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How To Reset Garage Door Opener Unit & Control Panel (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Reset Garage Door Opener Unit & Control Panel (Step-By-Step Guide)

Have you misplaced the remote control for your garage door? Or perhaps you have moved into a new home, your remote is not functioning, you have a new garage door opener, or you would like to erase the keyless entry keypad code. The answer is to reset and reprogram your garage door opener and control panel.

Luckily, resetting the devices that open the garage door is straightforward and in this article, we will share the process with you. So read on to find out how to reset your garage door opener and control panel.

How To Reset Garage Door Opener Unit & Control Panel?

What Does Resetting The Opener Unit Do?

When you reset the garage door opener, it delinks the remote control or the garage door keypad from the opener. It is useful to know how to do this in case you have lost your remote control, need to deactivate a remote or want to change the opener code on your garage door keypad.

When you have deactivated the remote or the keypad code, you can then reprogram the opener to conveniently open and close your garage door without the need to get out of your car.

Below you will find the simple steps to reset the garage door opener, from the control panel or the opener unit.

Resetting The Garage Door With The Opener Unit

Many garage door systems come with two options to reset the system: the opener unit and the control panel. Not all set-ups will have a separate control panel for the door, but if you have and wish to use this method, you will find the instructions for this method later in the article.

First, however, are the steps to using the opening unit to delink a keypad or a remote.

  • Step One: Locating the Learn Button on The Opening Unit

Newer garage door opening units will have a button that is labeled with “program”, “home”, or Learn. This button is important when resetting or programming the opener and linking it with your remote control or keypad.

The easiest way to locate the Learn button is to find the LED light and the antenna which in most models are next to the Learn button. The color of the LED may differ between brands. It can be yellow, orange, purple, or green. Once you have located the LED and the learn button, you need to open the opener unit door to access the button.

  • Step Two: Delinking The Remote Control And Keypad

Once you have opened the unit and have access to the learn button, you need to press and hold it for approximately six seconds or until the LED light switches off. Pressing the learn button resets the opener and erases all keypads and remote controls that have been linked to it.

  • Step Three: Checking That You Have Reset The Opener

Regardless of the brand of your garage door, the indicator light, which is inside the opener unit should flash to let you know the reset has been successful. Next, try opening the garage door with your keypad or remote control.

If the reset has been successful, your remote or keypad should not open the door because they have been disconnected from the opener.

Resetting The Garage Door Using The Control Panel

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Resetting The Garage Door Using The Control Panel

If your garage door has a separate control panel, you can follow the steps below to reset it.

  • Step One: Finding The Learn Button

Similarly to resetting the opener system with the opener unit, you need to start by locating the Learn button, this time on the control panel. Again, there will be an LED light near the Learn button.

  • Step Two: Resetting Using The Learn Button

When you have located the button, pressing and holding it until the LED light goes off, will reset the opener. It will also delink any previously connected remote controls or keypads used to operate the garage opener.

  • Step Three: Checking if The Reset Has Been Successful

Once you have pressed the Learn button until the LED light has gone off, you should see the light bulb in the opening unit flash. This is a sign that the reset has been successful. To finish the reset, try opening the garage door with your keypad or remote control. The door should not open.

Expert Tip: Most of the time, it will be enough to press and hold the Learn button once to reset the opener. However, sometimes it may not work and your remote or keypad is still linked to the opener. If this happens, press the Learn button again within thirty seconds of the first attempt, and when the LED light turns off, the system should reset.

How to Use The Garage Door Opener to Program Your Keypad And Remote Control

After you have reset the garage door opener, you need to program the devices you want to use to operate the door opener. Follow the programming process below to do this.

Step One: Programming The Remote Control

Start by linking your remote control with the door opening unit. Once again you need to access the Learn button on the opener unit. Press the button once. The small LED light next to the Learn button should light up.

Now, press the button on your remote that you want to program. Keep an eye on the light bulb while you do it as the light will blink once to indicate that the remote control is now linked to the opening unit.

Next, press the programmed button on your remote control. Provided that the programming has been successful, pressing the button should open or close your garage door.

Step Two: Programming The Keypad

If you have a keyless entry system for your garage, follow the steps below to link the keypad with the opener unit.

Once again, begin by accessing the Learn button on the garage opener unit. Press the button just once and the LED light located next to the button will switch on. Now you can enter your four-digit PIN on your opener keypad. Press the “enter” button once after you have entered the PIN.

It is important to note that you need to enter your PIN code within thirty seconds of pressing the opener Learn button. When you have entered the PIN code and pressed enter, the light bulb will blink. This signals that the keypad has been programmed.

To test the programming, press “enter” on your keypad. Your garage door will open or close if the programming has been successful.

Expert Tip

If possible, get someone to help you with the programming of the keypad. Because the PIN code needs to be entered within thirty seconds of pressing the Learn button, you may not have enough time to get down the ladder and to the keypad to do it yourself. You will have a better chance of success when your helper enters the PIN code.

How to Use The Control Panel to Program Your Keypad And Remote Control

If you have a separate control panel, the instructions below will show you how to use it to program your remote and keypad.

You should note that the process may differ between different brands and designs of the control panel. The instructions here are for common control panel designs such as motion detection, doorbell style, and smart-control panels.

Step One: Setting Up The Control Panel

There are different ways to do this depending on the design. If you have a doorbell-style panel, you need to press and hold the side and front buttons simultaneously. Do this until the light on the panel stays on.

If you have a multi-functional or motion-detection panel, you need to press the Learn button on the opener twice. When you have pressed it twice, the LED light should switch on. Anyone with a smart-control panel should press the “menu” button followed by the down arrow to “program” and then the side arrow to select.

Step Two: Selecting Which Button You Want to Program

On your remote control, press the button you wish to program. You will hear two clicks when the button has been successfully programmed. The opener lights will also turn on. Now you can test if the programming has worked by pressing the programmed button to see if the garage door will open or close depending on the button you programmed.


The instructions we have shared in this article should work for most garage doors. If you have any problems with the resetting and programming process, check the instruction manual from the manufacturer. In some cases, you might need to call a service technician to carry out repairs if there is an issue with the hardware.

Paul L. Herr

Thursday 4th of November 2021

My lift lights seem to be out of sync. If I manually turn them off they come back on and stay on after the programmed time of 2.5secs. They stay on overnight. How do I reset the lights to work properly.


Monday 7th of June 2021

One of my garage door openers was stolen so we reset the opener/remote. As a result of resetting we needed to also reset the key pad entry, we reset it but used the same code. My question is if we used the same code on the key pad will that allow the stolen opener to still open the garage door?


Thursday 3rd of June 2021

I manually opened my garage door. I have used learn button to run chain but it won't pick up the door. What am I not doing?