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  1. I moved into a house with a few horizonal Millgard windows. I took out both balancers from a window and closed it. Now I cannot even open it without the balancers. I thought the balancers provided tension so they would open or close slowly, but I cannot even open the window now. Why is this happening? Also what do the take out clips do? They are at the top inside the frame so I can’t see what use they are for.

    1. Royce shearin says:

      The balance is not for speed control, the balance takes the weight off of the sach. The window should still open without the balance but you will be lifting the full weight of the sash. The take out clips at the top swing out from the bottom, then you lift the sasch to them and they unhook the block and tackle balances for you.

  2. Mike Ososki says:

    When replacing spiral window balances, how do we assure that same tension on both sides?

  3. You’ll need balancers in order to allow your window to function properly. Without the balancers, your window won’t slide up or down properly. Balancers not only hold the weight of your window sash, but also help guide the window for smooth operation.

    As far as those little clips up in the top corners of your window frame. Those are catcher clips for your balancers, if you pull them so they stick out and raise your window the will capture your balancers. That will allow you to take the sash out for what ever reason you may have.

    Hope this helps.

  4. biren.tang says:

    I saw in one video that you can measure the glass panel to get the balance size. My window measures 26 inches but the balancer (which came off) is 27 inches. It also does not have any stamps. What should I be ordering – 26 inches or 27 inches?

  5. Simon knoll says:

    I’m after 8 block and tackle balance springs. They have 3118DS stamped on the side.
    The plastic components either end have unfortunately disintegrated, meaning I’m unable to give their dimensions.
    If you can apply the necessary parts that would be great.

  6. Amber Thornton says:

    Why would balancers fail only on the south side of the house facing the sun? Windows on north side of house are operating correctly. Thank you.

  7. In need window balance s for aluminum window 890×890 for office s

  8. I’m looking for a window balance.
    Thank you

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