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19 DIY Fake Window with Light Plans for Basement

19 DIY Fake Window with Light Plans for Basement

These days, housing is pretty expensive. And for most people, affordable apartments are either far away in the countryside, too tiny to be live-able, or squashed in a dark basement or hallway. Meaning you’re unlikely to have natural light – or even accessible windows! But you can make the space cozier with a DIY fake window that fits your budget. Let’s discover how to design one!

How to Make a Faux Window?

1. How to Make a Fake Window in Your Basement – Bored Panda

How to Make a Fake Window in Your Basement – Bored Panda

The components of this DIY fake window may surprise you … they include corn starch! Start with a 2 x 4 frame, though you can go bigger or smaller, depending on what size you want for the fake window. The frame should have an acrylic cover to produce that reflective window effect.

Besides, acrylic is cheaper and sturdier than glass. Next, mix the cornstarch with water, find some white fabric, dip it in the paste, and dry it over the frame. Then position two LED lights behind the frame and hang curtains in front of it. This creates a pretty backlit ‘window’ effect.

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2. Faux Windows / Fake Windows – Prime Light Boxes

Mimicking natural light is fine, but maybe you want a DIY fake window with a view! In this case, you can buy a ready-made LED product. It still counts as a DIY project because you’ll need to mount the photo and drape curtains around it. They enhance the illusion and hide the wiring.

Prime Light Boxes has tons to choose from. The built-in LED gives these high-resolution images a photorealistic quality. And you can upload your own images, so try taking shots outside your house. That way, your fake window will display an authentic view of your local neighborhood.


3. Faux Window With Your Favourite View

Faux Window With Your Favourite View

The basic idea behind faux window light boxes is to mount a realistic poster in a frame and then place a light source behind it. You can also use wooden dowels or plastic panels to simulate the ribs, muntins, or window sashes. But this DIY fake window enhances the illusion even further.

The window frame is built in a way that lets it open and close, just like genuine window shutters. And you can strategically mount a small fan on the wall behind the curtain. This way, when you open the windows and power up the fan, it feels like a fresh breeze is coming in from outside!

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4. We Turned LG’s Wallpaper TV into a Window!

Modern flat-screen TVs are remarkably slim. And with their LED and/or backlit technology, they offer crisp visuals with barely any pixelation. At electronics stores, the sales team carefully picks the videos that will run on the display screens. These selections heighten the TV’s realism effect.

You can use the same tactics to turn your TV into a DIY fake window. By posting the right photo, landscape, or relevant street view, you can make it look like you’re staring out the window, even if you’re squashed in a dark hallway or basement! Try using live feeds instead of still images.


5. How to Make a Fake Window Using Electroluminescent Sheets

How to Make a Fake Window Using Electroluminescent Sheets

Electroluminescent sheets or EL Panels are sometimes referred to as Light Boxes, Lite Panels, or Luminescent Panels. They’re paper-thin and are made of phosphor, so when electricity passes through them at high frequency, they get this gorgeous glow. They’re ideal DIY fake windows.

Some companies charge up to $500 to install EL sheets, but with some basic tools and a bit of practice, you can mount them yourself. Depending on the type of Light Box, you can attach it with a wall bracket, Velcro strips, or self-adhesive tape. Add curtains or blinds for extra style.

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6. Turning Smashed TVs into Realistic Artificial Daylight

Do skylights count as windows? Well, technically, yes, because they let natural light in, and some can even be opened for fresh air. So the next time you lose it over a broken high-end TV, just turn it into a DIY fake window instead! It’s cool, it’s stylish, and it’s technically recycling …

In this video, the smashed TV is positioned to make a fake basement window or skylight, and it’s pretty cool to go down those creepy stairs then come out into what feels like daylight. It makes the room look larger as well. Besides, you get to take a fancy TV apart without getting in trouble!


7. How to Build Your Own Artificial Natural Light Window

How to Build Your Own Artificial Natural Light Window

The phrase ‘artificial natural light’ is quite a mouthful and feels like an oxymoron. It’s also a very fancy way of describing a fake window. You can construct a simple one with a lamp hidden behind sheer drapes, or a complex one from salvaged computer parts and reclaimed electronics.

This version is fairly hi-tech and it’s based on Smart Things – everyday appliances that have WiFi capabilities. In this case, they’re Smart LED Strips with adjustable color temperature to mimic natural light levels at different times of the day. Then, buy or build a frame with a diffuser.

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8. Incredible Faux Window With a Live Feed

It’s nice to have a window that overlooks the yard. You can check out your bird feeder, keep an eye on your kids, or maybe even peek at trespassing neighbors. But depending on how your house is built, your windows may face the wrong direction, so all you have is that old solid wall.

Luckily, with a wall-mounted TV, a high-speed security camera, and some clever trim, you can turn any surface into a DIY fake window. Trim the front of the TV in a similar style to your other windows. Then link a live video feed of the backyard to your wall-mounted TV. It’s that simple!


9. Smart LED Window – Instructables

Smart LED Window – Instructables

These days, LED strips aren’t just for dance floors and pimped cars. You can upcycle them into a variety of cool projects. And you don’t have to invest in high-end lights, since even those cheap imported ones will do the trick. Buy them in bulk and keep them on hand for tasks like this one.

Here, arrange the strip lights in a series of S’s along a reflective tin foil sheet. The back of the frame should be fabric to prevent light loss, so a piece of canvas, tarp, burlap, or even an old sheet will suffice. Make a wooden frame to hold everything together and add window trim to it.

