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  1. Sk Fisher says:

    Good site for repairs

  2. I’ve tried all these tips for the front door whose dead bolt gets stuck in the summertime as door jamb wood expands. In wintertime, door jamb wood shrinks. Shouldn’t have to move plate each new season. Have adjusted hinges too. Door sits crooked in frame. What do you suggest?

    1. Adding a few new shims to the frame and checking to see if the jamb is still square (level) on both sides, might help this issue.

  3. Scott Dean says:

    This is just what I needed. Gotta fix that door.

  4. Jacob Jones says:

    I’ve been looking for this exact solution. Glad I found it here. Now my door is latching properly.

  5. Diana Green says:

    I had a similar fix on my own but this one takes the cake. Thanks!

  6. Mae Graham says:

    I had a similar issue before. A pair of pliers fixed it. Your list offers even more.

  7. Greg Lionel says:

    Can you suggest a more durable brand for hinges? Something that could take the weight of heavy wooden doors?

  8. Josue Borer says:

    Never knew this before. Thanks!

  9. Apartment Resident says:

    Someone adjusted ALL of my Apartment building’s street-access doors so the lock won’t latch and a key isn’t needed to open/enter. (I have notified apartment manager, but they’ve yet to repair them).

    How do you suppose they did this and can it easily be fixed so I can feel safe again ?!

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