What Is Brickmold On a Door

What Is Brickmold On a Door?

As a homeowner, aside from surrounding your window with brick molding, you can apply this design around your door. Moreover, many prefer to use a brick mold on exterior doors than installing a trim. Doors, … Read more

11 Steps to Build a Wall with a Door

11 Steps to Build a Wall with a Door

Do you have a room that you want to partition? Installing a frame wall might sound like a complicated job but you only need moderate DIY skills, the right tools, and of course, the right … Read more

10 Easy Steps To Plane A Door

10 Easy Steps to Plane a Door

Is your door ‘catching’ around the edges? Planing can enlarge the gap between the door and jamb, making closing and opening a complete breeze. The job involves taking out the door from its hinges first … Read more