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How to Hang a Window Scarf? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

How to Hang a Window Scarf? (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

Are you looking to add pizzazz to your windows? Scarves or valances are an inexpensive yet creative way to transform a window and even an entire room from meh to magic.

The style might look elegant and complicated but it is actually easy to pull off. Read on for tips on how to hang a window scarf.

Tips for hanging a window scarf like a pro

Decorating a window using a scarf can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. If other treatments such as window blinds are not as appealing, consider spicing things up with a scarf. Start with fuss-free designs and then, once you get the hang of it, get as creative as you can.

The good news is that you do not need mad décor skills to decorate your windows with scarves. With the right hardware and a little patience, you should be well on your way to set up stunning scarf designs for your windows.

There are various ways to hang a window scarf. The method you choose will depend on personal style, your type of windows, and the hardware you have available.

Things you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Window rod
  • Hanging hooks
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Fabric for hanging
  • Pen and paper

The curtain rod method

Using a curtain rod is the easiest way to decorate a window with a scarf.

Step 1: Mark where you want the ends of the scarf to fall

Measure the length of the curtain rod then add about 75cm to each side. Use a pen to mark the 75cm spot on either side of the rod where the ends of the fabric will hang. Ideally, the fabric should hang along or slightly outside the outer edges of the window frame.

Step 2: Measure the width of your window

Measure the width of your window

Place the end of the tape measure on the outer left side of the window frame and pull it across to the outer right side of the frame. Take note of the width measurement. For a graceful look, the scarf should be large enough to drape across the entire width of the window.

Step 3: Calculate the required fabric length

Ensure that the fabric length is just right for your windows. To determine the amount of fabric you need to buy, double the window width measurements you obtained earlier then add this to the measurements you decided on in step 1 above.

For example, if your window measures 120cm widthwise and you choose to have the fabric hang 75cm on each side, the length of fabric you would need to purchase is 390cm i.e. (12cmx2) + (75cmx2)

Step 4: Drape the fabric over the rod

Drape the fabric over the rod

Hold the scarf in a horizontal position using both your hands. Allow both ends of the fabric to hang vertically from your left hand and right hand.

While in this position, mount the scarf onto the rod. Let the middle section of the fabric dip down in an elegant u-position while the ends hang along the sides of the window.

Take one of the hanging sides and roll it once over the rod to secure it in place. Do the same with the other hanging side. Alternatively, insert pins at the corners to keep the scarf in your desired position.

The hook method

No rod? No probs. Hooks can easily substitute curtain rods. You can all types of decorative hooks and finials these at your local décor store. A little elbow grease might be necessary to install the hooks on the wall. Be sure to first remove existing treatments such as window blinds before installing hooks to hang your valances.

Step 1: Determine the appropriate position for the hooks

Measure 5 cm above the window frame on each side. Measure 7cm from the corner of the frame on each side. Mark these points. In addition to marking for the two hooks on either corner, you could also mark for a third one at the center right above the window frame.

Step 2: Secure the hooks in place

Secure the hooks in place

Place the hooks on the marked points on the window frame. Drill the fasteners through the holes on the hook to secure them onto the wall. Ensure that the hooks are large enough to comfortably hold the scarf in your desired style.

Step 3: Measure the window length and width

Place one end of the tape measure at the top of the window frame or the bottom of the side hooks and pull it down to where you would like the hanging sides of the scarf to reach.

Measure the width of the window starting from the left hook to the right hook. Note both the length and width measurements.

Step 4: Determine the right fabric size

Double the width measurement and add it to the length measurement that you obtained earlier for each side. This will help you buy the right size fabric for the scarf. For example, if the window width is 120cm and you want the sides to hang at 30 cm, you would need to buy fabric measuring 300cm i.e. (120cmx2) + (30×2).

Step 5: Place the scarf on the hooks

Place the scarf on the hooks

Take one end of the fabric and place it on the left hook, allowing some of the fabric to hang on the side. Drape the other end of the fabric over the right hook and let it hang along the side of the window frame. This will give you a simple u-shaped design.

For a more elegant design, follow the same steps. But, instead of letting the middle part to dip down in a u-shape, drape it over the middle hook. This will result in two graceful u-shapes. Add more hooks for a more dramatic scallop shape, which pairs rather well with larger windows. Use the cable ties or ornamental clips to secure the scarf in place.


A scarf combines simplicity with sophistication and is a perfect way to show your windows some love. Whether you use the rod or hook method, or you opt for a layered design, be sure to buy enough fabric to achieve that enviable cascading effect.

Have you tried other methods of hanging a window scarf? We would love to hear about them. Leave your questions and comments below!