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  1. A sparrow kept coming to my window and knocking on it what does that mean?

    1. William Austin says:

      Ur going to hit the lottery

      1. jose alston says:

        I hope so.bird twice hash my window and continues to hang on the window

        1. aciel dollete says:

          mine sometimes it comes back and bangs the window again and also if i go near it it fly’s away idk why it does keeps doing it again :>>

          1. This happened to me in 2014 with a cardinal bird. Started packing on my car windows in the driveway…then started on my windows on my house…all this started in may of 2014. I even looked the bird in the eye and asked him “what are you trying to tell me?”
            On June 27 th the bird still pecking…That morning at 11:00 am I had a terrible head on collision with my car!
            Turned out, I didnt realize till 2 yrs later what caused my accident……my airbag deployed before the accident causeing the accident!!!!


        2. Tina Nash says:

          did anything in your life change?

          1. YES….I crashed 2 cars that year and stopped driving….when I had my accidents, there was a man in green ripped hoodie, was on top of me when accidents happened that year in 2014….I saw this spiritual figure in my kitchen when I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner…I screamed, he disappeared….today, April 27, 2022, a bird is packing constantly right now at my basement window…I’m worried again….

      2. Donna Dillard says:

        They hang on my window ledges everyday

        1. I get blue jays come sit on my porch then the other day a black bird my husband said hit the window or something when I went to look I didn’t see it he said it had got up.

          1. Cory Barends says:

            A Magpie came and sat at my window only fir a couple of seconds. What dies this mean. It’s th second time on the same balcony. Balcony is empty. 🤔

          2. I wish lol I actually know that Cardinals are suppose to mean it’s loves ones in heaven. I have lots of wild birds blue Jays cardinals an owl and a couple of woodpeckers. No joke the woodpecker was so close I could of touched him. He hangs out in my bamboo. I love all animals and I had a beautiful deer very rare kind after my mom passed. My sister got a picture of it. Bees follow me I am not afraid. It’s fear animals react to your reaction. We have eagles and hawks too

      3. anastasia says:


        1. I’ve had a magpie come to my bedroom window and tap away for a minute or so it’s happened a few times now and I believe it was trying to warn me that one of my family members was in hospital and doesnt have much time left I do believe it was a warning of death that’s to come and a family member that’s passed is trying to warn me🥲 if a magpie keeps coming back and just sits for a while you will have an unexpected visitor hope this helps x

      4. I had Hawk, that must have had a Robin in it’s talons, hit pur kitchen window, both died of broken necks. I have an old “twin flame” relationship, 1,300 miles away, 32 years in the making. I always associate him with hawks, he was a falconer as a young man and a glider pilot currently. I Automatically thought of him, afraid something may have happened to him and someone he loved. I emailed him, to see if he was OK. For the first time in 32 years he changed his email and I believehe intentionally closed me out. Then I knew the power of the birds hitting the window. A gut punch and a huge loss. Not unusual for this relationship to have such forceful and synchronization, my email from earlier in the morning had gone through.

    2. Prepare….with food, and medicine and other survival things. This happen to me today.

      1. Me too, it is a sign but what?

      2. Ellen stout says:

        Why what does it mean the bird was tiny and fluttering at my window

        1. Betsy Hanzes says:

          A small sparrow fluttered off and on all day yesterday at a window in my house. It never flew into it but fluttered at it, perched on its sill and a plant next to it. Haven’t seen it today!

      3. MOSES KATO says:

        This morning found one dead grey bird on my door entrance,then the other bird on the other door entrance looked so weak,not so sure if they were fighting then one hit the glass door and died.
        The second bird flew away later on.
        Anyone tell me what that means.

    3. A Yellow and green baby bird flyed to my window and where ever i moved my finger it would follow.

      1. I have had a Robin red breast fly against the same closed window multiple times daily over at least the past two weeks. What does it mean?

        1. I have the same. Is anyone you know not at peace ? Or are you not at peace?

          1. A I have same thing. Not sure of the bird. It’s been doing it early off & on almost every morning past 2 weeks. It’s reddish.
            Seeing all these other post I’m getting concerned!!!!! Where does everyone live ? I’m in Tennessee

          2. Whats a pigeon mean wen that flies into window??

          1. I’ve had a red bird hitting my bed room window every morning after my sister pass away. What’s it trying to tell me?

        2. I’ve had the same thing happen!!

          1. Your sister is telling you she is happy and at total peace

          2. I’m sure she’s just letting you know she’s around you she’s watching out for you and she’s just checking in with you x

        3. This is happening to me today, robin hitting the window over and over then moving to another doing the same then moving to a window where I was working.. again hitting the window 7 or 8 times. Not the same robin each time but perhaps a pair?

        4. Mine to for the last 2 weeks what does it mean on front window and side window. If you get a answer let me know.

        5. Elise Clinton says:

          I have a red breasted Robin fly up against our closed window all day long. I wonder what that means?

        6. Sherry Brown says:

          I have had a female red bird bitty against my window for the last 3 days and still going…wakes me up @ does it all day til 6:00 pm … I try to take a picture of her … but as soon as she sees me … fly away… but she does come back ….Does anyone know WHY ???? Thanks

          1. Hello Sherry, my name is Jamica and this has been going on for almost a year now with a red bird but today it’s blue. It comes every morning and evening every day.

          2. I have a cardinal that has been flying at my window for 6 hours. I have had the blinds opened all day. That might be what’s different and causing this bizarre behavior. I usually have the blinds closed.

        7. Rejoice Yawa Fiah says:

          Same here , yesterday and today the bird with red color around it’s neck and black colour cover’s it’s body, hitting at the same closed glass window, I don’t understand

        8. It has been almost 1 month that a robin has tried to get into several windows of my house. Usually from around 12:00 till dusk. There is always another robin and a blue jay with it. What is going on.

