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  1. How about adding a con that lithium grease is only rated down to 25C? If you live in cold weather it will cake on the tracks and rollers and make your garage door much harder to open.

    1. Sandra Schramm says:

      The working temperature range for white lithium grease is -25C to 130 C.

  2. WOW! Thanks for the info. WD-40 is indeed the ultimate name when it comes to best sprays and lubricants

  3. Very helpful review of all the major products on the market. I have an old (circa 1980’s) Genie screw drive and made the mistake early on of using Lubriplate on it instead of the recommended Genie product. Actually made the noise/running problem worse… never considered the differences in the expansion rates between a steel screw and the aluminium track it ran in. Had to take the track down, clean with a solvent, re-install & re-lubricate with the Genie product. Worked like a charm and it’s a lesson I learned years ago and wouldn’t make again.

    Nice review of the commonly available products.

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