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10 Best RV Window Shades of 2022 – RV Blinds Reviews

If you’re an RV owner, you’ll know about the importance of sunshades – they can give you extra privacy while also blocking out the heat, helping keep your vehicle cool. For anyone looking for a new one, here are our top picks for best RV window shades to help you choose.


The Best RV Window Shades on the Market of 2022

1. Lippert RV Door Window Shades

Lippert RV Window Shades

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If you are looking for an RV window shade for a Lippert brand door, this is an option that could be just what you need.

This shade can give you full protection against glare, dangerous UV rays and even help to keep the interior of your RV cool, all while providing you with an extra level of privacy.

What we really like about this shade is the way that nobody can see in, but you can still see out by using the convenient fingertip lever. If somebody knocks on the door, you can even partially open it, just enough to let you see who is there.

One downside is that this is not a quick and easy option since this is a whole window with a built-in sunshade. If you need something inexpensive and simple to fit, this might not be the right item for you.

However, for anyone willing to spend the money to install a whole new window on their RV, this could be a great pick. It is stylish and practical, and if that sounds like the kind of thing you need, this is an option that could be worth considering.

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2. RecPro Black RV Window Shades

RecPro RV Window Shades

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This roller shade from RecPro is a classy and elegant solution for providing a little extra privacy in your RV, all while blocking out the sunlight and UV rays. This means it’s a great pick if you need something that will let you sleep in after the sun comes up in the morning.

Installation is extremely easy and should only take most people five or ten minutes to complete. Once in place, when you want to use it, all you do is pull it down until it locks. Afterwards, you just give it a pull and it slowly retracts, allowing you to see outside.

The things we like about this product is how good it looks and how effectively it blocks out light. It’s ideal for people who are easily woken by the sun.

Possibly the only negative here is the price since it’s not cheap – however, you expect to pay a bit more for quality, and this is an excellent product.

This will appeal to anyone looking for a retractable blind-style sunshade. It’s well made, simple to use and does its job well. A recommended pick.

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3. RecPro RV Day Night Blinds Pleated Shades

RV Window Shades RecPro

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If you like a classic look, this pleated sunshade could be ideal. It is super-easy to install, and once in place, it is operated by a simple cord mechanism. You simply move it up and down on the cords on either side, and you can even adjust the tension to set it up just how you like it.

The blind is lightweight and also designed not to collect dust, making it a good option for anyone with allergies. It is completely opaque, meaning nobody will be able to see through the blind and into your RV, giving you total privacy from prying eyes during the day and the night.

Furthermore, this blind reflects the sun’s rays, helping you to manage the temperature inside your RV on hot days.

Our only minor gripe is that the material this blind is made of is perhaps not the best quality and might not be to everyone’s taste. However, this is an inexpensive option, and we still feel it represents great value for money.

In sum, a solid option if you want a functional blind that is easy to fit, does its job with a minimum of fuss and won’t cost you a fortune. If those are the qualities you are looking for, this shade could be an obvious pick.

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4. Entry RV Window Shades

Entry RV Window Shades

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This is an inexpensive and functional solution for anyone who is looking for a sunshade that will fit on the window of their RV’s door. Installation requires only four screws, and once fitted, you simply snap it on whenever you need to put it in place.

Once up, it effectively blocks out all light as well as preventing UV rays from passing through the window. We also like the way that, despite its very reasonable price, it features a tough canvas panel and a double-stitched frame that are built to last.

One small complaint we have is that it doesn’t come with instructions for installation – although, since it is fairly intuitive, most people will be able to manage by themselves.

Also, the screws supplied are a little short, and you may be better off buying a set of longer ones. However, this is not a big deal since it will only set you back a few extra cents.

All in all, this is a great option if you need a simple but effective solution for blocking out the light and giving you increased levels of privacy inside your RV. It is quick and easy to fit and does its job perfectly, making this an option that could be well worth considering.

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5. Camco SunShield Reflective RV Window Shades (Our Top Pick)

Camco RV Window Shades

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For an inexpensive way to help block out light, provide an extra level of privacy and control the internal temperature of your RV, this window cover from Camco is hard to beat. It is available in several sizes, making it suitable for a range of applications.

Consisting of air-filled cells of lightweight polypropylene that are encased within two layers of reflexive material, it is highly effective at keeping solar energy out of your vehicle, preventing it from heating up during the day.

We like the way it is super-easy to install – you simply attach it to your RV’s door window with the hook and loop fasteners and you’re good to go. It also blocks all sunlight and stops UV rays, making it ideal if you need to block out the light so you can sleep longer in the mornings.

Perhaps the biggest downside is simply the way it looks – it’s designed to be functional rather than pretty. However, if you are looking for something that does what you want it to do for the minimum amount of money, this is an option that should be on your list of possibilities.

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6. Newport West RV Day Night Blinds Sunshade

Newport RV Window Shades

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This is an extra-large sunshade for the windshield of Class A motorhomes. It comes in two separate parts, making it easy to install, and when placed together, it measures 100”. When you don’t need it, you can fold it down to 1/10 its size into the included pouch for storage.

With this sunshade, you can effectively reduce the heat inside your RV by blocking out the heat of the sun’s rays. It is also effective at stopping harmful UV rays, meaning it will help keep you and your family’s skin safe from harm.

At the same time, it stops anyone outside seeing in, giving you complete privacy during the day or night while you are inside your RV.

One slight issue we found is that it can be a little tricky to fold away into the bag when not in use – although this is something you will get better at with practice. Also, it is a little pricey for what it is, but perhaps not excessively so since it is such a large item.

