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7 Best Robot Window Cleaners of 2022 – Automatic Window Cleaning Machine

Most people hate cleaning windows, but nowadays we don’t need to do it manually because robots exist that can do it for us. If that sounds like something you might be interested in trying, here are our top picks for best robot window cleaner to help you choose the right one.


The Best Robot Window Cleaner on the Market of 2022

1. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner (Our Top Pick)

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner - Smart Glass Cleaning Robotic Technology App & Remote Powered Washer for Table High Windows Ceiling Magnetic Automatic Outdoor/Indoor - Black

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If you have large windows, lots of windows or windows that are difficult to reach, cleaning them manually can be difficult, but by using a smart robot window cleaner like the Gladwell Gecko, you can take all the effort out of this menial task.

This robot can be controlled manually, by remote or via a smartphone app, giving you maximum flexibility over how it operates. This allows you to set it cleaning dirty windows as required or even just to program it and leave it to do its job.

Something else we really like about this robot is the safety features it includes to stop it falling off the window as it cleans. It is designed to stick securely to the window, and if you are especially worried about it falling off, you can also attach a safety cord as a backup.

Another positive is the different operating modes you can choose from. For example, you can control it directly from the remote or you can use the smart tracking mode that automatically ensures it doesn’t miss a spot.

That said, the biggest downside is that, due to its shape, it can’t clean right in the corners, meaning you might have to go behind it to complete the job. Sometimes it can also finish the job early, but this is not a big deal since you can just set it running again.

All in all, this could be a great option for anyone who wants a robot that will help keep their windows clean with a minimum of fuss. It is an advanced smart model that offers plenty of functionality, and it is very reasonably priced, making it a unit that’s well worth considering.


  • Can be controlled by remote or by app – for extra versatility
  • Features special anti-fall technology – also includes a hole for a safety rope
  • Washable microfiber cloth – easy to wash and use again
  • Several cleaning modes – including intelligent path following
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors – can be used for many cleaning jobs


  • Sometimes stops before finishing – needs starting again
  • Can’t clean in corners – you may need to do the finishing touches manually

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2. Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner

Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner, Smart Robotic Window Cleaner for Glass Cleaning, Vacuum Robotic Robot by Remote Controler Washer for High Windows Ceiling Mabetic Aomatic Home, 1 Year Warranty (Black)

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The Cop Rose X5P Window Cleaner is a simple but highly effective robotic window cleaner that can do a great job of keeping your glass clean, so you won’t need to spend the time doing it yourself.

This model uses a replaceable cloth, and the pack comes with 12 of them to get you started. These high-quality cloths can clear up oil, sand, dust and smears from your window, doing a great job of keeping your glass clean.

We appreciate the powerful anti-drop tech this robot includes, too. It incorporates motor-powered suction that makes sure it stays attached to the glass, preventing it from falling off.

Another positive is that it boasts an intelligent cleaning system that helps reach all parts of your windows. If you set it to auto mode, you can just leave it to do the job and come back later when it’s done.

Something else we like is the fact that this robot can be used on a range of other surfaces, including tables, floors, walls and others, meaning you can use it for much more than just cleaning your windows.

One negative to point out is that this robot is one of the more expensive options, so it might not be the right choice if you are looking for something a bit more budget friendly. Also, it isn’t compatible with an app, something we find a little disappointing at this price point.

However, if you are looking for a high-end window-cleaning robot that does a great job with a minimum of fuss – and you don’t mind not having app compatibility – this is an option that should be high on your list of possibilities.


  • Highly versatile unit – can be used on tables, floors and other surfaces too
  • Includes 12 replaceable cloths – can pick up oil, sand, dust and more
  • Powerful anti-drop technology – includes motor-powered suction
  • Automatically detects edges – can clean the whole window by itself
  • Intelligent cleaning – you can choose the way it cleans


  • A little pricey – more expensive than some other options
  • No app compatibility – perhaps disappointing at this price point

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3. Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaning Robot with Smart Navigation Technology, Four-Stage Cleaning, Edge Detection, Multiple Safety System, Remote Control

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For anyone who wants the best home appliances and who doesn’t mind paying extra to get their hands on them, this robot window cleaner from Ecovacs could be a no-brainer.

Featuring state-of-the-art Win-Slam 2.0 path planning technology, it quickly and effectively cleans your windows by taking the most efficient route. This means it will clean your windows systematically without missing anything while avoiding any obstacles it meets.

One of the most obvious advantages of this robot is its square shape. This allows it to clean everywhere, even right in the corners of your windows, something that many other models are incapable of doing.

Additionally, it includes some reliable safety features, including powerful suction, to ensure it doesn’t fall off while it is running.

As you would expect with something at the top of the price range, it also incorporates advanced cleaning features. It uses a four-step cleaning cycle that ensures your windows are left spotless and crystal-clear.

