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21 Easy Homemade Screen Door Plans

21 Easy Homemade Screen Door Plans

Everyone loves summer, but there’s just one problem. Insects. As soon as the mercury starts to rise, those flying bugs decide it’s time to head right for your home. And it bothers them not at all that they might be a little less than welcome.

If you want to make the most of the summer but you don’t want to be invaded by uninvited flying pests, a screen door is a great option – and if you want to save money by building your own, here are the top 21 DIY plans we found online to help you do it.

1.How to Build a Screen Door – DIY Screen Door

How to Build a Screen Door – DIY Screen Door

As this blog explains, building a screen door is a fun project that will add character and style to your home. It’s also extremely easy, as you will discover. The instructions are clear and the photos are super-helpful, making this a great plan if you want to have a go at making your own DIY screen door.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


2.How to Make a DIY Screen Door with Woodshop Mike

The guy in this YouTube video is an advanced DIYer with pro equipment, so it might not be so easy for people at home to copy – but at least you can learn some useful tips and tricks from experts like this, meaning it’s still well worth watching his video.


3.DIY Wood Screen Door

DIY Wood Screen Door

Screen doors can be an extremely practical addition to any home since they allow for a comfortable level of ventilation while keeping bugs and other nasties at bay. The best part is, you don’t even have to pay much money to install once since they’re easy to DIY – and if you need a plan that shows you how, this one is well worth checking out.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


4.Easy DIY Wood Screen Door

In this video, the DIYer challenges himself to make a screen door out of a single 8ft piece of 2×6. With projects like this one, sometimes, the best way is to keep things as simple as possible – there’s no need to overcomplicate everything – and that’s what he does. So watch his video to see how he did it and the results he achieved.


5.How to Build a Screen Door

How to Build a Screen Door

Although this site rates the project as “easy”, it’s one of the more expensive options we’ve seen. However, as you can see from the photos, this is a plan for a highly stylish and elegant screen door, so if you don’t mind paying a little extra, this could be just the plan you need.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


6.How to Build and Hang a Custom Screen Door

This video documents a project to construct a DIY screen door to go with a large door that was built in 1890. The problem the homeowner was facing was that, since this is not a standard door size, she couldn’t find a screen door to fit. So they built their own. Problem solved.


7.How to Build a DIY Screen Door

How to Build a DIY Screen Door

As this blogger explains, they had a problem with flies in their garage – to the point where they decided a screen door was necessary. But rather than buy one off the shelf, they decided to make one themselves using scrap wood. A simple and inexpensive solution for keeping the bugs out – and this easy-to-follow plan shows you how it’s done.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


8.Making A Screen Door for an Off-Grid Cabin

There’s a definite appeal to living off-grid. You have to do everything yourself, and you can’t rely on anybody else for anything. That means if you need a screen door, you just have to build it. And if you want to see how these guys did it, check out their video.


9.DIY Screen Door Project

DIY Screen Door Project

This DIY plan is from the blog section of the Home Depot website, so you may imagine that it’s a high-quality tutorial. It gives you all the details you need to successfully add a screen door to your home – and of course, it guides you to a certain website where you’ll be able to find all the materials you might need.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


10.Build a Simple Screen Door

If you have a simple, cheap metal screen door and you’d rather replace it with a high-quality, attractive wood one, this video will show you how to do it – without needing to spend loads of cash. This video is a little longer than some others, but this YouTuber has plenty of charisma, so he pulls it off. Not sure if he quite pulls off that hat though…


11.DIY Screen Door

DIY Screen Door

There’s nothing that spoils summer more than flying insects and other unwanted visitors, and there are few better solutions to this problem than a screen door. This plan shows you how to build a simple rustic model that will do the job you need it for and that should last for many years to come. All the details are included, including a list of the materials required, making this a plan that merits a look.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


12.Build a Simple Screen Door

This is a little dated now – the tech that people have nowadays for shooting stuff for YouTube would probably have seemed like science fiction to the guy who made this video! However, DIY skills have changed less, and if you want to learn how to make a screen door for your home, this video is still worth a watch.


13.How to Build a Screen Door

How to Build a Screen Door

During the summer months, if you want to let natural light and air in but keep bugs out, a screen door is the obvious way to go. And there’s no need to spend money buying one since they’re so easy to make yourself. If that sounds like something you might want to have a go at trying, this simple DIY tutorial will take you through the steps for completing the project.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


14.DIY Screen Door Tutorial

DIY Screen Door Tutorial

As this blogger writes, buying a screen door can set you back up to around $500, and if that’s not the kind of cash you want to be spending, making a DIY version might seem like a highly attractive alternative. The screen door they build in this plan cost them only around $30 – so you can see just how much money it’s possible to save if you’re willing to do it yourself!

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


15.DIY Pallet Screen Door

Making stuff out of pallets has become super-fashionable in the last few years, and you can use them for all kinds of home improvements and DIY furniture. If you’re into pallet DIY, this video is a must – it shows you how to make a screen door from your favorite source of material!


16.DIY Screen Door FAIL!

DIY Screen Door FAIL

There are a couple of reasons we wanted to include this plan. First, we found it amusing that they wanted to put up a plan for a DIY screen door that failed. But then if you read on, you’ll learn how they rescued the project and turned it into a success. We think this is a valuable lesson since not all DIY project come out perfect first time. And for this alone, we think it earns a place on our list.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


17.Make a Screen Door – A Kreg Jig Home Improvement Project

This is a video plan for a simple screen door made from 1″ thick southern yellow pine. As you can see, contrary to the guys in #6, he has to deal with a door opening that’s too small. However, his problem is the same in that he can’t buy a pre-made screen door for such an unusually-sized door – so he has to make it himself. And this video shows how he did it.


18.Remodelaholic DIY Screen Door Tutorial

Remodelaholic DIY Screen Door Tutorial

We always enjoy reading plans from this blog, and all you need to do is look at the first photo of the screen door you’re going to learn how to make to see why. As usual, the plan includes clear instructions as well as plenty of useful illustrations to help you complete the project. There’s loads of detail in there along with plenty of tips too, making this a plan that’s more than worth a look.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


19.Pallet Screen Door

Pallet Screen Door

Another of our favorite resources when it comes to DIY projects is the Instructables website. It’s packed full of high-quality and well-written plans for just about anything you can imagine, and this plan for a screen door made from pallets is another worthy addition to the site. As usual, you’ll find clear and logical instructions along with lots of photos, making this the perfect plan for anyone who needs to build an inexpensive screen door.

Check this Screen Door DIY Plan


20.Building Screen Doors from Scratch with Reused Redwood

Sometimes when we see DIY projects that start with people spending loads of money on materials, we think they might be missing the point. You can’t say that here, though – this is a plan for building a screen door using reused redwood.


21.Building a screen door with a built-in pet door

Here’s a video we love for the creativity on display. He builds a DIY screen door – but he doesn’t forget to think of his dog, so he includes a built-in pet door in the design. Ingenious. (And we love the little fight he has with the old screen door at the beginning too!)


Save money and Do It Yourself

There’s no need to spend loads of money on something as simple to DIY as a screen door. All it takes is a small amount of skill and the desire to build something with your own two hands. And hopefully, these plans we found will help you complete your project successfully.