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  1. Greetings,

    I’am having no success with programming my garage openner inside my truck. I have attempted many different methods but nothing yet.

    I’am hoping that you can shed some light on my problem on programming.
    The truck is a 2008 Suburban LTZ with 3 buttons and each button has it’s own light. The manual calls it a “Universal Home Remote system”. It shows programming methods with “Rolling codes” and “Fixed codes” neither work.

    The openner is a Chamberlain B970 with all the bells and whistles.

    I’am hoping that you have a magicalsolution.


    1. I have a 2008 Toyota. Prior to 2013 I had a craftsman opener. The in car remote on the mirror worked perfectly. Then it broke so I replaced it with the chamberlain unfortunately the home link is now not compatible with these newer model garage door frequencies.

  2. Please help me!
    2004 Nissan Maxima. My husband abandoned me taking his remote. My rear view mirror buttons have always open up garage door. I feel in danger and went to recode. All buttons are working…to reset etc… Learn button is also working & lighting up on genie itself. I do not have remote…never needed it. Garage door opens from button on rearview mirror till I started messing with it today. Need to know how to get it back to that! Again no hand held remote like all websites show you. Just need to Straight sync my rearView buttons to Genie again. Please help. I’m feeling very vulnerable.
    Thank You

  3. Have the same issue with 2011 Tahoe and Chamberlain opener. Nothing we’ve tried works

  4. I have the same B970 and not been able to get the Homelink in my 2009 Chevrolet Travers to program either. Pain in the seat!!

  5. I do not have a hand held remote. But I do have a keypad on the side of garage. Got a new vehicle, Jeep. How do I program without a remote?

  6. If you garage door opener has a yellow learn button you will need the Homelink bridge or the 855LM from Chamberlain.

  7. I have 2019 Ford F-150. No remote. Overhead door garage system. Need garage programmed. How?

  8. What if my remotes are lost, and I just want to reprogram my inside car buttons?, and just use car inside button?

  9. Fannie Kinchen says:

    I don’t have a remote control. Got a new car. So how do I pair it with my garage door?

  10. Ruby Hyde says:

    My name is Penny and I live in a condo building with 15 units and we have a garage where we keep our cars. Every one has a remote and some have 2-3. My remote will not open the garage door any more. I’ve changed the battery I’ve reset the code in the remote still it doesn’t work. I need to program my car to our garage door so that I do not have to use my remote. I need help doing this.

  11. David Reid says:

    I have a Genie model 7055 and I’m trying to program one of the buttons on my 2011 Ford Explorer. Nothing I try works. The first button opens another garage door with no problems. I do not want to clear the buttons because that one works. Can you help me? Also my pastor has a 2020 Explorer and he has lost his remotes. He has a fairly old Craftsman opener but we have not been successful with his either

  12. Alan Johnson says:

    It seems that I have to buy a remote in order to program the car.

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