19 Easy Homemade Dog Door Plans

Dogs are the same everywhere. They sit by the door waiting to go outside, but as soon as you open the door, they sit on the other side scratching at it to come back in. And most pet owners know they do it deliberately just to drive them crazy.

However, by installing a dog door, they can come in and go out as many times as they like without bothering you – and since it’s such an easy DIY job, you won’t even have to spend much money. So to help, here are the best 19 DIY dog door plans we found for you to try.

1.A Dog Door: The Two-Flap Solution

A Dog Door The Two-Flap Solution

To start, here’s an ingenious solution for a dog door – it’s a two-flap version that we found on the Instructables website. This site is known for high-quality DIY plans for just about anything you can imagine, and this one doesn’t disappoint. As with all the plans on this site, you’ll find clear instructions, useful illustrations and a step-by-step guide that you can follow to complete the project. Highly recommended.

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2.Installing a Dog Door for $20 in 10 Minutes

Installing a dog door is a simple DIY task that shouldn’t cost much or take a lot of time. If you are looking for a quick and easy version that you can make yourself, this video will give you a plan for a pet flap that costs only $20 and take 10 minutes to build.


3.Design Your Own DIY Doggie Door

Design Your Own DIY Doggie Door

If you don’t want to have to keep opening and closing your door as your dog constantly changes its mind between wanting to be inside and wanting to go out, you need a dog door to let him come and go as he pleases. And if you want to have a go at making your own, this useful plan will show you how it’s done.

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4.Homemade Dog Door

In this video, you will watch as this YouTuber takes you through her project to install a doggie door using only a few inexpensive materials she managed to get her hands on. It’s a little slow, and watching her build it is not exactly riveting, but it gives you all the info you need, making it worth a watch.


5.How to Build a Dog Door

How to Build a Dog Door

You’d be surprised by how many of the plans we’ve seen start by skipping the first vital step. Before you do anything else, you need to measure your dog! After you’ve done that, this plan will take you through the rest of the steps for building a door that will allow your four-legged friend to go out or come back in without needing to bother you anymore.

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6.How to Make A Pet Door out of a Basement Window including Go Pro Doggie Cam

Here’s a fun video about how this pet owner solved the problem of installing a pet door for his dog. It takes you through his thought processes, explaining how he decided on the eventual solution – and then explains the steps he took for completing this creative doggie entrance. Full mark for inventiveness – this is one of our favorites!


7.DIY Dog Door for French Door Windowpanes

DIY Dog Door for French Door Windowpanes

If you have french windowpanes, this gives you an easy option for building a dog door for a smaller canine companion. This blogger estimates it will only cost you about $80 to complete this project, and the plan includes a list of all the materials and tools you’ll to tackle it. We love how simple it is – but as you can see from the short video, the dog in question seems to approve. Great design and a big thumbs-up from us.

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8.Pneumatic doggie door

Unfortunately, this video only shows you the result of their project rather than giving you a plan for how to do it. This is a shame­ since the idea is awesome. However, perhaps it will help fire your imagination, and if you have the skills, you might be able to work out how to make a Star Trek dog door for your home too.


9.A Homemade Pet Door

A Homemade Pet Door

Pet doors are not necessarily the most expensive additions to your home, and you can probably pick up a ready-made one for around only $50 or $60. However, as this plan explains, you don’t even need to spend that much since you can make your own for only around $10. The photos in this blog show cats, but the techniques can be applied to dog doors too. So if you want a cheap way to let your pet in and out, why not have a go?

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10.Heavy-duty Doggie Door

This is a slightly unusual solution for a doggie door – it allows your furry friends to enter and exit via a flap in a concrete block wall. As the title suggests, this is a heavy-duty version of a pet door – but it looks effective, so it could be worth trying out.


11.How to Install a Dog Door

How to Install a Dog Door

Here is a plan for a more professional installation. It might cost a little more than some of the more basic versions, but if you want something that looks a bit less “DIY”, you might not mind spending a bit of extra cash. And in that case, this is a plan that’s worth a look.

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12.DIY Doggy Door Mini Sliding Barn Door Style!

We love some of the creative projects that people come up with, and here’s another one. It’s a dog door – but in the style of a mini sliding barn door! And even better, the YouTuber states that she built it as a kind of trial run because she wants to build a full-sized human one later! The results are impressive too – so if you want to try making something a bit more unique for your pets, this could be a great option.


13.How to Build Your Own Large Pet Door

How to Build Your Own Large Pet Door

It might be one thing to build a pet door for smaller animals, but if you own a larger dog, you might need to think about how this affects the entrance you install. As this blog explains, for larger animals, the weight of the door isn’t important because the dog is strong enough to push it open, and this will change the design slightly. Check out the plan to see how.

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14.Install a Pet Door

Install a Pet Door

In this plan, you’ll find some useful discussion about the types of animal doors that exist as well as the relative benefits of the locations you can choose for them. And then, of course, it gives you the details you need to build one of your own. Another useful resource if you want to make life easier for your four-legged friend.

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15.DIY Pet Door in a Screen Door

DIY Pet Door in a Screen Door

Dog doors are common additions for anyone with pets, but this is an original solution to an less common problem. What happens when you have the door open in the summer but close the screen door? It means your dog is stuck inside and can’t get out. Unless you build a dog door in the screen door, and here’s a plan to show you how.

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16.Install a through-wall dog door

Install a through-wall dog door

Most dog doors are placed in our actual human doors – but it’s also possible to install one in the wall of your home. In some circumstances, this may be more practical for several reasons – and if you think that could be a good solution for you, this blog is well worth reading.

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17.How to Build a Dog Door Flap

How to Build a Dog Door Flap

We love the photo at the top of this page with the two dogs running free. And if that’s what you want for your pets, installing a dog door could be the ideal way to provide the liberty they crave. The plan is simple, and you’ll find clear instructions, ensuring you’ll be able to complete the project with ease.

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18.How to Make a Screen Door Doggy Door

This is hilarious. The family dog is apparently a bit of a DIY fan too because she has decided to make a doggie door of her own – by busting a huge hole in the screen door! It might be practical for the dog, but the human occupants of the home are less than thrilled with it, so they decided to make a real dog door for their pet. Check out the video to see how it turned out.


19.How to Make Your Own Doggie Door

How to Make Your Own Doggie Door

This is a simple plan that anyone with even the most rudimentary carpentry skills will be able to finish. You’ll find a list of the materials required along with a step-by-step guide to how to complete it. Another great plan to check out if you don’t want anything too complicated.

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Plenty of simple, inexpensive options

Installing a pet flap is a super-easy DIY project that will cost you next to nothing. There are many options, and we love the creativity on display in some of the plans we found.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we enjoyed finding them for you – and we hope you now have all the inspiration you need to get started on your next DIY project.

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