewhat tricky combination. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for constructing … Read more

Fiberglass vs Steel Door: Which is Better?

In your home, the exterior door is the first point of security from the outside elements. The two commonly used types for entry are fiberglass and steel door. However, choosing between the fiberglass vs steel … Read more

Who Invented The Door

Who Invented The Door?

We use them every day. They offer safety, privacy, and even aesthetic value. But, we rarely think about who invented the door. Doors, like everything else, have a history but not much is known about … Read more

Dutch Door Everything You Need to Know

Dutch Door: Everything You Need to Know

Once you decide to implement a country-style in your home or renovate the mounting cottage, you will probably want to pick a door that compliments that rustic appearance. Still, maybe you are not sure what … Read more

How Much Paint for a Door

How Much Paint for a Door?

Whether you want to repaint and refresh your old door or change the color of a new one, painting is not a too complicated task. Determining how much paint for a door is essential because … Read more

10 Steps to Replace a Shower Door

10 Steps to Replace a Shower Door

Most shower door consists of mounting tracks that surround sheets of glass. At some point, glass on this door might crack, the frame showing signs of gap, or other defects will make want to change … Read more