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Standard 2-Door Garage Size (Ultimate Guide)

Standard 2-Door Garage Size (Ultimate Guide)

If you wish to own a vehicle or multiple ones, you must consider having a garage on your property if you do not already have one.

The main benefits of garaging your car are that it is protected from the elements, such as rain or hail, and it will always be nearby and at hand for you. However, if you are currently in the process of designing or building a garage, choosing the right size can take time and effort.

There are several factors that may influence your decisions, such as the purpose and the number of vehicles you own. Furthermore, the dimensions of a standard two-car garage vary and are different.

For example, the average depth of a two-car garage varies from 20 to 24 feet, while its width is approximately between 18 to 20 feet.

Standard 2-door Garage Size

Main Types of Garages

Before we dive into the dimensions of a standard 2-car garage, let’s check out the main types of garages:

  • detached garage, it is not connected to the house but is usually near the house
  • attached garage -a construction element or a part that connects the garage to the building, usually with a door

Depending on the method of installation, there are:

  • capital garages, which are basically permanent structures
  • portable garages are the kind of garages that can be easily installed, removed, and dismantled.

Garages can be classified according to the number of cars they can accommodate:

  • one car
  • two cars
  • three cars

After you have decided on the type of garage you need, you can calculate its size.

Garage Dimensions and Standards

How big of a two-car garage you need will depend on what you are planning on using it for and how much space you have on your property if you are going to build one on your own.

Keep in mind that when building a garage, the following dimensions can vary because you need to find out your city or state’s building codes and see for yourself what guidelines you have to follow.

  • 2-car garage dimensions come in four standard sizes, which are 20×20 feet, 22×20 feet, 24×24 feet, and 24×30 feet.
  • A 20×20 foot garage is good for you if you have two medium-sized or smaller vehicles and do not plan on using the garage for much storage, whereas a 24×30 foot garage is excellent if you have two large SUVs or trucks and wish to have extra storage space.

When it comes to the garage door, the standard height for a garage door is 7 feet (2.13 meters). However, if you have a particularly tall vehicle, it is possible to purchase them at 8 feet (2.44 meters) or 16 feet (4.88 meters).

It would help if you also considered door width since some cars can have a foot-wide difference in width. For example, the standard width for a single-car garage door is 8 feet (2.44 meters).

However, it is possible to purchase wider doors for use in two-car garages or other applications. The width of your garage door will depend on the width of your garage opening and the size of your vehicle.

You can always replace your garage door if you dislike how it looks or functions. Basic single and double-door garages are relatively cheap but also upward sliding garage doors, which automate with switch or remote garage door openers.

Garage Dimensions by Car

Garage Dimensions by Car

Image Credit: superior.buildings

  • One-Car Garage Dimensions

Interestingly, the dimensions of one-car garages are mostly the same, and the average width is around 12 feet, while the depth is between 20 to 24 feet. The usual width of a single-car garage door is 9 feet, usually 7 to 8 feet high.

  • Two-Car Dimensions

The size of a two-car garage has a few variations and is one of the most commonly used garage sizes. As mentioned, the width of a two-car garage is between 20 to 24 feet, and the depth ranges between 18 to 20 feet.

  • Three-car Dimensions

The average width of a three-car garage is between 26 and 28 feet, while the depth ranges from 20 to 24 feet. Therefore, you will need a double-width door if you have three cars.

How To Find/Make the Right Garage for Yourself?

You first need to consider everything you will use the garage for and what kind of amenities you wish to have.

When it comes to garage space, you first need to measure the size of your car or truck. Next, you need to measure the distance between the front and rear bumpers and see enough space so your vehicle can fully fit inside the garage.

As a rule of thumb, the minimum size of the garage needs to have enough space for you to be able to walk around the car comfortably and plenty of room to open the car doors. It applies to all car garages, even if it is a one-car garage. The height of the double garage door should be around eight feet.

If you want to use your garage to hold more things inside of it, you need to consider how much-added space you will need.

When it comes to amenities, the best thing you can get is heating or A/C for your garage. It will help you make sure that your car is always warm during the winter or cool during the summer if you live somewhere warmer.

What Factors Influence the Size?

What Factors Influence the Size?

Image Credit: bossbabeofrealestate

1. Are You Planning to Acquire More Cars?

Did you know that you can calculate the size of the garage? Well, you can! Let’s say you currently own one car and plan to buy another one or a bicycle.

We suggest you first consider the parameters of large cars such as SUVs and minivans. Using the calculation will help you find the right size of the garage and rid you of any potential rework.

2. Furniture, Equipment, and Other Appliances

Almost every homeowner uses the garage as storage space for various items, such as different types of equipment, tools, furniture, and appliances. If you are one of those, you will probably want a bigger garage.

For example, adding a moped, bicycle, or fishing gear, might overcrowd the space, so it is better to ‘size up.’ Also, the standard one-car garage has enough space to store potential household items in advance.

3. Common Add-ons

The majority of enclosed structures come with common features, such as heating and plumbing, because they are designed to provide warmth and security. Running electricity and conducting water to your garage is also an option. These add-ons mainly depend on the purpose of your garage.

If your garage is multi-functional and you use it as a workshop or a studio, consider installing insulation. Adding insulation might be a good idea for people living in colder environments because it can reduce heating bills.

Portable Folding Projects

Suppose it is impossible to place a garage directly next to the house, and you can only have a detached garage, which happens more often. In that case, the budget does not allow capital construction, and collapsible metal structures are used.

As a result, the owner has the size of a garage for one car with the possibility of placing a minimum number of things, usually on the wall opposite the entrance.

Also, before installation, you must decide whether you need two or one entrance. A standard two-car garage allows both options. Therefore, it is essential to rely on their preferences.

  • If you decide to make one gate in the garage for two cars, then it is better to take care of the reinforced base of the structure.
  • A more popular option for large two-car garages is to build two separate door systems (classic doors, garage door openers, door-swing, etc.).
  • It is necessary to add 20-40 inches to the size of one system for two cars, which is essential to correctly plan the distance between the doors and ensure the stability of the structure.

During installation, it is necessary to consider that the structures’ details can interfere with each other during opening and try to avoid them. Of course, you can also put a double garage door instead of two separate door systems or single doors.


The two-door garage size will depend mostly on your needs, requirements, and budget. However, it is easy to calculate the size only if you look out for a few things we mentioned.

In addition, always consider the possibility of buying a new car or needing additional space for furniture or house items.

Feel free to share your experience with us. For example, what is the best size for a two-car garage, in your opinion? Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us!