Standard Door Sizes: Average Height & Width

When you decide to create your dream home, you will be bothered with so many standards you have to obey. One of those standards is the door size of your future house. However, there is no need to worry that these regulations will diminish the creativity and originality of your residence.

On the contrary, they exist to make the life of residents more practical and safer. The standard door sizes represent the minimum size required you need to respect for safety reasons. However, you can always enlarge those limits as desired. It’s up to you to pick out the standard door sizes or the custom-made ones. Let’s see.

Types of Doors

There are two main types of doors, exterior or so-called entrance doors, and interior doors. They have different usage, so standards are different regarding them. It is crucial to respect the required criteria in the state you live in to keep your family safe and avoid paying construction fines.

Building laws and standards should allow the proper functioning of all members of society, including kids, seniors, tall people, and those with special needs. Therefore, we should take all those criteria and regulations seriously and unquestionably.

Entrance Doors

The standard front door dimensions should be a minimum of 80 by 30 inches (2,032 x 762 mm). However, you can find contemporary door types in other sizes, as well. These new measurements have recently become standard for residences all across the US.

Keep in mind that these standard door sizes refer only to a single entrance door. So, you can choose among three types of entrance doors, which dimensions are also standardized, including:

  • Single doors
  • Double doors
  • Doors with transom

The thickness of all door styles and types is usually 1.75 inches (44.45 mm). Therefore, I won’t repeat the standard thickness size further in this article since it is the same for all models.

Single Entrance Door Size

Single Entrance Door Size

As I have already mentioned, the single front doors are the smallest of all the types, and come in three primary standard sizes:

  • 80 inches by 30 inches (2,032 x 762 mm)
  • 80 inches by 32 inches (2,032 x 813 mm)
  • 80 inches by 36 inches (2,032 x 914 mm)

However, one more standard height of the entrance door has become very popular and widely used in the US recently:

  • 96 inches (2,438 mm)

Keep in mind that many American households also have the back-entrance doors, and there is also a standard for them. Most building companies apply the standard of 80 by 36 inches (2,032 x 914 mm) for these doors.

Double Entrance Door Size

Double Entrance Door Size

Large double exterior doors are incredibly suitable for grand houses. These royalty-like models will bring a breath of luxury and wealth in your home. It’s up to you to choose among various styles, materials, and colors available on the market.

The standard door size of the double exterior door includes two equal parts. Their height is typically 80 inches (2,032 mm), while the width can vary. In modern American households, there are many standards, but three of them are primary, including:

  • 60 inches (1,524 mm), which includes two wings of 30 inches (762 mm)
  • 64 inches (1,626 mm), which includes two wings of 32 inches (813 mm)
  • 72 inches (1,829 mm), which includes two wings of 36 inches (914 mm)

Transom Entrance Door

Transom Entrance Door

Transom doors styles are unique since there is no standard opening size and required height for these doors. They usually have one smaller opening above the door itself, but some models can contain additional parts on both sides of the door.

Since they are non-standard, you should look into some basic sizes and shapes available before making a final decision. Afterward, everything will depend on your preferences and taste, as well as the manufacturer’s offer. There are three options you should consider:

1. Straight top transom door Size

If you want to buy the straight top transom double door with windows on either side, the available dimensions can be:

  • 118 by 104 inches (2,997 x 2,642 mm)
  • 130 by 128 inches (3,302 x 3,251 mm)

If you prefer straight top transom double door without side windows, the dimensions will be 110 by 76 inches (2,794 x 1,930 mm).

Another option you can choose is the straight top transom single door, which standard size is 106 by 40 inches (2,692 x 1,016 mm) without side windows.

On the other hand, you can pick two standards if you prefer models with side windows:

  • 113 by 64 inches (2,870 x 1,625 mm)
  • 119 by 76 inches (3,022 x 1,930 mm)

2. Elbow top transom door Size

These doors look classy and chic, and you can pick out a double or single model, depending on your preferences. The standard for elbow top transom double door without side windows is 118 by 76 inches (2,997 x 1,930 mm).

With added side windows, the dimensions for double transom door with elbow top can be:

  • 125 by 104 inches (3,175 x 2,642 mm)
  • 132 by 128 inches (3,353 x 3,251 mm)

If you don’t have enough space but want to have an elbow top transom door, you can always choose a single model without side windows. Available dimensions are:

  • 103 by 40 inches (2,616 x 1,016 mm)
  • 108 by 64 inches (2,743 x 1,625 mm)

3. Arched top transom door Size

The arched top transom doors represent the sophisticated style and elegance dating back to ancient Rome. They are not just the door, but a piece of art and a pinnacle of architectural design.

You can also choose between a single and double door style depending on your taste. The dimensions of double door arched transom doors without the side windows are 128 by 76 inches (3,251 x 1,930 mm). The size of the same doors with side windows will be 142 by 104 inches (3,606 x 2,641 mm).

In case you choose single arched transom doors without side windows, the standard dimension is 110 by 40 inches (2,794 x 1,016 mm). On the other hand, the door size will be 122 by 64 inches (3,098 x 1,625 mm) if it comes with side windows.

Don’t forget that the transom door style dimensions can differ in height and width as it is usually bigger than a stringent standard for exterior doors.

Interior Doors Size

There are also several types of interior doors and the size standards for them. They include typical types such as:

  • Standard interior doors
  • Double interior doors
  • Bedroom doors
  • French interiors doors

All the types have the same standard for the thickness of the panel, and it can be:

  • 5 inches (38 mm)
  • 6 inches (40.6 mm)
  • 75 inches (44.5 mm)

Standard interior door Size

Standard interior door Size

Some interior doors are more practical and less artistic, but they are no less significant. They all perform the same function.

Classic dimensions for standard interior doors are 80 inches (2,032 mm) in height and 32 inches (812 mm) wide. In a case that some of the residents use a wheelchair, the door needs to be 36 inches (914 mm) wide.

Double interior door Size

Double interior door Size

The double interior doors will give away the impression of spaciousness, wealth, and prestige as they are wider than the standard door sizes. It is particularly recommendable for rooms with high ceilings.

When you look for an ideal double interior door, you should look for a model with a standard height of 80 inches (2,032 mm). On the other side, you can choose between different door widths, including:

  • 60 inches (1,524 mm)
  • 64 inches (1,625 mm)
  • 72 inches (1,828 mm)

Custom made doors can be any size you prefer as long as they are not less than the minimum requirements.

Bedroom Door Size

Bedroom Door Size

When you look for a bedroom door, you should keep in mind that there is no standard size for this particular type. You can select a model you fancy the most or the one that fits the existing door opening.

However, there are some typical sizes of these doors available on the US market. Their height is usually 80 inches (2,032 mm), while the width can vary from 24 to 36 inches (610 – 914 mm).

French interior doors Size

French interior doors Size

French doors look like huge windows and are prevalent in many households because of their beauty. Besides, they open up space and let through a lot of light inside. These doors have two parts made of glass panels, which extend from the bottom to the top.

The French interior door’s standard size is 80 by 36 inches (2,032 x 914 mm). However, you can find the models which width varies from 24 to 42 inches (610 – 1,066 mm). Many people love this door type because their frames are usually in bright colors and give a sense of familiarity.


The door of one’s home is a real insight into someone’s life and even personality. By opening the front door, you literally enter someone’s life and home. No wonder that so many architectural styles are at your disposal.

Since you have found out all about the door size standards, you should consider other options regarding the door you fancy.

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