        9. I had the same thing. It’s trying to talked to you and tell you something. Sit with it, watch it and ask them what it wants. For me, she wanted me to get rid of the crow in the garage side window. We had a plastic crow perched on the sill on the inside window.

        10. Dorothy Sinha says:

          It probably means that she protecting a nest nearby. Happened to me last year. The incessant hours long pecking woke me every morning. The pecking was on the window near the entrance. We tried every way to figure out what this Robin wanted or what he was trying to tell us. We found the nest after finding the dried, cracked blue eggs on the ground. Seems some animal got into the nest. Poor Mama Robin. But, she never pecked our window again. So I know that’s what she was saying.

        11. I currently also have a robin repeatedly crashing into my window, this has went on for the last 3 days from dawn til dusk.

        12. This is happening to me right now! The exact same thing! I’m worried the bird will hurt itself… also curious to know the meaning. I can tell it’s the same bird… and I’m missing a message

    4. Karen⁰ Stifle says:

      I just lost my fiance last month and I’ve been hearing a lot about this small bird hitting my window alot and my fiance has been watching me along it’s been for a while now I love him him so much

      1. I lost my husband and this sparrow keeps taping on my door wall window and fluttering around and sets there staring at me it’s the same bird every day and evening been going on for a few weeks don’t know what it wants

        1. Ulleisa Lovelady says:

          A bird was knocking on the windows some how he ended up between the screen and the glass .when looked out to see what was going on I was shocked because the screen was lose and it hanging onto the screen looking at me . I has to go to the bathroom. I could understand how he end up on the inside of the screen. But when came back from the. Athroom it was gone as if he was never there.

      2. my husband died unexpectedly a month ago and this sparrow keeps taping on my door wall window and fluttering around and sets there staring at me it’s the same bird every day and evening been going on for a few weeks don’t know what it wants I also have to move because I need to down size I love this place I see a lot of cardinals one came and stared in the day we watched how long it set there he died that night and my do died the Saturday before him any ideas

    5. Ricky Pitts says:

      A Little Bird Pecked At My Window 2Times In A Row It’s Like It Was In Morris Code I’ve Never Seen This Before

      1. I’ve had a female cardinal tap on my sliding glass door 2 x. The male cardinal was sitting on my fence by the door. I see them fly around often but have never had one tap on the door two times and that was it

    6. Tommie Maxie says:

      I have this red bird,he knocks on my bedroom window all through the day,and on yesterday I had to go somewhere he started knocking on my front door,he Flys on my car window and knocks and then he poops on car and know one else car parked our side what does this mean

    7. Tina Marie Hamulak says:

      God bless you my name is Tina Marie a robin kept trig to get in. My window kept pecking then sat at fence by my window looking in what does it mean thank you

    8. Jessica Ann Mangham says:

      I have had a male cardinal pecking at my window all day today what does it mean???

  2. Lisa coppernoll says:

    We have an oriole bird that keeps coming to our sliding door keeps bumping into it then hops an sits on the screen. Been doin this for couple weeks now. Why is this?

    1. Me too at high bathroom window about 2 wks. Reddish bird, early very morning! Where you live? I’m TN.

  3. Bluegeenz says:

    I have two matching yellow birds they appear young they began tapping on my window upstairs when I woke then tapping on the downstairs window when I was working in the office. I hope, truly wish this to be all positive… I feel sorry for them like they need to come inside!

    1. Stephanie Graham says:

      I have a yellow bird with some black with white striped wings, orange beak and feet tapping on the glass on the back windows of my house every morning, and sometimes throughout the day. Clearly it wants to let us know it’s there! Very dd behavior, we have never seen this before and think it’s trying to warn us or let us be aware of something.

      1. Omg.. same bird for me too

        1. Me too! Same bird.. I took video as proof that I’m not crazy lol

          1. life path 33 says:

            this just starting happening for me, multiple days in a row. was at the front of the house first day then on backside of house next days, its a my office windows where I am, the bird comes and starts tapping on the window with its beak, gets my attention. then leaves, stays for a minute or longer, I also took a video, to prove to people I am not crazy. lol. My cat is loving this. I wonder if my cat made friends with this bird and that’s why it keeps coming to play with my cat. Also it is same colors as above bright yellow with little black on head, its a beautiful bird. in toronto we call it a goldfinch. I feel like the bird is a messenger hear to say hello and that I am on the right path and soon things will be easier. Feels like my father’s spirit.

      2. Prepare prepare…that is what. There telling you stock up on food items, hygene and medicine please listen. Is better to be prepared….nothing will happen if you prepare and nothing happens. Pray to our heavenly father.

        1. Sherry Carter says:

          Some bird just flew and hit window saw on camera. Don’t no what it mean around every evil ppl.

      3. Same bird for me ,, it’s now been happening,, not consistently, mornings ,,, for now like 7 months ,, not everyday( Maybe after 2 weeks ,, then 2 days consistent etc ,,, This was almost the same time I started living a very mindful intentional life,, so diligently started observing the event(also recalled the pattern earlier in my life , but then I just didn’t think much of it ) , being open to the possibility of the message yet optimistic and open minded to whatever the message could,Some times I even engage the birdie and almost like repeat the number of peaks on the window and stuff ( to communicate I’m listening / ready for / etc )(gets very jumpy excited)…/////always visits for just like a min////// Then I started thinking what if my engagement keeps it coming back ? I do pray for it (Today it was very intense ,, the pecking was super intense . .. flew and came back a few times,,,,the last day was difficult for me ,,,,Leads me to a firm believe is a Message of Positivity , Guidance and protection from God .Led me to believe whatever bird knocks on your window or any occurrence..,first pray and ask God if it’s his agent to bring back the message again or if it’s other forces to remove them from your reality .., I love birds

        To anyone it may bring more clarity and calm.,

        1. I have noticed 2 rainbow birds knocking seriously on my window for 2 days now. What does it mean?

    2. Olga Linda says:

      For 2 days now…
      What can this be???

