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  1. Charles Miller says:

    So if I switch the ac to fan mode and the compressor continues to run is there still 5 possible reasons for this?

  2. Linda Gail Laird says:

    My ac come on by itself without touching the power during the big ice storm this year. The only way to turn it off is to unplug it. When you plug it in and push the power button you can turn it to cool mode and a small of burnt wires comes thru but we cant find anything. It’s really nerve racking for this unit is only 3-4 yrs old.

  3. Mine does that also…its a Frigidaire thru the wall 12000 btu. The compressor won’t shut off even when I turn it to fan. Even unplugging it wont help.

  4. MiserableOldFart says:

    My window unit has a digital temperature gauge and shows the temperature, but sometimes, not always, just keeps running and won’t stop unless I turn it off. Since the temperature shows accurately, and since it only does it sometimes, it’s very frustrating, and hard to determine what the problem is.

  5. Charlotte Walker says:

    My window unit will not turn off even when power button is pushed. What is the reason.

    1. Janet Patterson says:

      My window unit won’t turn off when I push the off button It runs OK when I use my remote it changes the temperature and the goes on all the other fan energy saver but it won’t turn off

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