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19 Easy Homemade Door Stopper Plans

19 Easy Homemade Door Stopper Plans

Doors that blow open or slam shut in the wind can be so annoying – and even dangerous if you get your fingers trapped in them. However, all you need to solve the problem is a door stopper, and they can make a fun DIY project if you’re feeling creative.

We’ve been online to see what other people have been trying – and for anyone who wants to have a go, here are our top 19 DIY door stopper plans for you to attempt at home.

1.DIY Concrete Door Stoppers

DIY Concrete Door Stoppers

This first plan is from the Instructables website, one of our favorite resources when it comes to online plans for DIY projects. If you are unfamiliar with the site, they have a huge range of plans for just about anything you could think of making. Their plans are invariably well-written and easy to follow, and always include plenty of photos and illustrations to help you make a success of the project – so if you need a plan for a door stopper, why not check it out?

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2.DIY Door Stopper Sewing Tutorial

The thing about making a door stopper is that it can be just about anything – as long as it’s heavy enough to stop the door blowing open or closed with the wind. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it look attractive, and this plan will show you how to make a cute sewn version.


3.How to Make a Decorative Doorstop

How to Make a Decorative Doorstop

What we love most about this plan is how this DIYer managed to make her door stopper from practically nothing. She gave herself the challenge of making it from nothing more than old scraps she had lying around at home and then used them all to create an attractive and functional item. A great plan that’s well worth a look.

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4.Washable Door Stopper

This is another video from the same YouTuber who made the video in #2, but this time for a washable door stopper. Again, this plan shows you how to use some basic sewing skills to make an attractive and functional item. A great idea for a gift too.


5.Super-Easy DIY Doorstop

Super-Easy DIY Doorstop

The title of this plan says it all, really. If you need a door stopper and want to make one yourself – but want to keep it as simple as possible – this is the plan you need. It will cost you next to nothing, it requires practically no DIY experience and yet the result looks great. It’s a door stopper, so there’s no need to overcomplicate things, and if that’s a sentiment you can agree with, this is a plan that’s sure to appeal.

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6.DIY Door Stopper Life Hack

If you enjoy crafts, you’ll enjoy this video. It shows you how to make a useful door stopper using just some inexpensive items you probably have sitting around at home. There are no explanations, but you won’t need them because it’s such a simple idea. Just watch the video and then have a go yourself.


7.DIY Handmade Door Stoppers

DIY Handmade Door Stoppers

This is another plan that shows you how to create a DIY door stopper from materials that will cost you practically nothing. In fact, the main item you need for this plan is “old bricks”, so you can imagine that you won’t need to invest much when attempting this project! That said, we love the way it looks, and if you think you might want something similar, why not have a go?

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8.DIY Door Draft Stopper

This is a plan for a door draft stopper rather than a door stopper – and it’s made from pantyhose and a pool noodle! This plan is very easy to copy, but the YouTuber still takes the time to explain what he’s doing – so if you want a pool-noodle-and-pantyhose door draft stopper for you home, now you know how to make one.


9.How to Make an Upcycled Doorstop from Vintage Objects

How to Make an Upcycled Doorstop from Vintage Objects

If you need a quick and easy solution to keep your door from slamming or blowing in the wind, this could be the kind of idea you’re looking for. It requires one “heavy object” and only about ten minutes to complete. A super-simple idea and highly effective – we love it!

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10.DIY sock Rabbit door Stop

As we’ve already mentioned, a door stopper can be made of anything you have at hand, as long as it’s heavy enough to prevent the door from swinging open. This also means you can be as creative as you like when you make it, and if you want a door stopper in the shape of a rabbit, this is a plan that will show you how to make one – using a sock!


11.Door Stop Tutorial

Door Stop Tutorial

For those who don’t like the look of brick or stone door stoppers, this plan for a cute homespun fabric version could be a better alternative. For this plan, you’ll need to do a bit of sewing, so if you don’t have a sewing machine, it might be a bit more difficult. However, for anyone who enjoys needlework, this could be a fun option to try.

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12.A Simple Door Stopper – MakeItMonday

Some of the plans we’ve seen are for the simplest door stoppers possible, but the YouTuber in this video shows you how to make the kind of thing you will appreciate if you prefer to take the time to do a good job. There isn’t much in the way of instructions, and the video just consists of the DIYer showing you how it’s done. But it’s fun to watch and easy to copy, making this another valuable resource for anyone looking for a simple woodworking project to attempt at home.


13.DIY Leather Door Wedge

DIY Leather Door Wedge

In this plan, the blogger made a simple wooden door stopper from scraps left over from other projects, and if you also have some odd bits of wood lying about, you can do the same. Alternatively, if you don’t happen to have the materials, you can pick them up cheaply at any hardware store – and use them to make an attractive door stopper like this one.

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14.How to Make A Stylish Door Stopper Using Rubber Bands!

If you need a plan for a door stopper that you can make from bits and pieces you already have at home, this is another great video to watch. It teaches you how to make a door stopper using elastic bands and a few other supplies, meaning it will cost you very little, and it’s extremely easy, so anyone will be able to replicate it at home. Another fun video we enjoyed watching.


15.How to Make a Door Stop Wedge

How to Make a Door Stop Wedge

Just in case you’re interested, this blog explains a bit of the physics behind how a door wedge works. Of course, you don’t need to know about any of that to make one, and this plan also gives you all the information you do need to construct your own. It’s a super-easy project that won’t cost much and that you can complete in no time. Another blog that’s worth a read.

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16.3D Printed DIY Door Stopper

This plan is a bit different because it shows you how to use a 3D printer to make a door stopper. It’s fascinating to watch as it takes you through the design phase, after which, the physical item starts to take shape. We enjoyed watching this, and if you are looking for a 3D printing project to have a go at, this could be a fun one to try.


17.DIY Concrete Door Stopper

DIY Concrete Door Stopper

We like this plan for a couple of reasons. It’s simple to make and looks wonderful. But perhaps the best thing – as this blogger explains – is that making something from scratch from concrete is just somehow really satisfying. We also like the simple explanations and the photos that show you how to do it, making it easy to replicate at home.

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18.DIY Ketchup Door Stopper

There’s so much we love about this video. The design is so simple, but it’s also highly creative, and the video is well made and fun to watch too. We also love the end result, and if you’re looking for a plan for a more original door stopper, this is a video you have to watch.


19.Make a Decorative Weighted Door Stop

Make a Decorative Weighted Door Stop

We think the door stopper in this plan is one of the most attractive we’ve seen. It’s another one that requires a sewing machine, but if you have all the necessary equipment, it’s a fun little project that many people will enjoy trying at home. There’s plenty of scope for creativity, too, so you can easily make one that matches the style of your home.

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A simple and fun DIY project

Door stoppers are simple, functional items, but they can also be great fun to make. They don’t cost much and can also be a great home-made gift idea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching all these plans as much as we did finding them for you – and above all, we hope we’ve helped give you the inspiration you needed to get stuck into your next DIY project.

Miya Pierce

Saturday 13th of November 2021

Well, this is an awesome post and written very well. Your point of view is very good.


Monday 20th of June 2022

I just make a wedge doorstop out of recycled cardboard and use anti-slip duct tape around it. Works like a charm.