6 Easy Steps to Replace a Window Pane

Standard home windows could last half a lifetime before the thoughts of changing them will spring to mind. However, this might not be the case of a window pane as it breaks quicker and would require repair. The windowpane replacement process differs depending on the type of window.

Replacing a plastic pane would vary from how to replace glass on a double window pane. This article would highlight easy steps on how to replace a windowpane. But before we go into that tell give a short insight into a window pane.

What are Window Panes?

The layers of glasses fixed on a window frame are known as window panes. They are two common types – the single panes, double-pane thickness, or energy-efficient (Thermal glass).  Also, it’s either a single large layer of glass or different shapes and sizes of ornate panes inside the border. The different kinds of windowpane include:

Single Pane Windows

It’s a straightforward explanation; this type of window uses a single sheet/layer of glass fixed into the borders. You might hardly find this in modern homes as its common only in ancient houses. This fact sounds a big derogatory because single-pane windows are good although they are on the back foot of recent technology.

Homes look better in double layers/panes because not only more energy-efficient they are also soundproof.

Double Pane Windows

If we are to talk about the most recent technology in window glasses, you think of double pane windows. In between the sheets of glass, there is argon gas that acts as an insulator. Yes, it features two layers of glass brought together for a more robust and more efficient window covering.

Surely, you have understood window panes and its types, now let show you how to replace a window pane.

Tools for Window Pane Replacement

  • Pair of pliers
  • Putty Knife
  • Caulk
  • Protective wearing (eye and hands)
  • Glazing Points
  • Sandpaper
  • Carpenter’s knife
  • Glazing

Step by step Guide on How to Replace a Single Window Pane

Step 1: Prepare the Area

Ensure you are putting on the protective wearing on your hands (leather gloves) before removing broken glass. Remove the former glazing with a putty knife. Surely, the putty has hardened over time and would require a rough scrape or heat application to soften. You can do this with a heat gun.

When it has loosened up a bit, you should remove the glazing points with your pair of pliers. Take out the caulk and smoothen edges with sandpaper.

Step 2: Take Measurement and Check

Take Measurement and Check 1

After you have eliminated the former glazing, check if your new glass fits the window frame. You should have the correct dimensions to enable a perfect fitting of the fresh sheet. The measurement would help you get the exact glass for your window from a local hardware store.

The layer of glass should be a quarter-inch smaller than the opening. You may need a piece of the old glass to confirm you’re getting the correct thickness and kind. Check if it fits into the opening.

Step 3: Fix in the New Glass Pane

Fix in the New Glass Pane 1

Apply a considerable layer of caulk on the lines of the window to ensure you seal it properly against the weather. Place the new glass sheet and fix it in the glazing points into the borders to hold it in position. Each edge of the frame should get two glazing points for a regular glass size.

Step 4: Put the Glazing

Put the Glazing 1

Apply the glazing mixture on the sides of the glass using your putty knife. You can also apply them like caulk since it comes in a tube.

Ensure that the glazing stuffs cover up the gaps and cracks in the glass edge to enhance protection from the weather. You may need to heat the glazing mixture if it’s oik-based.

Get a bowl of warm water and place the mixture tube inside it. This approach ensures that it mixes out easily. Smoothen it out immediately as glazing dries up.

Step 5: Smear the Glazing Smoothly

Smear the Glazing Smoothly

Use your putty knife and smooth the glazing instantly after application. Take out the excesses after smoothing the mixture on the glass.

Various compounds require different times for effective drying and setting. Oil-based compounds need more time to dry than latex-based glazing. While the latter needs just a few hours to set, oil-based glazing might need days before firming up.

Step 6: Paint the Window Border (If You Wish)

You can paint the borders if they look too messy. It may need a touch up in a few places where the painting was spoilt. Paint the latex glazing on the same day you installed the pane. Doing this also helps in sealing up the window effectively against adverse weather.

How to Replace Energy Efficient Glass Pane in a Vinyl Window

These steps will guide you through replacing broken glass on a vinyl window

Step 1: Remove the Glazing Point with Chisel

First, you have to take the old glazing spots using your chisel. Take out the first two on the sides, and then follow up on the ones on the left and right side.

Step 2: Get the Exact Dimension of the Broken Glass Pane before Taking Out

It’s best to measure the broken glass pane, so that you can get the correct replacement.

Step 3: Remove the Old Energy-Efficient Glass

Remove the Old Energy-Efficient Glass

Cut out the caulking and dried glazing on the edges of the broken glass using a carpenter’s knife. Get someone to help you hold the glass in position while you remove it. If you finish cutting, nudge the topside panel and have your helper pull the glass from the frame.

Clean the Window Borders, and Scrape out any remainder if glazing or caulking on the frame with your putty knife.

Step 4: Lay-In New Caulking on the Bare Window Frame

Lay-In New Caulking on the Bare Window Frame

After clearing all the old caulking, it’s time to put in a new layer. Apply the caulking and put back the setting blocks you once removed. Hold them with little caulking.

Step 5: Fix in the New Energy-Efficient Glass Pane ad Apply New Caulking to Hold

Fix in the New Energy-Efficient Glass Pane ad Apply New Caulking to Hold

Ensure that the argon sticker on the glass pane is facing inwards when installing a thermal glass pane. Fix the base into the frame first, and then place the top in position. Lay in the caulking on all edges of the window – bottom, upper part, and sides. The gel helps to hold the pane in place, but remove the excesses by running your finger on them.

Step 6: Replace the Glazing Points

After installing and caulking the pane, you have to replace the glazing point where you removed them. Fix in the bottom and top spots first, and then the sides can follow.

Step 7: Finish by Clearing Off Excess Caulk on New Glass Pane

When you finish the installation of the thermal glass on the vinyl window frame, give it excellent final touches. You do this by removing all the excess caulking with a flat or sharp razor.

How to Replace Glass in a Double Pane Window

Replacing glass in a double pane window may spring up any time. Stray baseballs, home window accidents, or a break-in attempt may bring up the need to fix in a new pane. So it’s best to know how to replace glass in a double-pane window

If you want to try out your DIY skills, these steps may give you a bit of guidance.

  • Remove the molding and keep it in a corner, if there is any on your window
  • Using a putty knife, take out any glazing on the verges of the glass
  • Remove the sealing substance that holds it onto the window border
  • Take out the crystal sheet from the edge using a suction cup grip. If the window has broken, you may clear out the remnants that are stuck in the frame. Ensure you are putting the fill protective equipment when dealing with broken glass.
  • Lay in some silicon-based sealant to the edges where you’ll place the new one. Ensure its enough so you won’t have to buy replacement double pane window glass within a short period.
  • Place the stand-in glass with a suction cup grip and put in more sealant to hold it in position.

Final Word

A window can crack or break at any time. If they don’t get old, a child could break it while trying out a baseball skill probably. This brings up the need for a window and replacement

While you may want to pay your way through the whole process, it won’t hurt to learn how to replace a windowpane. This guide elaborates on the process, in case you don’t find an expert for window pane replacement near you.

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