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  1. Oliver Jane says:

    Thanks for writing this article. It is very helpful to me to fix a stuck lock. I will keep reading your post.

    1. Oliver Jane says:

      If my set screw loosens again, I don’t need to call and pay for a professional locksmith to fix it because I can solve it by simply doing the tutorial.

  2. I got the knob off and the mechanism removed. The part that is stuck in the strike plate hole cannot be budged. I kind of destroyed it by trying to muscle it out. Would not move.
    I am not comfortable removing the door off its hinges as my handyman experiences in the past always compound my problems. Guess I will call locksmith tomorrow.

  3. The handle on my door is just turning right round without opening the door

  4. This doesn’t help when you’re locked outside. I slammed my door as it has swollen, after locking the door I always try to open it to make sure it is locked properly. Now my key won’t turn in the lock. Help

  5. our shed door Weizer lock is jammed in the lock position
    the key does not move the sliding thing maybe called the “rod”

    I hope I don’t have to break the glass window to get in to get my snowblower
    to winterize it ..there are no screws on the outside to loosten the frame of the key slot
    frustration continues…advice appreciated !!!!

  6. Hi, I’m currently fitting a new lock and handle to my bathroom door, when the lock is outside of the mortice I can turn the handle when it is inside the door the handle won’t turn, any ideas?

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