19 Easy Homemade Garage Door Plans

Powered garage doors can be extremely expensive to buy – and they’re not cheap when it’s time to repair them, either. This means there’s lots of money to be saved by those willing to try to improvise designs by themselves.

If that sounds like something you might be interested, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been doing – and here are our top 19 DIY garage door plans that you might want to attempt at home.

1. Garage Door Makeover

Garage Door Makeover

Garage doors don’t come cheap, especially when you need them for a vintage home. But if you want to save yourself some cash, you can try making one yourself instead – as long as you have the right plan to follow.

With these instructions, you’re given a list of the tools and materials you need, and the plan then takes you through all the necessary steps to complete the project successfully. A well-written and detailed plan that’s well worth checking out.

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2. A Wood One-Piece Garage Door

In this video, this YouTuber shows you how he made a one-piece garage door from a sheet of wood. Most of it consists of a time-lapse shot that shows them working on it, and it’s fun to watch as the project takes shape.

It’s simple to copy too, so you shouldn’t have any trouble replicating this idea at home if you want to make one of your own.


3. Homemade Carriage House Garage Doors

Homemade Carriage House Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a plan that will show you how to build classic carriage house garage doors, you’ve come to the right place.

The plans on the Instructables website are always well-written, easy to follow and accompanied by lots of useful photos and illustrations – and this one is no exception.

We love the garage doors in the first photo – and if you want the same for your home, this plan will show you how to do it.

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4. Installing an Overhead Garage Door

If you have a garage door and you need to know how to install it, this video could be what you are looking for.

The presenter in the video explains everything you need to know carefully and in great detail, so if you aren’t feeling confident about doing it yourself, this video should help.

It’s a long video, but after watching it through, you should feel much more ready to install your garage door without the need to call in a pro.


5. How to Build a Garage Door

How to Build a Garage Door 1

As this blog points out, garage doors can be expensive, but if you have the right equipment and skills – and a desire to have a go yourself – it’s possible to build one yourself for a lot less.

The instructions are easy to follow – although to be honest, a few images would have helped – and by following these simple steps, you will be able to build a garage door of your own.

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6. Build Carriage Doors for Garage

Here’s a great video plan if you’re looking for instructions to build a set of carriage doors for your garage. We like the way he starts out with his sketches to make clear what he wants to achieve.

He then takes you through all the steps he took to turn the diagrams into reality – and we have to say, we love the results. Another interesting and useful plan to watch.


7. Inexpensive DIY Garage Door

Inexpensive DIY Garage Door

In this plan, you will learn how to save yourself potentially thousands of dollars by making your own DIY garage door instead of buying one and having it installed by a professional.

As this blog page explains, there are several different types to choose from – you simply need to decide which one you prefer and then set about making it.

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8. Replacing Garage Doors with Barn Doors

As you will probably be aware, mechanical chain-driven garage doors can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth. They are expensive to buy, are prone to going wrong – and can cost a fortune if you need to repair or replace them.

Instead, here’s a simpler solution – take off your old garage door and install a barn door instead. Want to know how? Then check out this video.


9. Easy DIY Steps to Build a Sliding Door for Your Garage

Easy DIY Steps to Build a Sliding Door for Your Garage

Here is a guide for making a sliding door for your garage in eight easy steps. If you search online, you might find some sites telling that DIYing garage doors can be dangerous.

However, if we’re talking about this kind of sliding door, there’s much less to worry about. A clear plan with lots of useful information – well worth a read.

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10. How to Make a Wood Garage Door

There are lots of intricate and complicated plans for DIY garage doors that will cost you almost as much as buying a new one.

This plan, on the other hand, is super-simple, will cost you no more than $200 and can be completed in only one day.

If that sounds like the kind of plan you’re looking for, it’s well worth a watch.


11. DIY Ideas for Garage Door Makeovers

DIY Ideas for Garage Door Makeovers

This plan is a little different. It doesn’t show you how to make a garage door – instead, it gives you five ideas for how to give your existing garage door a fresh new look.

We love the photos, and the ideas are very easy to copy, so if you want to give your home a makeover, this is a great source of inspiration.

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12. Building Custom Cheap Garage Doors

In this video, we see how a YouTuber built his own custom garage doors as part of a larger project to construct a whole garage himself.

In fact, as he explains in the introduction to this video, these doors were a challenge that he didn’t particularly relish.

However, he got the job done, and you can see how by watching his video.


13. Ways to Fix Your Garage Door

Ways to Fix Your Garage Door

If your garage door is giving you problems, you might need to get on the phone and call in a repairman. Except that might set you back quite a bit of money – which will be a waste if it’s something you can fix yourself.

In this plan, you’ll find out about three common garage door issues and how to fix them. Worth trying before you pick up the phone.

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14. DIY Garage Door Upgrades

In this video, we learn how to make three simple upgrades to garage doors that you can DIY in one day or less.

As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t always have to call out a pro to take care of all the garage door-related work that might need to be done.

Instead, there’s plenty you can finish by yourself – as this video demonstrates.


15. When to DIY and When Not to DIY a Garage Door

When to DIY and When Not to DIY a Garage Door

As we’ve already mentioned, sometimes doing DIY work on a garage door can be dangerous if you don’t have the right knowledge or skills.

That means, before deciding whether to undertake a DIY project, you need to be realistic about whether your abilities will be up to the task.

To help you decide, you can check out this blog first and then make a more informed choice.

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16. Hangar Style Bifold Door

This is a video showing you how this YouTuber made a very “DIY” door for his shed – he calls it a shed, but it may as well be a garage, and you can build doors like these for your garage too.

The design is actually quite ingenious, and if you think you might want to have a go at making something like this yourself, this video has all the info you need.


17. DIY Garage Door Installation Instructions

DIY Garage Door Installation Instructions

This page isn’t exactly a plan for building a DIY garage door – however, it still contains some useful information that you might need to know if you are thinking about having a go.

It has plenty of invaluable tips for before you start, making it worth a look before you kick off your project.

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18. DIY Electric Garage Door: Crazy but it Works

First of all, we love the intriguing title of this YouTube video – if that doesn’t make you want to watch it, we don’t know what will.

Once you start watching, though, you’ll see that it lives up to its name. A creative idea, for sure, but if it works…well, why not?


19. Garage Door Won’t Open: DIY Garage Door Repair Tricks

Garage Door Won’t Open DIY Garage Door Repair Tricks

Here is another page that gives you some advice about how to carry out DIY repairs on your garage door rather than building a new one or replacing it entirely.

Sometimes when a garage door isn’t working perfectly, people just call out the repairman without even trying to look for the problem.

However, if you read this page and follow these simple steps, you might not need to call anybody out because you can fix it yourself.

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A challenging project – but still possible

Making your own garage door isn’t as simple as something like painting a fence, but if you have the skills and determination, it’s something that’s perfectly achievable.

We’ve seen some highly creative ideas while searching for these plans for you. We hope you enjoyed reading and watching them as much as we did finding them – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find what you need for your own DIY garage door project.

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