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  1. Thomas Jansen says:

    Can sensors still be faulty if they are properly lit and aligned?

  2. michael A lipari says:

    Can i splice new photo cells wire to existing wire, so that i dont have to run new wires. Its a marantec 4700 abot 30 years old,motor is fine

  3. I understand why the sensors are there but it does occurs to me that it is just as dangerous when you are in the garage with the door closed working on the ceiling and someone decides to open the door and the top of the door knocks your ladder over. Or you are building a tall cabinet and the door knocks it over.

  4. Joe Martin says:

    To disable, extend the wires and secure them out of the way somewhere else looking at each other. Then it’s up to you to be sure the way is clear.

    1. Can you provide some further details on to do this. Thanks

  5. The Chamberlain garage door opener’s sensors were removed and connected to each other two sensors against each other. the black and white wires connected together and connected to the right side of the hole. The white wires connected together and connected to another hole.

    Both leads go on when the garage door has power.

    When you try to close the door it does not go all the way and come back.

  6. Thomas Rondello says:

    no sensors on sides of garage door, some crazy contraption screwed into the opener that may be tripping it, but my door goes up and trips when trying to go down…
    any ideas?

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