      1. People prepare stock up on food items, medicine, home remedies. Birds are talking to us to prepare.

    3. Yes I agree. I have a Goldfinch, yellow with some green mixed in on the breast. It has been about 4 days all day long. She is a breeding finch. I wish I had a bird cage so I could let her go in. She is sooo intense!! Sooo cute!! But read that one reason might be that the sky refection on the window keeps them there. Or, they are protecting their nest etc and see themselves in the window seeing themselves thinking it is another bird threatening their nest.

  4. Donna maria Taylor says:

    I have a raven who goes from one window to the other banging and pecking at the window. Is this a bad sign or a good one.?

    1. Irene Stephenson says:

      This morning I was woke up with a bird tapping with its beak at my window it woke me as soon as I see the bird and heard it it flew away

      1. The EXACT same thing happened to me!

    2. Kendra T. says:

      Wow, this morning as I was taking my son to school, a black bird what I’m thinking is a raven…hit my windshield. I also see 1:11, 3:33, and 5:55 everyday! Advise please! Lol!

      1. Debbie Blankenship says:

        Today the same bird hit several Windows, many times. It was very odd! 11:11 means spiritual 3:33 God gave me Jeremiah 33:3 then woke me up in the morning the clock read 3:33 also my porch has many morning doves am & pm

      2. Did anything come of it bc me too!

    3. Me too would like to know

  5. Jim Lutzen says:

    I have a Robin that perches on my cedar tree and at 5:05 am he flies up to the window back and forth taps on the window this has been going on for about a week, he never injured him self, this goes on from an hour or two through out the day never seem to get tired. He keeps this up till dark. I don’t mind it but I would like to know what he is trying to tell me.

    1. Please read my other comments to the rest of the people on here prepare that is what he telling you, prepare with food, medicine, know home remedies, learn what things in the wild are edible.

      1. Is the same message when a bluebird bangs onto your window then flies away?

        1. Anyone know about a Mockingbird pecking on my window, stays at back window then saw him in front porch looking in. Weird

      2. Stephanie says:

        You are spreading fear with your messages, lovely. Quite understandably as a result of the fear that is saturating our society from the “virus”.
        That fear can be felt in the vibration of your words. That may have been the message for you but every single soul is different and has different messages- there is no one size fits all. I would recommend to people to just take a few minutes and go within and ask and see what comes up. You have control over your own energy. <3

        1. Thank you. I feel the same way. A blue jay came one evening hung on the screen of my bedroom window where I was laying. He tapped at the window until I raised up. He went ant came back three times. He tore a whole in the screen but he has not been back. That was last week. This week it has been a whirlwind of great fortune! I believe the symbolism is different for everyone.

      3. Why what is coming??? I’m curious

    2. A robin continued everyday for one month, pecking on all windows, when my spouse would go to the garage. 2 months later, my spouse became sick and passed away. But the Robin never flew inside. The Robin then flew away after he passed.

  6. We are experiencing similar. A young robin goes to all of our window and pecks when we are in that room. He taps on our bedroom window at 5:30 a.m
    I swear he would come in if we opened it. I think he’s trying to give us a message. The way the world is now, anything is possible.

    1. I have a robin following me in my house window to window what does this mean ?
      I open the window to see if it would come in nope it set in the tree and look at me now how does this bird know where I am in my house idk and goes to that window Tapping on the window where I am

  7. Melanie Butler says:

    A baby awll, I keep hitting my window in the kichen. I know I have alot of stresd and trying to ďo my best.I know in my heart that’s a sign. I just wish I knew what its telling me??

  8. I had a Baltimore Oriel clinging to my office screen and knocking and peeking inside at me for a solid week and then gone as quick as it came. It was beautiful. It was at my window so much that I taught it to wolf whistle, lol.

  9. Anne T Peters says:

    It has been a strange week! First a beautiful bluebird on the feeder and for 5 days in a row two goldfinches at our window. One sits on top of the hummingbird feeder and the other keeps flying into the window, its beak pecking at it.

  10. Trisha Finlay says:

    A magpie flew into the glass in my back door. What does this mean???

    1. I have a red Cardinal that keeps hitting my windows. Its going on 5 days now. It starts about 7am and keeps going until about 8pm. Why is it doing that?

      1. Jennifer Lee says:

        We are having the same occurrence right now. The red bird keeps pecking on our window. Its been 8 days now. Sometimes it has food in its mouth.

      2. Kenneth Hlopick says:

        My grandma told me it means death in the family. It happened to us when I was a kid. She said it comes in three. Wouldn’t you know it she lost three of her brothers. The cardinal kept hitting the window till there was blood on the window. Anyway I didn’t believe it till it happened. True story

        1. I always heard if it gets in the house that’s a black bird, bat or chimney sweeper. Other birds in house can also mean same.

      3. A male cardinal has been tapping on my window EVERY morning for over a month. At first it was annoying and a couple of times I thought someone might be trying to break into my home.
        I got kind of frustrated with him but, he kept coming each morning and often I the evening too. I place a mannequin head in the window—didn’t scare him one bit. ?
        Then I remembered that visits from cardinals usually represent a positive omen so I left him alone.
        Today I looked up the meaning of seeing cardinals. One article said seeing cardinals in your yard or having them at your window means that a deceased loved one is watching over you and that you’re not alone. I’ll accept that and be more patient with “Bishop”—that’s what I’ve name him.

        1. Hi I’ve had two cardinals for the last past five months hanging around my patio now they’re flying hitting the window pane so i was wondering what does this mean so a young lady just said the exact same thing that my parents are watching over me she also let me know that the red one and brown oneare male,female birds so i was a little at ease.thanks for shareing your story 🕊🐦🦜

        2. A beautiful bright red Cardinal came on my window on Saturday. I hope it’s good luck. I have seen cardinals before, but never such a bright red. My boss died in September suddenly and my favorite sister and dad died years ago. If it’s a loved one, maybe it’s one of them??? Just hope a good omen.