Overall, we think this is a great pick for anyone with a large RV who needs something that will help control the internal temperature while also increasing privacy. If those are your requirements, this product could be a no-brainer.

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7. Sunguard Solar Reflective Interior RV Window Shades

Sunguard RV Window Shades

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If you are looking for a high-quality and effective sunshade for your RV’s front windshield that will help reflect heat and UV rays while also giving you more privacy inside, this is another option that could be worth investigating.

One of the big advantages with this interior windshield cover is that while it blocks the sun’s rays and prevents people from seeing in, it allows you to see out of the window rather than obscuring your vision completely.

At the same time, it is also capable of reducing the internal heat by up to 94%.

Something else we like is that it is so quick and easy to fit in place. It requires no special installation and can be fixed in position using the suction cups included in a matter of seconds.

The main thing that might put some people off is the price since this is not a cheap option. However, since it is a superior product that performs well and should last a long time, many people won’t mind the extra expense.

For this reason, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t mind paying a bit more for the best products, this is a sunshade that should be on your radar.

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8. Dumble RV Window Shades

Dumble RV Window Shades

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This is a highly versatile sunshade that can be used to block the sun coming through the skylight, window or door of your RV. It features air-filled layers that provide effective insulation, helping you control the temperature of the interior of your vehicle.

The pack includes four Velcro pairs, and to install it, you simply use the adhesive-backed hook and loop system to attach it where you want it. This hardly takes any time, and when done, it is quick and easy to fit in place or take down as required. It also rolls up for storage.

If there’s one issue with this product, it’s that the Velcro is perhaps not the most effective, meaning it can be a slight pain to get it to stay in place. However, most people will be able to work out how to do it, meaning it’s still a decent option.

Despite this, since it’s so inexpensive – as well as being highly effective at blocking out heat and harmful UV rays – we still think this is a product that many people will be interested in. Another recommended option.

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9. RV Window Shades Kit

RV Window Shades Kit

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For anyone who needs a versatile sunshade that is suitable for RVs, campers, transport trucks and any other large vehicles, this is one that could be worth a look. It is made of commercial-grade, non-toxic foil and is ideal for helping to control the temperature in your vehicle.

During hot weather, it can help prevent up to 96% of the heat entering your RV – but in cold weather, it also helps keep heat in, reducing the amount you need to spend on staying warm.

We also like how it is so easy to fit into place, and the kit includes everything you need for installation – the only tools you will need are a knife or scissors and a measuring tape.

One slight issue we found with this item is that the Velcro fasteners that are supposed to hold it in place are not very effective, and you might be better off working out some kind of DIY solution for holding it more securely in place.

Otherwise, this is a highly effective large sunshade that is perfect for anyone with an RV or other large vehicle. For anyone who needs a way to block out the sun, this could be just what you need.

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10. Kinder Fluff RV Window Shades

Kinder Fluff RV Window Shades
Image: kinder fluff

The Kinder Fluff car window shade is not designed specifically for RVs – but since it’s such a versatile item, it could also be of interest for RV owners.

The pack includes four shades in total – two transparent ones and two semi-transparent ones. They can easily be fit in any window, and since they use static rather than suction cups or adhesive, they can also be removed very easily.

Perhaps the best thing about these shades is the fact they are so effective at blocking out the sun and dangerous UV rays due to the 80 GSM mesh.

The main problem here is that they are designed for side windows. If you want a sunshade to block light while you are driving, they are ideal – but if you need something large to place in a front windshield, this is not the product you’re looking for.

In short, a great option if you need an inexpensive and versatile sunshade – but not so much if you need something big enough for an RV’s windscreen.

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Plenty of worthy options

As you can see, there are many worthy options to pick from. If you need an RV window shade but are having trouble making up your mind, any of the options from our review would be a great place to start your search.

8 thoughts on “10 Best RV Window Shades of 2022 – RV Blinds Reviews”

  1. Very pleased with Entry RV Window Shades! Took 5 minutes to install and as you can see compared to the blinding light, it blocks the sun out way more than any other shade. Only draw back is I could not re-use the screw holes in the existing door trim due to the snap in screws that came with the cover being too short.

  2. It look like rv blind, is that right? I really like rv blind that give me and my family privacy.
    That’s great for long trips. Thanks for your information!

  3. We used RecPro to replace a day/night shade in our RV. The cord broke and couldn’t figure out how to take it apart to replace the cord so bought this instead. Didn’t even use the brackets, just screwed it to the wall like the old one and it worked great!

    • Zy Blinds is also great. It’s simple to install and has a beautiful appearance. Raising and lowering the shade is simple, and the cordless design provides a neat, clean appearance.

  4. RecPro has a great fit, great color, and easy to install. These block most of the “booger” lights around the camper at night but are not “blackout” shades. For the price, they are just beautiful. Well worth the investment. I just hope they had a larger size assortment to pick from, I would replace all of my shades.

  5. We bought Lippert for our 2020 Grand Design 397TH that stated on the front door “Thin Shade Ready”. The installation took less than 2-3 minutes and required no tools. It is a flimsy piece of plastic with a pull-down shade. However, it is needed not only to block the sun from coming in but most importantly….privacy as the door window is not frosted nor comes with any type of covering. I love it that just behind the Rec pro window.

  6. I recently purchased an ADCO cover item for my RV. It fit my 1996 Jayco Eagle, Class C just great. Each end fits over the top corner of the passenger and driver door and has a magnet on the bottom edge for each door. It comes with a storage bag also. Very pleased so far and will update if any quality issues. Since the wipers aren’t covered another reviewer suggested cutting a pool noodle to keep the wipers from sticking to the cover.


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