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  1. Donna J Vann says:

    Had new exterior day storm door put on 3/15/21 waiting order since December 2020, after worker left noticed some procedure done incorrectly while cleaning the door , the upper top left of the door does not close properly even after locking door it’s every loose for it doesn’t lay flat in the corner at all to close , by being loose which makes it capable for bugs to get into the house like hornets, beside wind damage could pull the door off it hinges and also heavy rains could damage the new interior door. the exterior door does look crooked. the sweep at the bottom of back only has one rubber strip across, the first one I thought saw had at least three rubber strips at the bottom which up. and the weather is at least up a 1/2 inch from the bottom. leaving a gap that bugs spiders, possible small snakes could enter the house, roaches, extras. and I went to clean the glass which is impossible to clean both side of the glass since they are not removable and screen make it impossible for it covers the hold opening. I’m understand it took time to put the product in place, and extra time waiting, for the exterior door which was delayed for it got send someplace else but I’m totally disappointed with the long wait an the project that still isn’t finished. For they have no know idea how long that will take. They are still waiting on other products to the finish job. I’m truly disappointed that I agreed to doing business with this company. the begin started in 12/2/20 For I had to pay for products up front before they would do any of the work and its a very well known company.

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