        3. Yesss, this was happening to me! Bright Red Cardinal coming to bedroom window for months; at first it was frustrating but as odd as it might sound, when he don’t show up, I feel sad 😔 it feels like lil birdie is a part of me 😁

      4. We have the same thing going on at my house what does it mean I have a few medical problems I hope it’s not a bad thing for men ?????!!

        1. Sending Prayers and Blessings to you for a speedy recovery🙏🙏🙏

      5. Ileana Harbour says:

        Someone needs to be baptized, I’m a hospice nurse, I have a story about this, as soon as the person was baptized a 12 year old girl the bird flew away and came back when she died, I saw colorful lights coming From the bird and I took pictures and the lights can be seen in the pictures, one of the pictures looks like the Holy Spirit with beautiful lights around it!

      6. Yes I’m having the same thing. A red bird is flying against my window from 6:00 am to about 6:00 pm. She’s very small, not 100% red, but red over most of her body, and isn’t injuring herself, but she s just keeps bumping and fluttering against the window. She’s relentless. It happened before, about 20 years ago in the same month (April) but not since that time.

      7. Same I got video of it.. I’m looking for answers my self. It’s been doing it for about a week if not longer that I didn’t realize.

    2. Leeann Thomson says:

      I have a magpie pecking on my window does anyone know what that means

      1. Wendy Ferguson says:

        Me too! Would love to know. It’s been 3 days now.

  11. We just had a blue jay hit my kitchen window at 830 a.m. and dies few minutes later. Bkue jay are one of my favorite birds, what could this mean?

  12. Virginia Schaffer says:

    My husband got sick on July 1st and I brought him home and took care of him for 13 days but 2 days before he passed i was sitting on my porch smoking and i looked up and there 2 really long cable wires going from my yard across street and there was at least 150 birds on these 2 wires does anyone know what that means ? And then about 6 months after he passed i went to store and came home and walked onto porch and the wall under the window in the room he passed away in was covered in big black flys like hundreds of them in both cases it never happend but the one time in both cases can someone help me idk why this sticks with me so much if anyone may know why this happend and could explain it to me or help me understand it thanks and God bless

    1. Laura M Kidd says:

      Had the exact same thing happen when I was sitting on my front porch. Hundred of crows on the electrical lines. My father-in-law was passing. I believe birds give us messages everyday if we look. Some peaceful, good and also warnings to let us know everything is bigger than us and it will be okay.

  13. There’s a sparrow that always hit my window severally! But I don’t know the meaning.

    1. Me too I got up and prayed against it and it flew away.
      It looked really scared when he started hitting at my window making this weird sound I don’t understand.
      But just hope it’s for good and not for evil

  14. Donna Jessica says:

    I have a house wren that literally crashes into one particular pane of an entire floor to ceiling French doors of windows (bizarre) 3 over, 3 up, and 3 over … every day – at least every 10 minutes. Only that pane. Sometimes it falls down, sometimes it just takes off and does it again. Quite bizarre. It must have a concussion by this time. It sometimes sits on my patio table before charging. Help.

    1. I’m having the same thing happening here for two days for up to 8 times a day on the same pane. I have checked and there is no mirror effect or reflection. I thought maybe it was seeing my African Grey but she is not close enough to see her from outside to the inside of the window. It seriously sounds like Morse code. It’s driving my dogs crazy. I’m hoping it’s not a bad omen. None of us need any more negativity this year for sure.

  15. What does it mean if you have a bird hit your window and dies?
    (Some context)
    I was cleaning a trashcan and let it sit outside to soak in water and a bird hit the window and fell into the water. I found it the next day and it had died.

    1. I’ve just had this experience with looks like a dove. The first thought that crossed my mind was my dear late beloved grandmother. I’m always receiving messages from her.

  16. Uh what about a cardinal? It’s been running into my window for the past 5 days all day everyday.

    1. Johnny Mckay says:

      Me to my mom just died recently in my house some one know the truth about a red bird every where I sit he pecks on the windo

  17. what about a magpie I get lots walking in the garden while im sat outside or they sit on my fence and gate , but this morning at 6.30 am the magpie sat on the window ledge and tapped away at the window .

  18. I have a golden finch (male) that has been tapping on my window for a couple of months now. He goes from window to window. I thought this was a little odd since I have not seen this before. More to the story… my dad has been in and out of the hospital for 2 months and he passed away just recently. This morning and after 48 hours since his death, the bird came back to tap on all my windows after about 1.5 weeks of being gone ( or maybe I just did not notice him). Coincidence?

    1. lynsmagic says:

      Never….a golden finch is filled meanings of joyful abundance….maybe a gift passed alone by your Dad… very beautiful….

  19. I’m glad I’m not the only one who just experienced this finding relief after reading others experiences. Strange things always happen to me when my husband is out of town. I just texted him this morning about what just happened he probably thinks I’m crazy. Good to hear I’m not alone.

    Anyhow around 5:10am after coming back from the restroom I get back into bed and just reading on my phone. All of sudden I hear this tapping on my balcony door. I initially got creeped out and was thinking that my house was about to get broken into any minute. The tapping was like in morse code.. tap, tap, tap… but once I shut off my phone the tapping stopped. Since this covid-19 pandemic I’ve been working from home since 3/18. I noticed during the day birds would constantly fly into and hit my balcony door when I’m working. After doing some googling as to why birds fly into windows and reading it could happen in the night too I felt reassured that I’m not hearing things. So I guess after all it was just a bird.

  20. I had several robins hit different windows in my house one morning all in the span of an hour this spring. 3 died. Several other robins were outside very upset. My mom died within a few weeks.

