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  1. Taylor Hansen says:

    It’s good to know that the sensor that flashes orange or red means there is an issue. Last night, my garage door wouldn’t close when I pushed the button and I’m worried that something broke. I’ll have to call a professional to fix my garage so I don’t get things stolen.

    1. Just bought sensors at my local big box for 30$

    2. Michele Morrison says:

      The sensors on my garage door are 2 different colors, one green, and the other yellow, and it’s not blinking. I cleaned the sensors up, but still, the garage door closes, but after a couple of seconds, it Re-opens. Please help!

  2. Peter Lapso says:

    Garage door sensors work when.close.each other when.split to edges of door do not work. Old sensors did not work, new sensors do the same.

  3. Shihabur Rahman says:

    Helpful article for installing and maintaining the garage door sensors. The indicator lights of the sensors will help anyone to find out the condition of the sensor.

  4. Somsiri Stovall says:

    All the articles did not answer my problem with the garage door issue. My problem is , when I closed the door the light on the opener stay on for a while and turn off by itself. But the thing is my both sensors are off too. When I open the garage door again both sensors lights are lit. Is this issue apply to the bad sensors?

  5. My sensors shows one red and one green.?

  6. Check out Infinity Shield garage door sensor. Solves all the sensor problems

  7. Jorge Albert says:

    Hi!! The sensors get activated when the door open and nothing when the door getting close.. Help please

  8. Manuel Del Rio says:

    I have Liftmaster , i change the
    Sensor and do not close. The green light do not turn on but the other sensor (yellow) is on(no blinking) . Why my green sensor do not turn on? i think that the problem

  9. My issue is totally different… Both of my sensor are lit, green and the other amber..
    I can open and close my door with no problem…
    my problem is that i can lift and CLOSE my door while the sensor are blocked… I have have no idea why… Brand new unit

  10. William Pretty says:

    My sensors had moisture on the inside, so wiping them did not help.
    So I heated them for a few minutes with a hair dryer. Problem fixed!!!!!

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