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  1. Brenda Dillard says:

    I’m looking for the largest picture window I can have in a 10′ ceiling, and or the largest sliding
    glass doors.
    I need glass to face the lake and I need 140 feet of glass. Please the glass for a pool building with a 50′ long pool

  2. Mike Mullinax says:

    Windsor doors and windows not in the top 15??
    How does Windsor rate?

  3. Mike Ramzy says:

    Thermal King is trying to sale me a sliding patio door with, 8 ft., triple pane, saying it has a 50 year warranty. Believe they own part of Great Lakes Windows. How does Great Lakes rate on windows especially sliding patio doors and/or Thermal King sliding patio doors which I sure can not find.

    1. Doug Eckelbecker says:

      If it has a metal spacer they’re feeding you a line on the warranty. If it has the thermal edge spacer it’s a hreatwindow

  4. Dave Wilson says:

    Built “A” frame in Huntsville, AL< ~50 years ago with 12 ea 48" wide x 96" tall windows & 4 ea similar dimensioned with a corner clipped from each window; all dual pane mounted in western cedar. Am replacing windows & framing. Interested in "" supplying double pane windows, but need someone to supply frames (Aluminum or vinyl?)

  5. What is the deal with the residential window shortage in this country? My new construction in Florida has been stalled for TWO MONTHS because national homebuilder DR Horton apparently can’t windows.

    1. I’m having the same problem in Kissimmee…smh

  6. I have remodeled 6 houses in OR and CO since 2002 including replacing windows in each. For wood windows, we found Marvin windows to be ideal. For vinyl, Milguard windows have been hassle-free on every house. Cascade? Meh. The worst by far: Jeld-wen. They rusted in less than 3 years. Trying to get them to honor their warranty was a nightmare.

  7. I think that you need to check your facts, the last I knew Woodgrain Millwork moved to Fruitland, Idaho, not OHIO.

  8. I don’t know if they are the best but I use Dako windows.

  9. Doug Eckelbecker says:

    I find it funny that spells and Anderson are both on this list. Cardinal make their glass pack and they just add the frame to it

  10. Manuel Savala says:

    Have you information about a brand of window stamped “JONES”. I need a replacement window.

  11. adnanmaaalik says:

    Hurricane Windows and Screen Inc is a company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of impact-resistant windows and doors. They have been in the industry for over 30 years and are known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service.

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