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  1. Baritt Neeman says:

    Hi guys, this is my experience with fiberglass painting and staining. I work for a fiberglass door manufacturer name Nova Doors and we use a water based product called TruCoat.Us for painting and staining our fiberglass doors. It is made specifically for fiberglass doors so it doesn’t require any special primers, is super durable and lays down really smoothly. Worth checking! We are super satisfied with it!

    1. Thomas pierce says:

      Where is it sold (Chicago) ?

    2. Where is this paint sold? TruCoat.Us???

  2. I just finish painting my new fiberglass door with 100% acrylic paint I was just wondering do I need to put a coat or can I put a coat on it that would protect it from the sun didn’t realize that a darker color can fade is there anything I can put on there so the color won’t fade.

  3. Noah Enholm says:

    what kind of paint do you use for Fiberglass? I usually use Rust-Oleum to paint Fiberglass.

  4. Can you provide instructions on how to refinish a fiberglass door? I stained ours with a gel stain and put a poly on top for protection. I haven’t fell in love with it over the past two years so I want to try to redo it and paint it this time. Our door is a textured fiberglass door.


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