Our biggest gripe here is that this unit isn’t compatible with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. For us, this is a shame because when you are paying this much money, you might expect something that can be better integrated into your smart home setup.

This might not be essential for everyone, though, and if you are happy to pay top-end prices and don’t need something that can be controlled via voice command, this is a robot window cleaner that should be of interest.


  • Win-Slam 2.0 tech – advanced path planning cleans whole window efficiently
  • Strong suction power – ensures it doesn’t fall
  • 4-stage cleaning cycle – ensures a thorough, deep clean
  • Simple and intuitive remote – makes controlling it extremely easy
  • Deep clean mode – covers windows twice to remove the most stubborn dirt


  • Expensive unit – but you expect to pay more for top-end equipment
  • No smart compatibility – doesn’t work with Alexa or Google Home

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4. HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray and Control via Smartphone or Remote

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This is a high-end robot window cleaner that includes some of the very latest technology. It can be controlled by remote, but it is also possible to control it from an app on your smartphone, giving more flexibility on how you use it.

With this robot, you can set it to clean the window and leave it to do its thing. When it has finished, it will let you know – it can even send an alert to your phone – and it will also tell you if it encounters any problems.

One of the innovations here is its use of an ultrasonic water spray that makes sure your windows are left spotlessly clean. It also has three programmable cleaning cycles, so you can choose the best mode for the type of cleaning you require.

Another thing we like is the anti-fall technology that ensures it won’t fall from the window accidentally. It also includes a high-strength safety cord for extra peace of mind.

There’s a lot to like about this robot, but it isn’t quite perfect. The biggest drawback is that it works less well on very dirty windows. This unit is much better when used inside to keep windows clean rather than for cleaning already very dirty windows, especially outside.

Also, with this model, it must be plugged into a power supply to function – so if you need a battery-powered window cleaner, this might not be the one you are looking for.

In sum, this is the kind of robot that will appeal to anyone who wants an advanced unit with the latest technology for keeping internal windows in perfect condition. If that’s what you need, this could be a great option to help reduce your housework commitments.


  • Controllable by remote or via app – versatile operation
  • Ultrasonic water spray – helps deliver a thorough clean
  • Advanced anti-fall tech – ensures it can’t fall off the window
  • Stops automatically when finished – and sends alerts to let you know
  • 3 programmable options – to ensure your windows are as clean as possible


  • Performs less well on dusty windows – better inside for keeping windows clean
  • Must be plugged in – doesn’t run on battery power alone

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5. HOBOT-288 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-288 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Control via Smartphone or Remote

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If you like the sound of the HOBOT we just looked at above but are looking for something that costs slightly less, this model, from the same company could be another one that’s worth checking out.

Packing most of the same great features as the 298 model, this unit does almost all the same things as its slightly more advanced sibling but at a lower price point.

Among the positives here is the advanced edge-detecting technology that utilizes lasers to help guide the robot around your windows. Its size and shape also ensure it cleans quickly and efficiently, even reaching right into the corners of your windows.

Another big plus is its powerful suction. This ensures it remains attached to the glass and doesn’t fall off while it’s working, and it also helps suck up all the dirt and grime from your windows.

We also appreciate the AI cleaning technology that helps the robot choose the most efficient cleaning path – and you can select one of three cleaning cycles, depending on how you want it to operate.

The main issue we have with this unit is that it is a little noisy – if you set it to work and then want to read a book in the same room, for example, you might find that it disturbs you. Also, it isn’t suitable for irregular-shaped windows and can only clean rectangular ones.

Overall, this is another solid and reliable robot that does a great job of keeping windows clean without too much supervision. For anyone who wants a top-end robot but who wants to pay slightly less than top-end prices, this could be an obvious choice.


  • Slightly less expensive option – but still a high-quality unit
  • Advanced edge-detection tech – uses lasers to avoid obstacles
  • Large cleaning area – square shape also aids cleaning in corners
  • Powerful suction – helps keep it attached and also sucks up dirt
  • AI cleaning technology – can be set to one of three cleaning patterns


  • Not suitable for circular windows – only works on rectangular windows
  • Noisy operation – not the best pick if you prefer silence

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6. Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum with iGLASSBOT APP/Remote Control,Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Windows, Glass,Tiles,Bathroom Cleaning with Multiple Safety Guarantee

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The Mamibot W120-T is a high-quality automatic robot window cleaner with plenty of features designed for safety as well as to help reduce the amount of manual housework you need to take care of. It is ideal for most kind of windows, especially high windows in dangerous places.

We appreciate the fact that it offers three different control options. You can start it simply by pressing “go”, but you can also control it by remote or via a smartphone app.

With three intelligent cleaning pattern settings, you can choose the best way for it to clean your glass. This allows it to effectively clean 99% of the surface, leaving practically no corner untouched. Once it has finished, it returns right to where it started for extra convenience.

