17 Homemade Window Cling Plans You Can DIY Easily

If you want a fun and inexpensive way of decorating your windows as well as an engaging project you can undertake with your kids, window clings are the ideal solution. They cost next to nothing to make and the designs you can create are nearly limitless.

For anyone who wants to try, we’ve scoured the internet to see what other people have been attempting – and here are our top 17 window cling plans you can DIY easily.

1. DIY window clings

DIY window clings

As this blogger explains, window clings make a great craft project that won’t cost lots of money and is great to attempt with kids. You can come up with whatever designs and colors you like – here, she went for a “fall” theme, and we love the way they turned out. You can just imagine how they will look around Halloween with a jack-o’-lantern in the window. Great work!

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2. Prairie-style stained-glass window clings

In this video, you can learn about Frank Lloyd Wright and the style of stained glass he invented that’s known as the “Prairie Style” – and then you can find out how to reproduce this style as a craft project you can try at home. It’s a short video of only around three minutes, but there’s loads of info in there, and by the end, you should have lots of ideas for things you can try.


3. Homemade window clings

Homemade window clings

Here’s another plan for homemade window clings that will be great fun to try with your children. You don’t need anything more than some white school glue, a bit of food coloring and some clear plastic of the kind you find in a file folder. Once you assemble the basic materials, you can let your creativity run wild. This blogger went for a blue-colored aquatic theme – and we love the results!

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4. Three ways to use Cricut window clings

With a Cricut machine, there are so many creative things you can do, and one of them is to make attractive and professional-looking DIY window hangs. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to use one of these machines as well as a few tips and tricks for making your projects a success, this video is highly recommended.


5. Easy DIY window clings using mod podge

Easy DIY window clings using mod podge

If you want to get an idea of the kind of thing it’s possible to achieve with a few materials and a lot of creativity, this craft blog is the inspiration you’ve been looking for. It gives you instructions for making some super-cool window clings, and the shapes and colors on display are amazing. It’s so easy to recreate at home, and it will cost you almost nothing to have a go. In fact, we can hardly wait to try it ourselves!

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6. DIY holiday window cling décor

When the holiday season comes around again, it’s time to think of how you’re going to adorn your home – and for the more artistically-inclined, it might also be the time to start looking about for some ideas for DIY decorations. If that sounds like you, then this video showing you how to make DIY holiday window clings could be just what you need, so why not give it a watch?


7. How to make custom and personalized window clings

How to make custom and personalized window clings

This site doesn’t give you just one plan for window clings – it gives you several options, all of which look fun to try and easy to manage. Choose between using fabric paint, puff paint or glue – but no matter which you try, or even if you have a go at all of them, you should be able to achieve some stunning results, just like the examples in the photos.

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8. How to use Cricut window cling

Here’s another video that’s full of hints and tips for getting the most out of your Cricut machine when using it to make window clings. These machines are so much fun if you enjoy arts and crafts, but many people need to find their ideas from somewhere, especially when they’re just starting out. If that’s something you can relate to – or you’re just looking for something new to attempt – this video could be the inspiration you need.


9. More DIY window clings

More DIY window clings

Using just three ingredients – school glue, liquid dish soap and food coloring – you can create a whole range of fun and exciting shapes to decorate your windows. This is the ideal project to do with young kids, but creative adults might also be able to use similar techniques to come up with an assortment of attractive seasonal decorations. Another simple plan that’s well worth checking out.

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10. How to use Cricut window cling with the Cricut maker

This is another great tutorial for any Cricut users out there. If you have one of these machines, the possibilities are nearly endless – and this video should give you a few more ideas for things you can try out at home. It’s a long video, but if you have the time to sit and watch it all, you’re sure to learn a thing or two.


11. How to make window clings – Wikihow

How to make window clings – Wikihow

One of our all-time favorite sites is Wikihow. If you want to know how to do just about anything you can think of, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find the info on this site – and making window clings is no exception. You’ll find detailed instructions, along with plenty of useful illustrations, for three different techniques you can attempt. We also particularly like the Q&A section at the end where the people of the Wikihow community share their ideas and tips to help each other succeed in their projects.

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12. How to make and hang window clings

As you may guess from the title, this is a video tutorial for how to make window clings and how to use them to create attractive and original effects. It also shows you how to create your own “countdown to Christmas” calendar, perfect if you have young children – or even if you just want to do something to help you get into the festive spirit!


13. Make your own window clings

Make your own window clings

Here’s a simple and fun project you can try for St. Patrick’s Day – but that you could also use for other festivals or events at any time of year. As with all the best plans for window clings, the materials required are inexpensive and easy to obtain, and the results you can achieve are highly impressive. A perfect project to undertake if you have kids of your own – and it could also be a great idea for teachers to try with classes of younger children.

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14. Window clings art project

This is a video we enjoyed a lot because we always like watching the kinds of ideas the most creative people can come up with. The butterfly design this YouTuber creates is particularly elegant, and we’re sure there are lots of people at home who will be excited about trying to replicate it. We like the intricate patterns in the butterfly’s wings, and we can also see how it provides lots of scope for creating a beautifully-colored window hang. Another of our favorite videos, thanks a lot!


15. The easiest DIY window hangs for kids

The easiest DIY window hangs for kids

Even with something as simple as making window clings with kids, you’re not guaranteed to succeed first time. Somehow, even the easiest projects have a way of going wrong during the first attempt. That’s why learning from the mistakes of others can be an invaluable way of improving your craft skills – and with any luck, avoiding some of the same mistakes when you try it yourself.

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16. Puffy paint window decorations

Puffy paint window decorations

If you want to decorate your home for the festive season, sure, you can buy decorations from a store and make it look beautiful – but it’s far more fun and rewarding to decorate with items you’ve made yourself. This is even truer if you have kids, and they’re sure to love seeing the decorations they’ve made displayed in your windows. If that sounds like something you might like to try, this site tells you how.

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17. DIY Valentine’s Day window clings

DIY Valentine’s Day window clings

This is one for all the romantics out there. If you want to surprise your sweetheart with something that means something more than just flowers or chocolates you picked up at the last moment from a store, why not impress them with something you made yourself instead? And we’ll let you in on a secret…it’s really not that hard to do!

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Loads of inspiring ideas

It’s always lots of fun looking online for plans and ideas for DIY projects because we always get inspired by other people’s creativity and ingenuity. After looking at all these great craft projects, we’re itching to have a go ourselves.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these reading and watching these plans as much as we’ve enjoyed finding them for you – and with any luck, you will also have found the inspiration for a project you can try at home.

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