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  1. Janet S. Blair says:

    How much for the add on of a screen door , lock and all. Plus I am 73. Any senior disc?

  2. Mark Kratzer says:

    Here’s a good story for you My wife and I wanted to sliding doors so we had the guys from Lowe’s come out and measure as you know they used so contractors. I then decided not to go with their very expensive price and decided to put the sliding doors on myself so I bought the kit picked up the doors from Lowe’s and when the doors got home they were an inch and a half too long and I was not able to install them. After calling Lowe’s at the store level they then tell me that they always go over the measurements so the contractor can cut the doors when they put them in. Keep in mind these are special order special painted doors so when I call up the store they hand me a BS story about the contractor always overshoots the measurement so they cut it when they install it. I was not born yesterday and I am no idiot but these are special order doors with special paint and I know they were not measured to be cut on site. So I’m waiting to hear back from corporate because essentially what they do to customers is handcuff them. Since I am not a contractor I am unable to install the doors that I purchased with the measurement that I paid for. But their contractor can come out and complete the job. I am waiting back to hear from corporate and I’m either going to drop the doors back off or they’re going to provide free installation. They should also use a full disclosure sheet when anyone is getting anything measured if the contractor is going to over measure they should let you know that before you pay the $35 for them to come in. This is just another bad experience that I’ve had at Lowe’s and Home Depot is exactly the same. Their employee turnover is one of the highest in this country they’re constantly going through people and they’re doing that for a reason. The reason is they don’t pay anything, the next reason is their management is terrible, customer service on the floor is terrible, can’t find anyone. To me that shows you how Lowe’s CEO BOD and all other executives don’t seem to care about the people walking through their doors. Especially when they’re over measured.

    1. I know this is no laughing matter, but your final comment has so many meanings an i definitely chuckled.

      And yes, they definitely bullshitted you about the over measuring….
      If i am to replace custom made panels, i measure them exactly 110% on the dot. Even if i have to remove them to do be sure i get an accurate number.

      1. I’m a independent contractor myself I’ve just finished installing some French doors for a customer another company had given the homeowners the measurements for their doors the doors were purchased when I came into the picture I realized the other contractor had measurements that were 2 1/2 inches to tall and 11/4 to wide the homeowners tried to insinuate that I was at fault what do you do in a case as this sir

        1. You measure doors and windows yourself any job no matter what it is measure yourself. In this case it is your fault for not checking someone else’s measurements

    2. sue mullen says:

      Wow. Thanks so much for sharing, Mark. I am just starting to plan for doors, and I will avoid the big box stores.

    3. Thanks, I almost hired them for measuring and installing interior doors.

    4. Sounds to me like you were trying to pay for the measurement and then install it yourself by lowballing them, rather than paying for the install. Then when you realized you can’t install it because of some reason or the other you blame others. That’s what you get for thinking you could get one off on someone.

      1. I guess it doesn’t occur to you that the Lowes price was just too high to afford. I guess you’re rich enough you can just shell out whatever they say and not worry about it. It must be nice. Some of us have to watch what we spend and make do the best we can.

        1. Lyle Strong says:

          Contractors do a lot more than you guys think, yes! over measuring is b.s…but! warranty, removal, reinstall, delivery, disposal, proper tools, gas….its not as easy as homeowners may think…come on guys think doors grow on trees.

          1. Why is that most homeowners try to get things done for nothing I guarantee you if you went to their jobs they all want to be compensated well for what ever they do and expect those of us in the home remodeling business to do our jobs for as little as possible double standards if you were to ask me

        2. Well, isn’t that what estimates are for? If you were going to install it yourself, then please do your own measurements and do it. I wouldn’t know where to start so I guess I’ll have to pay.😒

  3. Ibrahim Abdulgafar Kayode says:

    Can I apply to be an installer in your company

    1. Walter Westerman says:

      Hi, Ibrahim,

      We are just a blog for helping people know more about the window & door.

  4. Jo LeMasters says:

    I sure do hate to read your post, Mark! I just went through having a contractor come out for $35, he tells me the size of the French patio door I need, which happens to be a standard size that Lowe’s carries, but when Lowe’s called me to come in to pick it a door they said I had to get a special ordered size because the frame is all brick. So I said okay and then they quoted me $2800, which included the contractor’s labor charge of $800 and the door and materials. After my military discount and also a business discount, they got it down to $2200 with taxes and all. I went ahead and paid it. That was a month ago, but they did tell me it might be a few weeks for the door to get to the store and then the contractor is supposed to call to schedule a time. He said when he came out that it takes about 4 hours to install it. And I’ll come back and let you guys know how it goes. At first I was thinking of doing it myself or getting some kind of handy man to do it, but I’ve heard horror stories of unlicensed people who don’t know what they’re doing tearing up a house or doing a terrible job. At least I know the contractor is licensed and Lowe’s will cover any damages if they happen.
    So, good luck to you, would like to hear how your situation comes out as well!

    1. Unlike What’s his name? Who tried to install the door himself. You were smart in realising that the liability of installation was covered by the company, rather then trying to save a few bucks and then spending more in the long run.