Another plus is the well-designed safety features, including its anti-fall sensors and a strong safety rope. We also like how it can be used on other surfaces, so you can use it to clean marble or other similar flat walls or floors.

One thing we don’t like so much is that it probably can’t quite match the results of a determined human cleaner, but we feel it comes a close second, and the results are still more than acceptable.

Also, there is an issue if you have raised hinges or anything similar around the edges since these can cause it to fall off – but otherwise, it is very reliable and tends to stay stuck to the glass.

In short, this is a solid and reliable option that does its job well. It is a little expensive, but we think it can genuinely help reduce your workload at home, so for us, this is another top pick.


  • Multiple control options – app, one-touch button and remote
  • Strong safety features – anti-fall sensors and rope
  • Can be used on other flat surfaces – not just suitable for glass
  • Excellent window coverage – can clean 99% of the area
  • 3 cleaning modes – lets you choose the way it cleans your glass


  • Doesn’t clean as thoroughly as a human – but still does a respectable job
  • Can become detached if it meets hinges etc. – but otherwise doesn’t fall off

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7. Window Cleaner Robot

Here is another solid option if you want a high-performance window-cleaning robot that simply gets the job done. It works quickly, runs quietly and can help save you the effort of cleaning windows manually.

It could also be a great pick if you have windows that are awkward to reach or are dangerous to clean manually.

With its square shape and intelligent cleaning pattern, it can clean reach around 99% of your windows. It is also suitable for use on other flat surfaces, including marble, tiles, floors, mirrors and more – meaning you can get plenty of use out of this unit.

We like the brushless motor – these are designed to last longer than other kinds of motor – and the washable pads are also a plus since you won’t need to worry about buying replacements as often.

Other features include edge detectors that prevent it from falling off and other safety features including a cord.

One slight issue we have is that the instruction manual hasn’t been written well and should be clearer.

Also, sometimes the results are not perfect, and occasionally you might need to go behind the robot to finish the job. It is better at helping keep clean windows looking great rather than deep-cleaning already dirty windows.

However, if you use it regularly and make sure you keep your windows under control, it does an excellent job of reducing the amount of work you need to do – and for this reason alone, we think this is a great product. A big thumbs-up from us.


  • Fast cleaning speed – works quickly to get your windows done
  • Brushless motor – made to last longer
  • Suitable for other flat surfaces – including glass, marble, tiles, floors and more
  • Machine washable pads – saves you having to buy replacements
  • Returns to start at the end – for easy collection


  • Manual poorly written – needs to be clearer
  • Sometimes you may need to clean after it – not always perfect results

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Buyer’s Guide

What is a robotic window cleaner? And why would you want one? Let’s think about these questions briefly – and after that, we can look at the factors you need to consider when choosing one.

Most people are familiar with the concept of robot vacuums, vacuum cleaners that you can switch on and leave to take care of cleaning your floors. They are now well-established household robots, but robot window cleaners are still less common.

However, the concept is the same. You attach one to your window and set it to clean – and it will take care of the job for you, allowing you to spend your time doing something else.

Robot window cleaners can be most useful if you have windows that are hard – or even dangerous – to clean manually. If you don’t want to hang off the side of your house on a ladder, a robot could be a better choice.

Robot window cleaners are also ideal if you have large windows to clean since they can reduce the amount of time you need to spend on housework. However, if you only have small windows that you can easily reach, they might not be the right solution.

Now let’s look some of the points to consider when choosing.

  • Safety

Safety is a key feature since you don’t want a robot to fall off the glass. First, they can be expensive, so you won’t want it breaking – and second, if it falls in somebody from a height, it could be extremely dangerous.

Look at how effective it is at sticking to the glass, and also check that it has a backup in case the power fails. Many will send you a warning that it needs rescuing, giving you time to grab it before it falls.

Finally, most also have a safety cord – this is a low-tech but effective way of ensuring it can’t fall onto somebody’s head.

  • Intelligence

How does it clean? Does it follow a random pattern to clean or does it clean more systematically? Also, do you have the option of choosing between different cleaning patterns? These kinds of options can make it more versatile.

  • Cleaning power

How well does it actually clean the glass? Some are designed only to help keep clean glass looking great while others are able to tackle more encrusted grime.

This means some are better when used regularly because they won’t ever let a window become too dirty – but if you need one for more heavy-duty cleaning, you should choose accordingly.

  • Programmable

Can you program it to start and stop at a predetermined time or do you need to do it manually? Having a robot that you can program once and then leave could be a great way of keeping your windows clean without ever having to worry about it.

  • Control options

How is it controlled? Some are controlled by remote while others can be controlled via a smartphone app. With smartphone compatibility, you can also receive updates on its progress and alerts if it meets a problem.

Many great options

As you can see, there are many great window cleaning robots on the market to suit almost any budget. If you have decided you’d like one for your home but are having trouble choosing, any of the picks in our review would be a great place to start your search.

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