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13 Easy Ways to Stop a Door from Slamming

13 Easy Ways to Stop a Door from Slamming

Frequent door slamming can be quite annoying. Therefore, you should solve this problem as soon as it appears. Basically, there are a few excellent tips to stop a door from slamming, including a few quick and cheap ones and some quite expensive and complicated techniques.

Nowadays, you can purchase an automatic door closer, one of the best and most efficient anti-slam door hardware available on the market. However, you can use some other methods your granddaddy would recommend. Let’s see.

Ways to Stop a Door from Slamming

1. Door hinges

Door hinges

The first thing you should check once your door starts slamming is door hinges. When they are worn and inadequately installed, they cause the problem whenever someone comes in or goes out of the room.

You should quickly check whether the hinges are damaged and solve the issue by buying the new ones. If you notice that hinges are not properly screwed, the only thing to do is to tighten them up.

On the other hand, you will need a lever to inspect if hinges are even and correctly installed. If not, it is time to reinstall them. Open your door to an angle of 90

degrees and use your tool to make sure if it is not out of balance.

If you need new hinges but don’t want to remove the door, it is not complicated to change them one by one. Once you screw the new hinges onto the frame, check the alignment once more.

You can finish this job on your own, but keep in mind that you will need to make holes with a handheld driller for that purpose. If you are not skillful enough, it is better to hire a professional to do it adequately. Luckily, the price of the new hinges and labor costs are not too high.

2. Door seals

Door seals

Place these fabric tubes resembling rolled-up towels at the bottom of your slamming door. Even though their primary function is to cover gaps and stop drafts from entering your room, you can use them for this particular purpose.

You can make these lovely tubes as a DIY project or order them online. In most cases, you will get a pair of gadgets in different or the same design, depending on your preferences. Finally, you can also place linen or bigger clothe below the door for this purpose.

3. Door silencer

Door silencer

You can find this excellent and inexpensive product online or in the local store. Once you install this small piece of heavy-duty rubber on your door, including heavy steel models, it will quickly solve any problem with the slamming. It is conned shaped on one side with a flat circular backing on the other, which is highly practical for installing.

4. Rubber band

Rubber band

It is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to prevent a door from slamming. Plus, it is an inexpensive and practical option, and the installation is not complicated.

Once you open the door, you should place the rubber band around the handle. Then, stretch it above and below the latch until reaching the other side. Since it is wrapped around the door, the band will create a bumper and prevent the door from hitting the frame.

5. Bumper


One of the most practical ways to protect the knob from hitting the wall when door slams, is to install a self-adhesive bumper. Fix this product made of plastic, rubber, or foam to the spot where the doorknob contacts the wall.

Commonly, you will get a set of four. They are a cheap solution and are often transparent so that you can paint them in your favorite color. Plus, the process of installation is straightforward.

6. Cushion


Purchase an original cushy closer door cushion online or in your local store and use it to cover your door latch. Since it is thin, this product won’t prevent the door from closing but will protect it from hitting. As a result, you will open and close the door without slamming. If you are skillful enough, you can sew one on your own.

7. Finger pinch guards

Finger pinch guards

This product made of extra-soft foam is an excellent option to protect baby fingers when the door closes. However, it will also prevent the door from slamming.

Purchase a cheap, six-pack door pinch guards and place them above the handle, over the hinges, or anywhere along the door edge. Ideally, you should glue your guard approximately 6 inches (15 cm) from the exterior door edge and remove it when necessary.

It will create a 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 – 3.8 cm) gap between the door and the frame. Plus, the soft structure will absorb the impact and prevent the door from hitting the frame.

Usually, you won’t need to attach more than one piece per door. Since the design of these guards is not complicated, you can sew them on your own from old foam toys.

8. Dream-baby stop slam

Dream-baby stop slam

Opinions about this particular product are divided. Some customers adore it, while others absolutely hate it. The reason is that this device doesn’t work for everyone. However, an issue probably appears because of improper installation. Adequately mounted, this device will save your child’s fingers and prevent the door from slamming.

9. Felt pads

Felt pads

Most people use this product on the floor to prevent rubbing the appliances against the surfaces. However, you can use it to stop a door from forcefully slamming.

You won’t need professional help for installation since it is pretty simple. Purchase three loads for this purpose. Attach two of them above the handle and lock, while the third one goes on the inside side of your door frame. You can also place small pads on the strike plates if necessary.

The advantage of this product is that it comes with a self-adhesive surface, so you won’t have any difficulties in sticking it at the desired place. That way, your door won’t slam anymore, and you will also improve its soundproofing.

10. Stick gel bumpers

Stick gel bumpers

It is an attractive, 0.2 inches (5 mm) thick product made of the specialized, transparent polymer gel. You should peel the bumper and stick it on the door edge or its frame. That way, it will absorb the impact and reduce any vibration and sound.

11. Weather-stripping kit

Weather-stripping kit

This inexpensive kit has a few primary purposes. It will protect your door, seal up gaps to prevent undesired airflow, and provide soundproofing. It is an excellent option for you if your door is heavy and massive. You won’t need professional help to install it since it is quite a quick and effortless job.

Start by cleaning the door frame’s interior surface and measuring the gap between it and the door. Then, cut a strip of appropriate length and glue it correctly. There is no need to purchase a glue since it comes in the package.

12. Anti-door slam products

Anti-door slam products

You can find one of the door slammer preventers available on the market to solve the problem with your door. Simply attach the chosen product from both door sides. That way, you will get some kind of pillow, which will prevent the door from slamming. Don’t forget to cover the latch bolt. Otherwise, you may stay outdoors with a locked house.

Another option is to install a slam guard on the door hinges. This temporary mechanism will ensure quiet closing the door. If you have toddlers, you should look for a cheap but highly effective wittle finger pinch to prevent injuries.

13. Door closer

Door closer

Installing a door closer is excellent, but quite an expensive option. However, this device can solve the problem with the slamming door successfully. When you attach the air-powered piston between the door edge and the frame, it will help the door close slowly.

You can find two different types of pneumatic door closer:

  • Wrights product V920WH – It is an easy-to-install device intended for home use.
  • Hydraulic door closer – It is rarely used for residential purposes, and you can see this device in the industrial complexes.

Each automatic door closer has an adjustment for pressure and door speed. After you open your door, the higher-pressure setting will automatically slow down and close it effortlessly.

Always choose the model with adjustable speed and pressure to control the way your door closes. It is essential to determine the rate of closing of the last ten degrees precisely.

A surface-mounted device is one of the best models among a few different ones available on the market. You won’t have any issue with installing it if you follow the manual carefully. Take care to choose the type made of steel or aluminum since both of them are more durable and reliable options than plastic.


There are a few reasons for slamming the door. Sometimes it is not placed perfectly vertical, or there is an issue with hinges. Finally, changes in pressure are a common reason that appears when a window or another door is open.

Regardless of the reason, you should find a way to prevent this annoying problem. Choose the best solution offered or combine two or three of them for maximum effectiveness.

Riya Sen

Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

I love this blog! I've been trying to figure out a way to stop my door from slamming for years. Thanks for the tips!