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10. Would These Fake Windows Fool You? | I Like To Make Stuff

You can make a fake window in minutes by slapping some self-adhesive LED strips onto an old picture frame to create a backlight effect. And you can heighten the illusion by placing narrow strips that resemble window panes, louvers, or sashes, plus other bits of trim. Also, use curtains.

For this build, instead of setting up a lightbox and mounting it on the wall, you can cut out portions of the wall. Line the hole with wood frames, both for structure and to make the thing look more … window-like. Then you can set up your lamps or LED strips inside the recessed bit.


11. How to Fake a Window in a Window-less Room

How to Fake a Window in a Window-less Room

So far, we’ve looked at makeshift windows crafted from various backlit screens. These included cloth draped over LEDs, and broken TV screens revamped as ceiling lights. But another effective way to make a DIY fake window is with mirrors. They reflect light to visually enlarge the room.

And a mirror that has window-like trim looks exactly like a window, even if it isn’t backlit. Also, yes, you can add LED strips or recessed lights behind the mirror to heighten the lighting effect. Toss some curtains or drapes over the mirror and you’re all set. Plus, it won’t fog up as much!

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12. Fake Window Light Installation (Artificial Window)

If you don’t want the fuss of nailing wood frames and arranging light strips, you could buy a  ready-made fake window kit like the one sold by Prosky. You can assemble it yourself so it’s still a DIY project, but if you feel intimidated, hire an electrician or ask a handy friend to help out.

The kit comes in separate pieces that assemble into a frame with blistered button bulbs lining its perimeter. You’ll need to screw it into the wall so make sure you have the right tools for your wall materials. Concrete surfaces will need special heavy-duty drills and nails to penetrate them.


13. How to Make Fake Windows for Windowless Rooms (Basements)

How to Make Fake Windows for Windowless Rooms (Basements)

Lots of fish tanks have a picture-perfect decal running along the back. We can’t be sure these seascapes convince the fish that they’re at home, but they make fish owners feel better, and they have amazing aesthetic appeal. So try using similar self-adhesive decals for your fake windows.

Your poster or sticker could have outdoor visuals, or it could simply be a photo of a window. Some people will even paint window trim directly on a wall, just like a child’s drawing of a house. With the right accent lighting, even this seemingly simple idea can get the job done.

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14. DIY Shower Curtain Art Faux Window Dollar Tree Frames

We’ve reviewed some pretty high-end options for a DIY fake window, so now we’ll look at the dollar store version. We’ve noted that hanging curtains, blinds, or drapes around your fake window will add psychological realism. For the cheap variant, use printed shower curtains.

The shower curtains will serve as the visual backing screen. Get some identical dollar store photo frames and glue them together to form a grid. The grid will sit on top of the shower curtain creating cute jigsaw-like scenery that can mimic the view through a genuine window.


15. Fake Window with Artificial Sunlight

Fake Window with Artificial Sunlight

Only two or three of the faux windows on this list have real glass, and this is one of them. It’s tougher to work with because it’s both sharp and fragile, but it gives your artificial windows a certain sleek elegance that you can’t get from acrylics or repurposed electronic screens.

Pro tip: mount the DIY fake window on a white wall to maximize reflection and brighten the lighting effect. If the wall is dark or dirty, you can whitewash it or use spray paint. For the back frame, use a sheer or clear shower curtain that will let the whiteness of the wall come through.

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16. Making a Relaxing False Window With Old Laptop Screens

What can you do with broken out-of-date laptops? Well, making DIY fake windows is one idea. If you’re friendly with someone at the computer shop, they can probably toss a few old laptops or computer monitors your way. If not, you could go dumpster diving at the junkyard or landfill.

You’ll only need the screen, but they’re multi-layered and you do need all the pieces so dismantle those screens carefully to separate them from the metals, plastics, electronics, and chips. By using identical laptop screens and joining them, you can mimic those rectangular window panes.


17. You Can Easily DIY a Faux Window—Here’s How

You Can Easily DIY a Faux Window—Here's How

By now, you know LED lights are the simplest and most efficient way to make a fake window. But what type of lights should you get? Plant grow lights are helpful because they’re calibrated to imitate sunlight. Otherwise, the plants wouldn’t have the right light quality to photosynthesize.

Plant lights are also ideal because they emit way less heat than other bulb types. That’s essential for a windowless room because there’s no way to dissipate the heat and the room would soon get stuffy. Add drapes or curtains. They help with the window effect and are useful for hiding cables.

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18. Fake Window for Windowless Basements

If you’re still unsure about the realism of DIY fake windows, this video should convince you. It compares the real window to the faux one, and because they’re both in a dim basement, their illumination levels are almost equal. Also, it proves you don’t need a lot of fuss to get it done.

The faux light is a TV so it’s larger than the original window, and you can mount it at a more user-friendly height. If the TV is still functional, put a live camera in the backyard or take some stock footage that you can play in a loop. That way, both your windows have the same view!


19. Faux Basement Window Installation

Faux Basement Window Installation

Some basements have pre-built recesses that were intended for closets, doorways, cabinets, or window wells. These wall features might have shutters or wardrobes over them, and they offer perfect locations for faux windows. If it already has a shutter, it’s easy to slip a light behind it.

For authenticity, replace the slatted shutters with faux ribbing to mimic window panes. Or cut out the solid shutter sections and leave hollow ribs that swing open and closed, just like working windows. Use frosted glass for the front and tin foil or semi-glossy paint for the backing sheet.

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