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How To Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button (An Ultimate Guide)

How To Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button (An Ultimate Guide)

Forgetting the password of your garage door opener is quite annoying, especially when you intend to get something important out of there.

People forget passwords for different reasons; it could be that you don’t use them frequently and as such, there’s really no need to have the numbers stored in your mind. Or sometimes the keypad just stops working out of the blues.

However, it’s even another battle when you misplace your garage door keypad because now there’s no way for you to gain entrance.

If the password of your garage door is unavailable for any reason, how do you fix it?

In this article, we’d reasons why your garage door keypad might not work, and how to reset it without the enter button.

How To Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Enter Button

Common Issues of Garage Door Keypads

Keypads are for security and to keep unwanted guests from gaining access to your space. Only people with the security code can easily enter your garage, but what happens when the keypad isn’t responding?

If your garage door keypad is refusing to work, it could be because of a number of reasons;

1. Flat Batteries

This is one of the most common causes as to why keypads don’t work. Batteries don’t last forever, and you need to occasionally check them out to be sure that they are working perfectly.

Depending on the model and brand of your keypad, you might notice that it doesn’t show any visible or blinking light.

So, if you don’t notice any light at all from the keypad, there’s a high chance that you need to change the battery.

Faulty capacitor

Image Credit: odcchicagoresidential

2. Faulty capacitor

The capacitor of your garage door opener is very important, and when it fails, it becomes impossible to open your garage door.

Capacitors are cylindrical and you’d find them in every door opener because they are the brain behind the motor of the opener chain or screws.

Your capacitor can get damaged as a result of high energy current and excessive use.

The good thing about capacitors is that it lets you know when it has gone bad. The common sign associated with a bad capacitor is a humming and buzzing noise.

So, when you figure out that the capacitor is the problem, call a repair company and let them handle it.

3. Damaged Keypad

Keypads are usually positioned outside the house, meaning it’s subjected to every type of weather. High temperature, excess cold, and humidity can affect the functionality of your keypad, and that’s why it’s advisable to change them once in a while.

Some brands can last up to 10 years, and others may not last that long. So, when making a purchase, ensure you buy from a reputable brand.

However, before you discard the damaged keypad, get a professional to take a look at it; because it might be fixable.

4. Wrong Pin

As with any gadget, you have a set number of attempts, and if you keep putting in an incorrect pin, it’ll get blocked.

When your keypad gets blocked, it’ll no longer respond, even if you eventually remember the correct password.

When this happens, it’s best to reset it and create a new password. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting the entire system.

5. Damaged Wires

If you are certain the batteries of your keypad are still working, and you are not inputting the wrong code, you might need to check on the wires.

Wires are liable to wear and tear; when this happens, it’ll become almost impossible for it to control the garage door.

Open up the keypad, and check if the wires are still well placed, if not, adjust them until they are perfectly connected. However, if you are unable to do this, get help from a professional so you don’t end up making things worse.

Easy Way to Reset Chamberlain Garage Door Keypad

Easy Way to Reset Chamberlain Garage Door Keypad

If you have no idea what the old code of your keypad is, and you need to reset it with a new one, here’s how;

  • Open the back cover of the remote control to access all the switches inside.
  • Press and hold the * and # buttons at the same time. When you do this, you’ll notice a blinking red light, that’s an indication that the password is already reset.
  • Enter you’re 4-digit password and press the # button again.
  • The next step is to click the type of door opener you are using; it could be from 1-9, then press the # button.
  • Get a ladder, climb on it and click the “Learn” button on the door opener.
  • Before the blinking red light stops, move outside to where the keypad is, and input your new password key.
  • And that’s all you need to do, and your garage door will work perfectly.

However, if you have carefully followed these tips and it’s still not working, then maybe you need to get a professional to check it out.

Easy Way to Reset LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad

LiftMaster has been in the market for over 50 years, and they have created a reputable name by being one of the best in terms of security devices.

Resetting your LiftMaster keypad without the enter button is possible and easy; let’s show you how.

  • Unplug the Opener

We are pretty certain you don’t want to get occasional shocks when trying to program your garage door opener. So, before you start, do well to unplug the opener. Plus, you’ll even get to work more efficiently that way.

  • Switch the Mode

Normally, your garage door keypad is set to operating mode, and to successfully reset the keypad, it needs to be in program mode.

So, take off the faceplate and search for the dual program, to enable you to switch the mode.

Without switching the mode, you won’t be able to set a new pin in your garage door keypad.

  • Change the Pin

Once the keypad is in program mode, you can set a new pin. After you have done that, switch it back to operating mode, and plug in the door opener back.

With LiftMaster, it’s honestly a very easy process. Just make sure you use a new pin that’s hard to decode by intruders or unwanted guests.

Easy Way to Reset LiftMaster Garage Door Keypad

Easy Way to Reset Clicker Garage Door Keypad

If you don’t remember the code to your garage door opener, don’t fret because you can easily reset it; but don’t make this a habit!

Let’s take you through the steps;

  1. You’ll first need to access the motor unit, it’s usually on the top of the door opener. Most times, you’ll need to use a ladder to reach that point.
  2. Once you have reached the motor unit; search for the learn knob on the motor unit.
  3. Long press the learn knob until you notice the light stops blinking. This is a sign that the old password has been wiped from the system, and the garage door opener can operate without any code.
  4. Leaving it this way makes you susceptible to attacks, so it’s time to set a new code.
  5. Click on the learn knob so the light can turn back on, and input the new password on the keypad. Remember, don’t use a generic code!

Why You Need to Reset Your Garage Door Keypad

Resetting your garage door keypad shouldn’t only happen when you forget your code. It’s not even advisable to use a particular code for too long, plus you never can tell who has been watching.

Occasionally changing your passcode will keep thieves and intruders away, because they need your security code to enter the garage.

There are other reasons why you could choose to reset your garage door keypad;

  • If you are moving into a new environment, it’s only wise that you reset your code, plus it’s not even a difficult task
  • When you notice unusual activities in your neighborhood, reset your security code ASAP. You never can tell who already has first-hand knowledge of your passcode, and remember, nobody is to be trusted
  • If at any point you have given your security code to a visitor after they leave make sure you reset the code. Your security code should only be known to people permanently living in your house.
  • Do you think someone has attempted to break into your garage? If yes, you might want to change the password now!
  • If you misplace your garage door remote, then you need to change the code when you purchase a new one.

Yes, garage door openers are for security purposes, but you must play your own role as well.


Resetting your garage door keypad is no hassle once you know the right thing to do. Your security is important and should never be compromised, and that’s why it’s recommended to occasionally reset your garage door opener.

Regardless of the model of garage door keypad you have, some factors are constant, and with our guide, you should have no trouble updating your password to a new one.