  21. A bird with with eyes and colorful skin (feathers) always hit my window what does it mean

  22. It’s relieving to hear it’s not just me experiencing these things, I’ve woken up twice to see a magpie on the corner of my window perched and pecking at my window. Happened both sides now. And as soon as it saw me sit up in my bed it flew off. Not sure what it means

  23. lynsmagic says:

    For many months now we have had birds tapping at our window. Firstly a native minor (Australia) and now for many months we have had 2 peewee (mud larks) tapping on our loft windows….recently they have now started tapping front door, back door, toilet (out-house).

    They start at about 6:30am and continue through the day..

    Mid Co-vid I’m guessing big transition and ‘sweet’ callings from beyond…

    I’m ready for change and feel surrounded by angels…..

  24. A bird with green and yellow color coming everyday and pecking into my window .what does it mean ?is it good or bad for us? Plzz rly

    1. Cheryl Maas says:

      We have a Towhee bird that is constantly flying at our neighbours window and pecking. It has been doing this for a couple of days. I contacted local wildlife rescue centre and they told me it was likely a male which is mistaking it’s reflection for a rival male and trying to drive it off it’s territory. Not to say that there can’t be mystical meanings but this is quite common and for those who may be worried about bad omens I think you can relax and just realize it is nature at work. The expert recommended soaping the outside of the window until mating season is over so there is no reflection. Hope this helps.

    2. Karen westbrook says:

      I had 20% and 50/50 chance of living in hospital. Now I have a rare autoimmune diseases with boils head to toe PAINFUL AND I CRY WITH sundowner every evening ; bird taps my window between 6-8 he wants to enter my room. He leans into glass and looks fir me and taps and flutters away and comes back slamming into window. It’s a bluebird one of my daughters had a parakeet land on her neighbors shoulder abd ride inside I. Ft worth Texas. And my houston granddaughter saw a parakeet sitting ina parking lot she picked it up and took it home I’ve had a pigeon make a nest by sliding door in kitchen it watched me for a couple of weeks from perch on high window. I’m sure squirrels ate her two eggs ! Now at 8 ama blue bird tried to get in my room

  25. Me and my hisband were talking about putting our old cat down. I just have trouble with the idea. But then a bird hit the patoo door as we were talking about it… And bird hitting glass has always resulted in a death in my family (well only on windshields), but I think this one was meant as a message to let go and help him pass over.

  26. Colette Nichols says:

    Thank u Jesus

  27. same thing is happening !! crows keep hitting our window till there was blood on window glass…

  28. A song bird came and landed on my mirror, danced and tweeted a few times, then started flying back and forth from my driver side mirror to where I had my window cracked trying to get inside my truck. He did this several times long enough for me to observe watch realize that he was attempting to enter the truck and to grab my phone and record him a little befor I feared for its safety and scared him off. He didn’t go far, just to a small shrub that was next to my truck. Looked at me and acknowledged that he knew that I was there just like he did when he first landed on my mirror and flew in and around the tree before flying away.

  29. I have a large bird flying into my window and hovers flapping its wings thus making a loud fluttering sound. It will then sit on the sill and appears to sway back and forth as if observing. it’s been visiting about 2 weeks now and when I approach to look It darts away. I was able to get a photo as he or she but he always pops into my head left but it wasn’t enough to identify. Not a owl, not a crow but a rather tallish bird. It will also sometimes swing the hummingbird feeder. I was raised on a farm and have also been in my house well over 30 years. I know my wildlife but this bird really has me puzzled. I have always had birds leave me gifts in feather form and I am in no way afraid or bothered. I plan to replace the hummingbird feeder with my seed feeder outside this window so my messenger can eat on his visits if he wishes. If anyone has a thought on this it is welcomed, just please be positive.

  30. what does it mean when 2 grey doves hit window and die

  31. DRITA ALIDEMA says:

    Birds will come to the window, only when they feel that in there is living the one, who will feed them. It is nothing bad. It is all good and if you guys have at least some bread crumbs, will feed them, just enough so they can fly away. No bird in the world will mean a bad omen. The bad or good omen is in the one person’s heart and mind. Please, just think about it, as it is given us a choice to love the life we all live and it is given us a choice; firstly to thank God that we are humans and we are not birds, so at least: what our needs might happen to be, we can always speak them out to the Lord, or even we can provide for ourselves through the work of our own hands…and there is a huge difference in between the animals and us humans, even though, they can also go through so much, same as as humans do, as far as the pain and feeding and keeping of their babies safe. Remember that: little children, dogs, cats, birds and all other creatures smaller than us humans, don’t feel everyone’s love and kindness. They can always tell if a particular person has a tender heart and a bright soul, or not. Therefore; please, STOP badmouthing the poor birds! They cannot be protected anyways. I came from Kosovo, to visit with my son in Brooklyn. And from the day one I came, a mottled gray dove comes to the window and is just squatting on my window. I’ve seen it almost every day, but I had thought that that bird was coming just like that. Then one day my son has asked me if I was putting some bread crumbs on the window seal, and has warned me not to do so, because there are plenty of mice then wandering around. I said no. Because I did not put any thing like that in the window, on the forth floor of that building. But, I know one thing, which is coming straight from my heart. My son’s visitor, can attract gather some innocent beautiful winged creatures out there. It seems like my soul has just enough love for them, so they can feel it and come to express a short welcome sign. I do Thank GOD, for that!

  32. Robert h. says:

    I have a male cardinal which has been doing this well over a month maybe month and a half. Mostly around 7-8am yet today has visited 4 times. It flies up chirps then pecks, flies up a foot or so chirp and peck. I’m almost certain it’s the same bird every time. I pray it serves good intentions Making his presence known.

