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  1. Norma Mullinax says:

    I need some info on how I can repair my front entrance. It has developed a small crack (about 4-5 inches). down the middle of my door! What should I do? Thanks, Norma Mullinax

    1. NORMA MULLINAX says:

      what would you suggest to repair my front entrance door, it has a split in middle of door about 4-5 inches. Want to diy

  2. My kids were wrestling n the hallway and slammed into a closet door. Bigger cracks in the middle. Do I attempt to fix myself or go with a whole new door?

  3. I have a door that was swollen in the winter and now the part of the thin layer of wood has come off leaving a large jagged gap. I don’t want to buy a new as this is a solid wood core. I can send pictures if that helps.

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