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  1. I’ve tried to reprogram as per your directions, with new craftsman universal remote ( like in your pics) changed batteries, , light goes off, then I push and hold both buttons on opener and remote but even after half a minute the light does not go back on and start blinking…. any ideas??
    Wall opener button works without a problem.

    1. Bekah Rios says:

      Sometimes a LED lightbulb will interfere, if I unscrew mine or replace with traditional ? it will work, but not with LED

  2. Jerri McCown says:

    I have a craftsman 1/3 hp garage door opener. It does not have buttons on it. How do I program a remote to it (original remote did not come with house)

    1. what was the answer to your problem?

  3. William Zimmer says:

    The video shows pushing and releasing the srt on the back of opener then pushing and releasing the remote button. BUT the written instructions differ by pushing and holding the remote then pushing and holding the srt . I’ve tried both and neither work. It worked fine two days ago. I even have an integrated remote to my vehicle that has stopped working as well. New batteries in craftsman remote. I have done a reset of the srt. The wall buttons work and is not on lock. What now? To get the remotes working again?
    Where will any response be? As I don’t see any other responses here?

    1. SHELLI CROCKETT says:

      I have this same exact issue. Did you get it figured out?

    2. Venu Mukesh says:

      Hey William, I have same issue – did you get yours working?

    3. Me too. It seems to be a common problem

  4. George Scott says:

    I have the same issue. Did you guys have any luck?

  5. Brian Reynolds says:

    Can I program my old Craftsman opener to our new Jeep Cherokee without a portable hand held opener? We’ve never used a remote opener, our old car’s button worked just fine with the opener so we never had a need for a hand held remote.


    IS THE LEARN button same to the SRT button?

    1. I wonder that too as it is very confusing to call the same button by two names but it appears it might be.

  7. I have same old Sears1/3 HP garage door opener like Jerri’s. Does anyone have any answer for it? Thank you.

    1. Linda Spaarling says:

      Did you get an answer? I have the same problem.

  8. Ralph W Bernard says:

    My Sears 1/2 horsepower garage door opener was made in 1996. It has a red learn button but no SRT button. The button on my non-functioning Sears remote is blue. I bought a 893Max Liftmaster remote. Did I buy the wrong remote?

  9. Jim Talbot says:

    I have a craftsman 1/4 horse opener with no light or button on the back. Do not see any where to program my new remote. Any suggestions?

  10. Patricia Beal says:

    How do you un-program one of these? I have a neighbor whose remote opens my garage. Have to unplug garage openers to keep them from opening randomly… :/

    1. Ronald Oliver says:

      Press the learn button until the light flashes. That should indicate that the opener has cleared its memory.

  11. Debbie Joyce says:

    My remote was stolen on my craftsman 1/3 HR garage door opener. Can I reprogram the opener with a new code?

  12. Linda Sprling says:

    I have a Craftsman with no SRT or Learn button. 1 of 3 of the remotes no longer works although when you push the button, the green light comes on. How do I reprogram that one?

  13. John Ashbrook says:

    How do I program for a Craftsman 76LE? It has no Learn button or SRT.

  14. I have the exact garage door opener as the one in the article. The make and model numbers are faded. Do you have that info handy? I’m having issues with it opening and closing. I can use the remote to open it when I’m trying to leave but it will not close via the remote when I back out. I can even stand directly under the opener and it will still not close. Another issue I’m having is with the key pad. The battery is dead and when I removed the battery a part of the battery decided to stay behind and now the black wire is no longer connected. So I need the info to replace the keypad, and try to troubleshoot the other issues. Thank you.

  15. Jenny Ronkainen says:

    Can my craftsman remote be paired with a chamberlain ?
    Main garage door has craftsman

  16. Tim Althouse says:

    I have the problem the same as many, and there is no response to any of them . My opener works with wall switch, but not with remote. Will not program. I just changed the circuit board and my problem has not changed

    1. Shaun Gould says:

      Look for a ‘lock’ button on your wall controls, it stops the remote from working if you want to go out of town or something.

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