    1. Rosy Gray says:

      My mother has experienced the same thing for around 9 months with the same male Cardinal.It keeps running into her window , flying off and doing it over and over.My father passed away January 2020.She feels like the Cardinal is a messenger for my dad ❤️😇

  33. I have a bird come to my kitchen window every morning around the same time, like 10am to 12pm , comes to the window and starts pecking at the window, happened 2 times these past two days

  34. Kingsley Junior okoh says:

    Mine same thing in Nigeria right away has am dropping this text here… What can be done please am worried ☹️ help someone free

  35. Had a dream between 1 and 2 a.m. a large red bird ran into my car window I open the door look behind me held my arm out the window he flew onto my arm I hand him over to my husband close the door and he left with us?

  36. Opened the door and found a pigeon with broken wing in front of the door. What does it mean?

  37. Utter tosh. Articles like this shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. If a bird pecks at your window, it’s just seeing its own reflection, thinks it’s another bird, and is just being territorial.

    1. Then why are YOU on here??????

  38. A Manitoba bird always knocking on my window in the mornings
    It’s black & orange in color
    What does this means though??

  39. I have this bird that keeps on coming to my window for two days now at exactly the same time 7pm. It walks up and down the window from left to right. It sometimes knocks on the window then after some minutes it flies away. What could this mean

  40. Samara Johnson says:

    A blue bird has been hitting my window everyday for a week.I wish U had a clear message of whay he is telling me.

    1. Samara Johnson says:

      I wish I knew what this means.

  41. A bird flew in my door in porch passed my head and hit the window behind me. It’s spits up blood.. the same day our closest friend commits suicide then the next day our house burns to the ground with no reason for to start.. we are still confused on what started the fire it don’t make sense.. nothing had changed there was no.difference in making food that day then the day prior.. absolutely nothing.. I’m a superstitious guy and I think some weird shit went down this day.. any thoughts about it?

  42. Hi this happend to me 3 times today. One woke me up by knocking on the window repetedly. And then after a shower some hours later a bird came and knock on the window. I went to tell my fiancee in another room and there it was again knocking on the window. It was a yellowsparrow. What does this mean? I also got bitten by a snake in okt. And ecactly 1 month later a snake was rescued by my fiancee who see the snake only 20-30cm away from my dog. who passed away one 1 mont ago. i feel so much in my body i also see the same Numbers all day. Today 1414 and 1515 Somethings must be going on.

  43. Courtney Stone says:

    Sad story… a goldcrest kept flying at my window today, trying to get in. My cat was watching it intensely. This lasted a couple of hours, then it flew it away. It came back with another bird and they were both flying at my window trying to fly in. Another couple of hours of this go by. They weren’t frightened when I was right up at the window or when my cat was swatting at the window. My other cat went and killed one of the poor birds and brought it to our front door. So sad, it broke my heart. The other little bird keeps coming back looking for its friend. So bizarre that they kept flying at the window, and so very sad…

  44. Its true it happened to me

  45. Jesa Faye De Luna says:

    I was preparing for my online night class when I heard a noise from the upper window. A white pigeon/dove was knocking on the window. It stared at me for a couple of minutes and flew away. It felt surreal, to be honest.

  46. I have a blackbird banging on my sliding doors constantly for 2 days. When I went to check on it, I noticed lots of blood marks on the windows. What does that mean???

  47. A red wing blackbird is tapping on our bedroom window every morning for the last week. It sits on the sill and sings as well. I live in Ontario.

  48. At first it was a little humming bird always singing in front of my door, each time I try to chase it away it keep coming back, secondly an owl keep appearing in my compound and each time this owl keep appearing with an humming bird flying and singing round the back of my compound, please I need help cause I am not feeling fine before this birds keep appearing .

  49. Darlene Surette says:

    We have a barn swallow,hes cute comes to every window and sits and rests there everyday now for a couple weeks,trying to figure out what hes trying to tell me we built a piece on and when we were tareing out the eves their was a nest it could have been their nest and they came back to take it over and its not there,but this fella follows me from window to window I talk to it can walk right up to the window,hes not first it was scarey as we heard so many things about a bird coming to your window like death is we see it as a welcome sign of good things to come…🙏🙏

  50. Eli Dumitru says:

    Your interpretations are like saying a sign might mean stop, it might mean go, it might mean turn left or it might mean turn right.
    : > )

  51. Nkeng Maricole says:

    There is this bird that has been coming to my window for more than one month now continuously. It comes very early in the morning struggling to enter the house but if I touch the window it will run away. It has a particular time that it comes knocking at the window in my room. Is this bird that wakes me up every day

  52. I have had two cardinals 1 big one smaller peck on my window everyday for over a month now I have been seeing owls hang out on the top of our house what do the two have in common and what does it mean

  53. I was half asleep so I didn’t see what bird it was but my uncle that sadly passed away we found a bird in the basement dead and the day after that he died and remember this was in 2016!!!

  54. Maggie Muir says:

    I have a crow who keeps knocking on my kitchen door it’s been for over week I have a video it’s frightening sounds like it’s trying to get in the house what does this mean

    1. I believe the crow has a message for you.. Birds are messengers after all, maybe God or someone that has passed away is trying to tell you something?

  55. I had a dream that a crow was flying extremely fast straight toward me, whilst i was standing in my home. However, the crow splatted really hard into the glass door and it didn’t look to good after splatting into the sliding door.. what does this mean?

