11 Steps To Install A Door Knob

11 Steps to Install a Door Knob

Door knobs offer more benefits than most of us credit them for. They let us get past the entryway when we have our hands full with groceries. We don’t have to turn the handle – … Read more

How To Fix A Sliding Glass Door

How To Fix A Sliding Glass Door

Is your door more of a sticking door than a sliding one? Years of use can make these doors hard to open or close. From wrapped and dirty tracks to seized rollers, any number of … Read more

12 Steps to Install a Barn Door

12 Steps to Install a Barn Door

Are you looking to add rustic charm to a room in your house? A wooden sliding door is a fantastic choice. Also known as barn doors, these can be hung on just about any entryway … Read more

6 Steps To Replace Door Frame

6 Steps to Replace Door Frame

Is your door frame damaged or looking haggard? Worn out jambs can make it difficult to open or close a door. Installing new ones can easily resolve the problem. Fortunately, with the right tools and … Read more

10 Steps To Fix A Pocket Door

10 Steps to Fix a Pocket Door

Is your once trusty door no longer opening and closing smoothly? A simple lubrication routine might be all that’s needed to get it back in shape but if there’s a problem with the hardware, you … Read more

9 Steps To Install A Screen Door

9 Steps to Install a Screen Door

Screen doors improve the ambiance of your home. You can count on them to let in and circulate cool, fresh breeze in your indoors and improve its air quality. They also give you the peace … Read more

9 Ways To Hang A Mirror On A Door

9 Ways to Hang a Mirror on a Door

Most of us love mirrors. Even those who don’t like how they look. They still can’t help being drawn to a mirror. And in addition to getting your outfit right and enabling periscopes, mirrors can … Read more

9 Ways To Hang A Wreath On Door

9 Ways to Hang a Wreath on Door

For most of us, flower garlands, holly wreaths, and mistletoe only go up once a year. But if you sink a nail into your door to hold the wreath, you’ll be stuck with that ugly … Read more