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  1. Thank you so much!! This was a really useful article. I will use the epoxy method to fix a stained glass lamp with various pieces that are broken.

  2. Akram Mohamed says:

    I have a question. Can I fix a home glass window using epoxyy or the nano car windshield fixer?

  3. Colin Pene says:

    Does the crack still remain visible when the epoxy method has cured?????????

  4. Bradford S Patterson says:

    I have two large, very old stained glass windows in heavy wooden frames that were once in a church. I have come to notice that several of the small panes have cracks running across them from edge to edge. The individual sections would be impossible to remove as they are held in by metal. Do you have a product that I could apply that would seal the cracks and possibly hide the cracks?

  5. Angela Waterford says:

    Thanks for informing me about the different methods on how to fix window cracks. It was interesting to find out that you can fix small cracks on windows using everyday household items like clear nail polish. I recently noticed that our picture window at home has a large crack that seems to be growing larger. I think I would need to have this replaced by a professional soon.

  6. I was installing a new window handle, screwing the unit onto the wooden pane. It seems my screw was too long… It had almost screwed in fully when the tip of the screw met the double-glazed glass unit inside the frame. A 2″ long crack appeared instantly from the side of the pane. There crack doesn’t seem to have any real “gap” in it to get any epoxy into, it’s just a sliver.
    Will the epoxy method still work here? Thanks

  7. Thank you for this information and very helpful on how to fix cracked glass window.

  8. Can I use Loctite glass glue to repair a stress crack in a stained glass window? It is on clear glass.

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