  56. I have a baby magpie constantly banging into my window ever since I’ve moved into my house and I’ve been in my house for almost 2 months and every morning it’s starts banging into my bedroom window

  57. July 25 a black bird hit my patio window and broke its neck same day a humming bird hit it but did not die. Next day another black bird hit the window same thing it died. July 29 2021 three days later 501 pm a tornado hit my house and tore off the roof wife and I plus two dogs survived. I would go with impending disaster

  58. We used to go camping as kids. As adults with kids and all of us living far apart we started camping again. A few years back 5 of us went and our mom stayed home. We got cabins sort of close to each other. They all went to the pool but I stayed in our cabin. I had just started to get into bird watching a few months before. Looking out into the woods at the balcony door window, I thought I’d like to see a cedar waxwings up close. I thought in pictures they were ugly. In a few seconds I heard a woosh (large bird flying fast I guessed) then a bang in the window. I walked back to the balcony door window and saw a cedar waxwing lying before me on the outside. A small drop of blood on the window and I watched as this beautiful bird was having trouble breathing. Finally stopped and a small stream of blood fell from its beak. I was upset. I called my mom back home. She screamed and said “someone close to me will die”, then she screamed both my father and brothers name. Both were deceased. And as she hung up on me she said it was her. She died 7 months later. She had seven kids. There’s a few other things that happened that were very significant but this much was bird related. Other signs I thought. No matter how I saw it coming, I wasn’t ready. I think this and the few other things were omens for death like she said. But just for my story.

  59. Hi everyone
    I woke up this morning when magpie knocked on my window and it sounded like a code message that only humans would first I thought someone knocking on the door but realised after it’s a window and saw magpie like waiting for me to see him
    Obviously I was emotional and scared at first and looking for answers over internet
    In my culture only if birds hit windows and die than someone dies at home or close relatives death news
    Recently, I am seen so many signs and synchronicities of numbers which are very positive.the magpie made knock sounded more like only human would do.
    Can anyone please help me and explain what does it mean?
    Thank you so much

  60. Martyn Butterworth says:

    This shit happens to me

  61. I woke up this morning to a woodpecker knocking on my window…I couldn’t do nothing but smile..for me I feel like it’s a good sign for a big change in my life….

    1. Elda Abrego says:

      At 11:29 04/09/22 a red crested Woodpecker hit my patio window real hard and fell to the ground. I felt so bad. Thank God my cats were not outside. The bird laid on his back stunned. I went outside and rubbed his head and tummy. A few minutes later he turned and stood up. I went inside to get a small towel and a bag with holes in it to place him in. I was going to put the bag in a dark warm area for him to recover but as I opened the patio sliding door he flew away. I hope he goes to a place where he can recover.

  62. I have had a hawk fly almost into my car on 2 separate occasions. I have always felt like hawk is a friend and protector of mine but these 2 were close enough for me to touch. Any ideas on what this might mean?

  63. I couldn’t sleep last night so I got up and sat at my desk and tinkered at 4am. A sparrow came to the window and kept trying to latch onto the screen. I felt bad because I knew I couldn’t let it in. But I wonder what might have been the reason. I’m on a high second floor. It stayed and kept trying until I went back to bed.

  64. Nice well explained article.

  65. The before yesterday 19 November 2021 i woke a from a bird knocking on my window im not sure what bird it was but it was quite a pretty bird
    It was black with yellow spots all over and his head had white dots he has quite a big white peak.

    It was sitting by the window and knocking and when i took a look it flew away ….

    So this morning 21 November 2021 the exact same bird came knocking again but only this time i was busy making my bed and tidying up the room

    Why would this happen what does this mean

    How would i know if this bird is giving me a warning sign of something or trying to tell me something or if this is something good or bad ???

  66. PleaseMePleaseMe says:

    I have a black pigeon it knocks on my window. The miraculous thing is that when he sees me he doesn’t go im so proud he’s still at my window and im proud because it’s generous it’s genorous to stay

  67. PleaseMePleaseMe says:

    Like i said, the black pigeon left i felt a bit sad since it was gone, but the pigeon came back, looked at me, then suddenly squawked and left. The Bird was the most generous bird in history. Anyways I already got it some bread! And I think the squawk means “Good Bye!”

  68. I moved into my house on Oct 30, 2020. I lost my grandmother, who raised me on that same day. For an entire year, I have this blackbird (I believe it’s a crow) peck on my window at the same time every day. Sometimes it scares me, but other times I’m annoyed or curious. It pecks at my basement window for at least 10 mins at a time, and every time I go downstairs, it flys away.

    I’m not sure what it means or if I’m being my crazy weird self, but I’m welcoming any thoughts or suggestions as I have racked my brain and still have nothing.

  69. Jackeline S Lopez says:

    a small sparrow keeps knocking at my glass door every morning at work, and today its been at my car side view mirror looking at itself for hours, what does that mean?

  70. I walked outside and a Blue jay flew right into my chest. It hit it hard. My instinct was to get it off of me and I pushed it away. It fell on the porch and immediately flew away. This happened a few years ago and still disturbs me.

  71. Well, I already have that experience. Thanks a lot for revealing the spiritual meaning. I hope this can happen to me again in the future.

  72. katherine LeFait says:

    A Red Cardinal keeps tapping on my window for the last few weeks what does that mean ?

  73. I am amazed that so many people are experiencing the same thing. I don’t want to lose my fiance or any family member. I hope and pray that these 2 robins and the bluejay are a blessing.

  74. Birds attack!!! Mockingbirds, wrens, blackbirds and other flying creatures have attacked me for what reason I know not. I am beginning to dislike the species. I would like to know what I have done to make them target me. This is the 4th year. I have been pecked, butted and intimidated by birds.

  75. Rose Smith says:

    Today 2 seagull bird knocking our window twice comeback that is the meaning coment pls.

  76. Twenty years ago, a bird kept flying into the window in the back of my house. It was right after my father in law’s death and the bird continued to return every April for a few years and spend several days bumping into and fluttering against the window. This April (2022) a small red bird has come to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same window. She begins at around 6:00am and doesn’t stop until 6:00 pm. I raised the shade thinking that might be confusing her, but it hasn’t changed her behavior. I would love to know why this is happening.

  77. Sherry Carter says:

    Some bird just flew and hit window saw on camera. Don’t no what it mean around every evil ppl.