  5. Mark what part of the country are you in, let me know if they resolved your issue! Danny 28169077 one two,. as a 22yr door installer I have a theory on this (mishap)

  6. This is very unfair. We get a false sense of security from a place being attached to a big name like them. I am a carpenter and all purpose handyman. If anyone needing any installs or work done (or corrected) who lives near Riverside County California, then feel free to shoot me an email at
    Subject line : “Prospective Client”
    For any jobs: BIG & small- Juan Andrade is The “Juan” To Call

  7. Marcy Bolduc says:

    If anyone needs custom made doors interior or exterior. Contact the Owner of The Empty Cross ,LLC custom woodworking in Louisiana. They do it all ! Also make Beautiful Cabinets and butcher block counter tops as well as Custom made furniture . Email ..

  8. Lori Watson says:

    South Central KY
    Need double basement door replaced
    Lowes doesn’t seem to help

  9. Hello,
    Let me tell everyone something. I work at Home Depot and since the Corina Virus hit lasst year we saw an increase of over 2-3 months plus for the manufacturing of Entry Doors especially Custom Doors. One of the problems is the Glass that folks pick to be in the doors. ANY Door w/sidelights are extremely expensive. Especially when you put that in relationship with just a single 2x4x8 that use to be around $2.00 each now is $ 5.35. Cost to install is extravagantly high but when you put into prospective compared to 10 years ago wages till now. My advise is to find a private contractor who is willing to install for about $750.00 which I believe is more than fare.

  10. Lowe’s just sent me a bid for installation on a sliding patio door. In the bid there is something called a project level fees which are in addition to labor and everything else. I ask John because he seems to be the corporate spokesman.

  11. I am amazed at the lack of real skill and professional people doing this work.

  12. Priscilla Chabal says:

    Had an awful experience buying appliances at Lowe’s. I emailed the CEO and an executive vice president was assigned to me to follow through. She earned her salary getting the lazy store employees to fix my issues. At least corporate cared.

  13. So how much SHOULD it cost to install a replacement sliding patio door? Mine is badly rotted, so it needs to be done (and maybe some repair to the frame) but all the horror stories have scared me off this project for several years. Anywhere I try to find a quote won’t provide even a vague estimate and all want to send someone to my home. I’m in SE Wisconsin.

    1. That is what I want to know – how much to install a replacement door. Pella will replace but not install and Lowes wants $1,400 to install.

    2. Billy Poindexter says:

      I usually charge $400 to install a vinyl new construction sliding glass door under 8ft. If I can pick it up by myself and it’s easily accessible. I’ll chip stucco and add flashing but new stucco is another 3-500. Pre-painted wood clad doors are double that price ($800). I wouldn’t pay more than 3k for a vinyl two panel patio door project. Lowes does better than Home Depot in my opinion. You can ask for their best contractor for your job. When the contractor comes to measure your doors or windows please don’t stand behind him asking questions or make conversation. Give him space so he can think🙏 “This is what I want, I’ll be over here if you have any questions”

  14. I’m an installer at lowes an I’m seeing all these high numbers an I can assure you I don’t see them does anyone know how much lowes takes off the top for themselves?

    1. Billy Poindexter says:

      They give the contractor 400 for labor on patio door. It’s not a bad place to use if your project is basic.

  15. Edward Reyna says:

    How much does it cost to add a bathroom door that had a frame and just no door? We just bought a house and the master bathroom doesn’t have a door just a frame.

    1. Billy Poindexter says:

      Not much, $100-200 depends what material you want. I don’t like doing slabs lol I’m too meticulous about my craftsmanship. I would charge more for a slab because it takes a lot of skill to get it perfect.

  16. Jane Bessey says:

    What is cost to install an 8 Ft. Pre-hung front door and how soon could it be installed

  17. bergengaragemedicny says:

    Thanks for sharing this information with us i really appreciate that.

  18. Does anyone know how much it cost to have a security door put over a sliding glass patio door and does lowes installers do this?

    1. Billy Poindexter says:

      They do. Cost the same as a patio door installation. 3-4$

  19. 3/17/22
    Just bought two screen doors. The instillation is $165.00 per door in Concord NH. Doors were $157.00 each with retractable screen.

  20. J.D. Fuller says:

    Went to Lowes. The door I wanted had a price of $1,812.00 on it, painted finish. Had the guy come measure for the $35. No call after a week, went to Lowes today. The $1,812 is now over $3,000 for the door unpainted. He said you have to paint them after install as they always get scratched. The “1/2 hour to 1 hour” install charge is over $700 for just the labor, and they are charging $250 for the permit which the county charges $68.

    Mega rip-off bait and switch from original costs.

    1. Billy Poindexter says:

      Who installed a exterior door in an hour? If they did then they are very skilled. I can probably do it if the opening is perfect but the trim and caulking is something that can be perfected if you have the time. Don’t feel ripped off guy. It took a lot of skill to be able to install it that fast. I love doors because they can be very challenging and everyone has their own way of doing them. The multitude of pitfalls that can occur can be devious lol

  21. Corey Beach says:

    Wonder what the extra fee is if they have to remove and replace vinyl siding after they install the door and also how much for inside trim that would need reworked. If that’s included in price then that’s pretty good.

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