9 Ways To Hang A Wreath On Door

9 Ways to Hang a Wreath on Door

For most of us, flower garlands, holly wreaths, and mistletoe only go up once a year. But if you sink a nail into your door to hold the wreath, you’ll be stuck with that ugly … Read more

4 Steps To Measure For A Storm Door

4 Steps to Measure For a Storm Door

Are you looking for a way to keep bugs out, minimize the effects of inclement weather, improve ventilation, and even reduce cooling and heating costs? Installing a storm window might be the answer. These days, … Read more

8 Steps To Paint A Front Door

8 Steps to Paint a Front Door

Are you tired of being met by a drab-looking door every time you come home? A fresh coat of paint can give your entryway a new lease on life. The best part is that you … Read more

10 Steps To Install An Exterior Door

10 Steps to Install an Exterior Door

Are you looking to swap out your exterior-facing door for a new one? Hanging a door properly is not just great for safety; a professionally done front door can improve your home’s curb appeal. That … Read more

7 Ways To Lock A Door Without A Lock

7 Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

Your doors let people into your home. But they also keep out unwanted guests. That’s why we have locks. But sometimes, your door lock gets damaged. It might be a toddler that slammed it too … Read more

9 Easy Steps To Install A Storm Door

9 Easy Steps to Install a Storm Door

There are several reasons why you might consider adding a storm door to your home. They can offer protection to your existing door, they can provide an extra level of security, they can allow more … Read more