17 Easy Homemade Window Awning Plans

If you want to keep the sun from shining directly onto your windows, an awning can be a great solution – but unfortunately, buying one and having it installed can be expensive. However, if you have a bit of DIY know-how, you could opt to save some money and make your own.

There are loads of plans online, so to save you some time, we’ve scoured the web to see what everyone else has been doing – and here are our top 17 homemade window awning plans you can DIY easily.

1. DIY corrugated metal awning

DIY corrugated metal awning

This plan comes from a site called Shanty 2 Chic, and the name probably gives you an idea of the type of project the blogger running it enjoys. With this plan, you can learn how to make a simple awning from inexpensive corrugated metal. It’s quite a special style, but if you are creative enough, there are many ways you can make it work. An interesting take!

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2. How to install a double plastic awning

In this video, the presenter explains how, since there is nothing above his window to protect it from running water, he has decided to install a double awning to solve the problem. As you can see, when the window is open, if it rains, water runs straight down the wall and into the house. You might say he could just close the window, but this video will show you how he went about implementing his more sophisticated option. Impressive results, too!


3. DIY Awnings on the cheap

DIY Awnings on the cheap

This blog describes awnings as a “pair of sunglasses for your house”, but the biggest problem with giving you home a pair of shades is the cost. However, as well as being endowed with a touch of verbal flair, this writer is also a handy DIYer and brings you the plan for building an awning for your house that requires only minimal financial investment. If that sounds like something that might appeal, why not check it out?

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4. Awning construction DIY

Here’s a video that shows you how one DIYer constructed a simple awning for a small window from polycarbonate. As you can see from the video, the construction is very lightweight and simple – yet it also looks rigid enough to last. For anyone who needs a plan to make something similar, this could be a good one to have a go at copying.


5. How to make a standard window awning

How to make a standard window awning

Wikihow is an amazing site where you can find instructions for how to do just about anything you can imagine – and building a DIY window awning for your home is no exception. As with all the “how-tos” on the site, this plan features well-written instructions and useful illustrations as well as a list of all the tools and materials you’ll need to attempt it. You can even leave questions for the Wikihow community if you have any queries.

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6. How to make a loose-frame awning

Here’s a video we like a lot. It’s highly professional and goes into lots of detail, allowing you to follow very precisely the instructions given. There are some useful diagrams in there that you can use to measure your awning, and there’s also some good advice about choosing the right fabric for your awning. It’s quite long – although not excessively so. However, if you’re preparing to make an awning for your home, spending 20 minutes watching this video before you start will be time well spent.


7. Building a cedar awning with a metal roof

This is an ambitious project that will probably be beyond the average home DIY enthusiast – although if you have the necessary skills, there’s nothing to stop you from having a go. There’s not much of a plan to follow, either, just a video showing what these guys did. However, for the more advanced DIYers out there, it’s something that may at least inspire you to try something similar at home.


8. How to build window awnings

Making your own window awnings at home doesn’t need to be expensive, and neither does it need to be particularly time-consuming, as this plan shows. According to this blogger’s estimate, you can have the whole thing finished in no more than about three or four hours, an ideal weekend DIY project for those who are short on time.

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9. 10 best DIY awnings

We’re including this video not because it gives you plans to follow as such but rather as a source of ideas. It takes you through a list of ten different options and gives you a rundown on each one’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Worth a look if you’re short of inspiration.


10. DIY air conditioning awning

This is not a plan for a window awning – but since it could also be used as a blueprint to make an awning for a smaller window, we thought it was worth including anyway. The principles are all the same, so if you wanted to scale it up, you could also adapt it to larger windows if you wanted to. The premise is that this DIYer wanted something simple that would protect his air conditioning vent from snow and rain – and this video shows how he did it.


11. DIY awning

DIY awning

Whenever we need inspiration for a DIY project, one of our first stops is always the Instructables site. If you’re unfamiliar with the site, it’s a veritable treasure trove of DIY plans of all kinds. They’re all very clearly written and feature step-by-step instructions accompanied by useful illustrations and photos to help you complete the project at home. This plan is no different and will guide you through the process of making a window awning for your home.

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12. DIY stationary window awning using PVC pipe

DIY stationary window awning using PVC pipe

For us, true DIY is about making something that looks great from old bits and pieces you have lying around at home. By taking something that would otherwise end up being thrown out and turning it into something functional and attractive, you can save yourself some money while enjoying the thrill of making something useful with your own two hands. If that’s something you can relate to, this simple five-step plan will tell you how you can achieve it.

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13. DIY corrugated metal awning video

Here’s a great video plan we found on YouTube that shows you how to build a DIY window awning from corrugated metal – for as little as $60. What we like about this effort is that most of it is made from things you can probably get your hands on for free, and even the stuff you might need to purchase is super-cheap. The presenter takes you through each step of the process, explaining her thoughts and ideas along the way. You’ll be able to pick up lots of tips and tricks throughout the video – and the final result is really impressive. A fun video from a talented DIYer that’s well worth a watch.


14. How to build a cheap awning

If you need to keep the sun off your windows, an awning can be the perfect solution. This YouTuber explains how she needed to find a way of reducing the amount of heat coming through a south-facing window in her Deep Southern home. She then takes you through the process of installing a simple, inexpensive awning to solve the problem. As you can see from the video, it’s not a particularly sophisticated awning, but it does the job she wanted it to do. And if you want something similar for your home, you can check out her plan to see how she did it.


15. How to shade your deck or patio

How to shade your deck or patio

Here’s a more ambitious project, but if you have a few days to spare and want something that will keep you busy, these plans for large awnings are worth considering. Ok, we know we’re supposed to be talking about window awnings – but there are some great ideas in here that are sure to get you thinking about the kind of things you can attempt – so have a look and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

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16. Building a timber frame window awning

There’s an undeniable appeal to living off the grid. You can only rely on yourself and you’re totally isolated from the outside world if that’s what you want. Having a cabin in the wilderness also means making any modifications yourself, and here’s a video that shows how one YouTuber built an awning to keep the sun off his window. As he explains in the notes, he plans to add a solar panel to the top of the awning next, which will make him even more independent and self-reliant.


17. DIY PC polycarbonate canopy awning

This final short video plan shows another idea for building a simple awning, this time from polycarbonate. It’s so easy to construct that there’s no need for any instructions – it’s just a slightly speeded-up shot of someone demonstrating how to put it together. It’s not particularly elaborate or fancy, but if you just need something functional that does a job, something like this could be a possibility.


Lots of great plans to copy

We always love looking for DIY plans because it’s a lot of fun seeing what people from around the world are attempting to build for themselves.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these plans as much as we enjoyed finding them for you – and we hope you’ve now got plenty of new ideas that will help you get started on your next project.

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