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  1. sudhir Kashyap says:

    What inside film is reccomended for keeping internal heat during winter months . How much energy can i save with the film . 40 sq meter of windows in the house and a lot of heat loss from the windows . Winter temp below freezing point

    1. Window films won’t help much with heat loss in the winter. The best option would be to replace the windows with thermally broken frames and insulated thermal glass. If that isn’t an option, you can apply a ‘plastic film insulation’. You can purchase this at most hardware stores, and many have good visibility through the plastic. It’s double sided tape around the window frame, stick the plastic sheet to the tape, then use a hair dryer to heat-shrink the plastic and tighten it. Remove in the summer so you can open your windows and re-apply a new one each winter.

  2. Iain Young says:

    I would ask the same question as Sudhir Kashyap what is the best film to reduce heat loss through Windows during winter. The article gives excellent detail of the films performance during summer heat but nothing about there performance during winter reducing heat loss.

  3. Alanna Smith says:

    It seems that I maybe the only one looking to keep heat out all year round. I rent in an older apartment building with hot water heating. Thus I am dealing with a good portion of my place that I have no control of the heat. Menopausal/ Anxiety issues do not help with heat control all year round. Is there a film in which when exposed to heat over a comfort level 20 -24 Degrees Celsius it will release heat through windows as well as allow good light during both summer and winter seasons?

  4. we are looking for patio tinting film
    One way BUT not mirrored on the outside view

  5. Tom Stelling says:

    Is there a Heat Control “CLEAR” Window Film

    1. 3M makes a clear film called Prestige but I’ve not found any online source that sells it. May be an authorized only installer product.

  6. Triston Dalton says:

    Amazing content must say. Actually, I have recently upgraded my interiors and worried about the windows but your blog actually helped me out and gave me the idea regarding heat control window installation. The newest solar films have the capacity to be clear instead of tinted and can block out as much as 55 percent of summer heat while retaining heat in winter. Keep sharing such interesting ones

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