  78. William G. Lamm says:

    What does it mean when a male Red Bird pecks on a churches stain glass window during a funeral?
    I had heard old sayings about Red Birds visiting you but this is something I have never experienced until today.
    Hers my story!
    During a funeral at our church a red bird was constantly pecking on a stain glass window of the church. After a few minutes if this a deacon slipped out and ran him off. What happens next is that same bird goes to the other side of the church to another stain glass window and starts pecking on that one.
    That is my first experience and I’ll remember it till I’m sent to my Heavenly Home.
    Thanks for reading and I hope this touches someones Heart. ❤️

  79. I have a cardinal that taps on my window every morning wakes me up then every room I go in she will tap on that window this goes on till I leave my house

  80. Robin nested last year had babies.. Now possible return of one of the parents or babies returning. And tapping on my window.. This is interesting. Probably searching for nesting again.. Because it is a safe place. I hope so.. But it could be the message from God theory. Just lost my dad..

  81. What does it mean if a bird lands on your phone screen

  82. Today is May 18, 2022 I been looking a little black & blue bird in the eyes, he keep flying into my front door screen and sit there. Then I come to the door he fly away he done did it like 6 time. What does that means? And I gave my life to Christ Jesus and I read Gods words daily. Send me your thoughts someone

  83. Chris Kalynn says:

    The morning after my dads funeral I was crying on my couch grieving when all of a sudden a red cardinal knocked with his beak and tweeted so loud that it woke up my cat that was lying next to me. I know it was my daddy telling me everything is going to be okay. It made me smile. It was amazing. ♡♡

  84. A baby dove or mockingbird had come right up to my bedroom window which is right next to me and it was just hovering there looking right at me then flew away.

    1. It was a baby dove I just checked its by the bush on the side of my window

  85. Lakshay Sen says:

    I love how this blog uses bird knocking to illustrate different spiritual meanings! This is a great way to connect with nature and learn about its spiritual side.

  86. In 2017 while on a trip in Missouri, a very large turkey vulture flew right into our windshield while driving. It hit the window on the passenger side where I was sitting and knocked off the side mirror and almost caused an accident. The bird died instantly. My boyfriend was the one driving that day. ..2 Weeks later, he unexpectedly passed away.

    I was absolutely grief stricken for years after the loss. I had heard that a bird flying into windows and dying meant someone close to you would die, but in my case, it was true unfortunately. I’ve never been the same since that loss.

    This morning, on my way home it happened again. I was driving on the freeway and a bird flew into my windshield and died. I didn’t see what kind of bird it was. I’m so scared and worried that something may happen to another loved one.

  87. I had a bird hit my car windshield while driving. My oldest son past away later that year. I had a dove hit my bay window today. Does that mean I will loose someone else?

  88. I love how this blog uses bird knocking to illustrate different spiritual meanings! This is a great way to connect with nature and learn about its spiritual side.

  89. chepsiet Jr says:

    For the past like a week a yellow feathered beautiful bird becks till today not even today …right now and I chose to take a look on what really would be and just realized its a transition I am to take🥰

  90. Gary Bob McDaniel says:

    Gary Bob McDaniel
    I live in Paradise, Texas on 5 Acres With 4 Houses. I Currently Live in The First House Built on The Property in 1986. My Mother and Father Lived in This Home For 10 Years 2007 Thru 2017. My Father
    Died in What is Now My Master Bedroom. My Mother Stayed in This Home For 7 Additional Years. They Were Both Bird People. They Kept
    8 or 10 Hummingbird Feeders Out
    Year Round. My Mother Passed on
    June 27, 2020. I Have Lived in This Home For 2 Years 5 Months.
    I have A Female Cardinal That Has
    Been Flying into My Kitchen Window
    10 To 12 Times/ 3 Times A Day for
    27 Days. She Just Went Away After
    The Same 12 Times At 8:00am CST
    One Hour Ago. I have Talked To Her
    And I Am Here 24/7 Because I Am
    100% Disabled. I Know When it is Her Because I Can Hear Her When She Starts. I Also Have Went To The Kitchen and Saw Her Repeatedly Fly
    Into The Kitchen Window At Least 2/
    Dozen Times. Now 27 Days Times 3
    Times A Day Equals 81 Times She Has Been Here. It is Unusual for Her to Come Back This Soon. She Has Only Been Gone for One Hour & 9 Minutes and She is Back Right Now. I AM Sitting in My Wheelchair in The Kitchen, Talking To Her. The Theiore
    Of A Possible Reflection is Not Possible Here. The Kitchen Window is On The North Side of The House. I have Read All I can Find About This
    Without Any Satisfaction. So I Have
    Written This Very Long Comment

  91. I saw a yellow-bellied Dacni knocking on my window this afternoon. I trapped it by leaving open the window then it got into my kitchen, then it tried to fly out but in vain. I captured it.
    Does anyone know the meaning?

  92. A Red Bird is hopping up & down and tapping at the windows across the front of my house and has during this entire week before Christmas. It was even attacked by a stray cat leaving feathers all over my porch; however it keeps coming back. This happen over a year ago by a Red Bird who nested and layed eggs near my front door. I have also had two different Mocking Birds tap for weeks in the last 10 years. Plus Birds crash into my windows all the time. On the back side of my house a small hawk and then an owl broke glass crashing so hard. My house overlooks a large creek deep in the woods.

  93. Do you think it is spiritual or simply nature? See my previous comment. 👇👇👇

  94. Yellow vented bulbul comes knocking on my room window every morning for the past 2 weeks. What message is this?

  95. Anne Young says:

    A chaffinch keeps knocking on my window

  96. My male cat is suffering from a UTI, (I’m trusting in the Lord to heal him) however a dove or a Bluejay knocked at our window (in the front of our house). By the way it is nighttime, how could it see? Let alone knock and scratch. I hope Jesus saves my cat. ❤️🙏🏼 Pray for him please.

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