How Much Do Window Washers Make?

It is the job of window washer to ensure dirty windows in homes, apartments, or office buildings are neat. This work is not as easy as it looks and sometimes could be very dangerous. Most times, these workers have to do window cleaning for high rise buildings.

Their impact on the outlook of a building is significant. Nobody wants to look at a building with dirty windows.

They often use ladders or scaffoldings to be able to reach the desired window height. It is not a job for individuals that have phobia for heights. Bearing in mind the dangers synonymous with this job, one gets to wonder how much window washer makes. Let us know what their job entails before giving great insight into their wage.

What Is a Window Cleaner’s Job?

Window cleaners are individuals that ensure the part of a glass window in full view is always clean. They clean the external glass window of businesses and high-rise buildings. It is worthy of note that not only high-rise buildings require window cleaners. One-story buildings and buildings made of glass need the services these cleaners provide.

How Much Does A Window Cleaner Make In The United States?

Window cleaners usually work base on contract. Indeed, in the United States, window washers earn up to $62.84 for a four-hour job. This amount equates $15.71 per hour. Indeed derived its estimates from statistics conducted on over 2000 window cleaners within 36 months.

What Is the Pay Base on Experience Level

What Is the Pay Base on Experience Level

Research carried out shows window cleaners earn based on their level of experience. An experienced washer receives higher than a rookie does. Experts in the field of window cleaner, with over 20 years’ experience earn an average of $18 per hour.

A washer with 10-19 years’ experience is a professional cleaner and earns an average of $17.30 per hour. A mid-level window cleaner with between 5-9 years’ experience gets an average salary of $15.82/hr.

Washer with one to four years of experience earns an average wage of $14.94 per hour. A rookie with less than one year of experience under his belt makes about $12.23 per hour. This pay includes tips, bonuses, and overtime.

Wages Per hour

In the United States, window washers grouped with janitors and building maintenance workers. Their average hourly salary as of 2011 was $13.89, from rookie to expert. Earning in this field is dependent on employment status and experience level.

Self-employed cleaners earn based on their client base, and the more experienced washers collect about $20.71 per hour. These statistics are from the Bureau of Labor.

Wages per Hour by Industry

Several industries need the services of these cleaners. The place where a cleaner does cleaning determines the hourly salary. The United States Bureau for statistics states the different wage scales for sectors.

Government agencies pay cleaners from $12.55 to $10.33 per hour while the higher institutions pay washers an average of $21.21 per hour. Building maintenance companies pay window cleaners $14.49 per hour. Elementary schools pay $13.82 per hour on average.

Popular US Industries and their Window Shower Pay Check

  • Pure Cleaning Services in California: On average, this company pays their window cleaners about $20.76 per hour. This pay by Pure Cleaning Services is about 44% more than the national average.
  • Pyramid 53: Window cleaners for Pyramid 53 in California receive about $20.79 on the average for their services. That sum is roughly 44% more than the national average.
  • B & B Window and Gutter Cleaning Window Cleaners: Workers for B & B Window and Gutter Cleaning Window Cleaners collect a slightly lesser pay than window cleaner in CA. Their payment of $19.82 is but 38% more than the national average.

State Hourly Wages

State Hourly Wages

Window cleaners receive a good paycheck in the various states in US. Based on a report by the BLS in 2011, window washers received the highest rate of $21.81 in the state of Delaware. They equally made reasonable rates of $16.12 and $17.05 in California and New Hampshire, respectively.

Minnesota workers collected roughly the national average of $13.92 per hour. In Pennsylvania and Florida, the workers had a lower hourly rate than the national average at $11.02 and $12.34, respectively.

How Much Does A Window Cleaner Make In California?

California State window cleaners receive an average rate of $17.81 per hour, roughly 23% more than the national average. These rates are according to the list of salaries for 228 personnel mailed to indeed by anonymous window cleaners.

Indeed also compiled the past and current job adverts for the last three years to arrive at the rate. Usually, a window worker term is not more than one year.

Window Worker Wages in Los Angeles

An average window cleaner in the city of angels receives $23.73 per hour. This rate is approximately 64% more than the national average. These rates are coined from 37 paychecks submitted anonymously by LA window cleaners to indeed.

Indeed also compiled the past and current job adverts for the last three years to arrive at the rate. Usually, a window worker term is not more than one year.

How Much a Window Cleaner Makes in Austin, TX?

In Austin TX, a window washer makes an annual income of $28,378 on average as of April 2020. Various sources present different salary ranges. ZipRecruiter saw yearly paychecks soar up to $37,860 and also plummetted to $16,503. There is currently a $7, 766 variation on the average range of window washer salaries.

Workers in the window cleaning industry in Austin TX earn between $24, 269 (25th percentile), and 32, 075 (75th percentile). The difference in figures suggests that no matter the area, the salaries are almost the same irrespective of experience garnered.

The window cleaning recruitment market in Austin, TX, and environs is booming, at least based on ZipRecruiter reports. The reports also include the updated salary scale of workers gotten from online databases of several active jobs.

Window Cleaner Salary for Skycraper

Window Cleaner Salary for Skycraper

The pay of window washers differs according to the worker’s level of expertise, area of work, and function. Based on Glassdoor reports, the skyscraper window washer salary is about $33, 107 yearly. This sum could increase with more expertise or for those in administration. Workers who own their establishments earn more and have more control over their list of clients.

Is It Possible For Window Washer To Make $50, 000 Annually?

Numerous small and medium enterprise start-ups pay so well, and it includes starting a window cleaning business. In some areas, the average hourly rate for a window washer could go up to $40 or $70. That’s some money for doing virtually little, which could go on to become a good-paying career.

This career is one that promises to pay up to $50 000 or more in a year. Going into the industry alone won’t pay you that sum. You have to build up your client list through powerful adverts.

Although National dailies might be expensive, you could start with little mentions in local radio stations. Employ the small forms of advertising and see them work wonders.

You can invest in fliers, which is a very effective means of advertising on a small scale. Gather some teenagers, give them little change, and see them paint the neighborhood with your flyers. As the business grows, you should add an A or AA to the name while advertising on Yellow pages or the national dailies.

Final Word

You never know how much window washers do make until you take a closer look. These artisans collect substantial amounts to make a stained glass window in your home, office and store to sparkle again.

Various regions are paying slightly different rates that are either higher or lower than the national average. This rate could well rise if you’re your boss.

So, we have taken time to compile this window cleaning cost calculator to help answer the question of how much do window washers make? It will help a great deal for those who plan on starting a window cleaning business

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