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  1. Jacob Slater says:

    This is useful in times of emergency, like the door of your bathroom doesn’t have a lock or the lock has been broken, this tips mentioned in your article can be used as altenative solutions. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Radovan Skriba says:

      Outside pal not from inside if you are want to talk about locking. Are paranoid about telling us how to lock the door from inside. Stupid this is.

      1. Adison rae says:

        i need a bad bleep

  2. Riley Reid says:

    Thx for teaching me everything big daddy.

  3. Oliver Jane says:

    Thank you for sharing this information, use a fork is a great idea.

    1. Oliver Jane says:

      I recently read a way that locks the door with pennies , has anyone heard of it?

  4. Daniel Gray says:

    amazing article i really love it. thanks for sharing

  5. Anyway of keeping trespassers out of bed rooms in suites . Bedrooms only lock from inside. Once you leave all your belongings are up for grabs and if your roommates are prankster while you shower they can lock your door close it and your left in a towel trying to get into your room. Universities don’t let you replace locks with your own. Need a kee bloc type device but lever handle doesn’t have an entry key To keep door handle from shifting! Help!!!

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